Why is CNN the only “news” network allowed in U.S. airports after being caught repeatedly pushing fake news?


If you’re like most Americans, you’ve been stuck for hours at a time in an airport waiting for your plane to arrive. And like every one of them, you, too, were inundated with “news” — such as it is — from only one provider: CNN.

You may not have realized it but the Cable News Network has a ubiquitous presence in U.S. airports around the country, meaning that airport audiences are captive audiences. Only Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, had a more captive audience.

But thanks to the network’s hard-Left turn, many are beginning to question the lack of news diversity, shall we say, in airports across the land.

As Fox News noted, the origins of this arrangement are fairly innocuous:


The CNN Airport network dates back to when CNN was known for straightforward news programming — and has been a fixture at airports since before competitors MSNBC and Fox News even existed.

But those days have changed and CNN — like the rest of the ‘mainstream’ establishment outlets and broadcasters (save for Fox News) — are no longer honest, unbiased purveyors of the news. Even if you think Fox News really isn’t “fair and balanced” (I do), you have to admit that CNN and the others all have a similar Left-lurching, anti-Trump, anti-conservative perspective.

As such, notes Fox News, critics are beginning to ask why busy travelers should be force-fed only CNN content, which is increasingly less like “news” coverage and more liberal ideology as they linger at airport gates and in airport shops and bars. Some travelers have even begun online petition drives to remove CNN content from airports and replaced with “neutral” news programming.

In an interview, Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News that CNN has even gotten to be more partisan than MSNBC since President Donald J. Trump was elected — and that’s no easy feat. As such, travelers ought to have the option of watching something else.

“How are airports justifying the idea of bombarding captive viewers with content many of them oppose? Sadly, almost any outlet is fairer now than CNN,” Gainor said.

Fox News noted that CNN isn’t forced on travelers because airports seek to inundate their flying customers with liberal propaganda. It’s force-fed to travelers because of money.

CNN pays airports to show its channel; a number of airport hubs have agreements with the network requiring CNN to pay for the televisions and required cable infrastructure. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, airports also get “up to six minutes each hour to promote the airport or local attractions” as part of the tit-for-tat deal.

“CNN Airport covers the costs related to the TVs and related infrastructure, provides programming specifically geared for airports, and pays us for the opportunity to be in our facility,” a representative from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International told Fox News, while Miami International’s spokesperson simply pointed the network to a document proving that CNN is more than willing to pay the most for access.

And not all of the content CNN Airport shows is news: There is weather, various entertainment programs, and even some live sports (though every time I fly it’s all news, all the time).

Also, because CNN signs long-term contracts with airports, the network is able to curate content seen by travelers whether they approve of it or not. For instance, the Miami airport signed a six-year contract with CNN that promises “a maximum annual guarantee of $150,000” that could be adjusted every year to make sure the deal is the same as with other similar airports.

Still, the audience is captive for certain, meaning news diversity is less and less likely.

“Airports feel like a lesser version of hell with dirty seats, overpriced food and propaganda posing as news on CNN,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson said recently.

Truth bomb.

Via Natural News

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