(INTELLIHUB) — The hacktivist collective Anonymous vowed to wreak havoc on “banking and other financial institutions” this week and quite possibly may already have as it has been reported by hundreds that Chase Bank ATMs are still not dispensing cash at this time and haven’t since Friday night.

chase bank down

Now countless customers have taken to social media to hammer the banking cartel, who still is not letting account holders access their funds.

Additionally it was reported that credit cards are “double charging.”

Moreover, customer service workers and some tellers were reported to have left their posts.

As of 8 a.m. EST ATMs are still reported to be down.

Additionally due to problems in Kenya, Chase Bank customers withdrew $1.6 billion K Sh over the past three days causing yet even more turmoil for the brand.

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Fortune reported:

Members of the secretive collective on Tuesday successfully hacked the Bank of Greece, an unidentified official at the bank told Reuters. According to the official, the hackers were able to take down the Bank of Greece website, but it only “lasted for a few minutes.” The bank’s security systems prevented any data leaks, the official told Reuters.

Still, it was an ominous threat that could have an impact on banks across the world. Indeed, an apparent Anonymous member said in a video posted to YouTube that members of the hacking collective have decided to attack “central bank sites across the world.” While the video didn’t say which bank websites would be attacked, it was noted that the campaign would last 30 days.

Anonymous said in their latest video to “expect us.”

Should cardholders be worried?

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