Online threat prompts FBI and ATF, alert issued to Philadelphia area colleges for Monday


FBI cautions area colleges over online threat

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — Area colleges, law enforcement, and security personnel will remain on high alert throughout the week after the FBI and ATF issued alerts.

A statement released by the FBI Sunday reads as follows:

Out of an abundance of caution, the FBI Philadelphia Field Office notified local colleges and universities of a social media posting which threatened violence at a Philadelphia-area college or university for Monday, October 5. 

No specific college or university was identified in the posting. We encourage students, faculty, and employees at area colleges and universities to follow the guidance of their campus security officials. 

The FBI will continue to work with our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners to investigate threats of violence, and, as always, we ask the public to report suspicious activity to law enforcement.

This alert comes after a madman shot and killed a number of people at a Oregon college last week.

If you are in the area remain vigilant.

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