Dean Henderson | In search of a hotel, I wander down a side street and notice a sign that says “Tibetan Guest House”. I walk up a narrow staircase and a pudgy 14-year-old girl comes to the door.

UN Treaty Supersedes Marijuana Legalization Laws as US In Violation

Shepard Ambellas | In a new move and a push from the UN backed International Narcotics Control Board along with a handful of former DEA administrators are now trying to halt the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado

They interviewed me, then refused to publish the interview

No More Fake News | I was asked, would I do an interview about Zika right away?

32nd-floor of Mandalay Bay opens again after Las Vegas shooting

Intellihub | The 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Has been reopened to the public, however, Suite 135, a.k.a. Stephen Paddock's room, is still off limits, walled off

Hollywood film predicts 2017 Super Bowl LI was the last

Intellihub | Predictive programming in Hollywood films is at an all-time high and it makes you wonder if there is something to it
central banks europe

European markets ripple: €1 trillion in fiat currency injected into economy

Shepard Ambellas | Just as fast as it was printed, it falls

Two unidentified men surveil woman through window with drone

Shepard Ambellas | Seattle woman called police after seeing a drone outside her apartment window, two men spotted

Anti-American caught assaulting Trump supporter at rally: SHOCKING VIDEO

Intellihub | This type of behavior from the left cannot be tolerated anymore, Americans must stand up for themselves

The satanic roots of feminism

Jay's Analysis | Modern conceptions of egalitarianism arise from philosophical presuppositions that emerged in the Enlightenment
power grid

Was the recent botched power plant bombing connected to the 2013 sniper attack in...

Shepard Ambellas | After a 50,000 gallon fuel tank failed to ignite following a bomb explosion at a Nogalas power plant, some fear more attack on way

Obama’s race war is no accident

Sartre | The globalists and international finance have worked for decades to divide the country

Up to 108 AIDS researchers and activists dead, possibly targeted, in latest MH17 missile...

Shepard Ambellas | Missile attack had motive, some say

SPLC calls shots in post Vegas propaganda war

James F. Tracy | The overt politicization of the event, largely framed in dubious SPLC “research” on “hate groups,” proceeds in now-predictable fashion

Youtuber claims his life and lives of loved ones “threatened” by Comet Ping Pong...

Intellihub | Did Pizzagate researchers just turn over a new leaf in the investigation?
taxes irs

IRS Commissioner: ‘Budget cuts may result in delayed refunds even shutdowns’

Shepard Ambellas | 'Satirical piece may have been right after all', says Forbes

Shepard Ambellas launches new radio show after several year hiatus

Shepard Ambellas Show | The Director of Intellihub News is back, 5 days a week

CNN: Perhaps the Boston bombings may have never occurred

Shepard Ambellas | Just over 10-months late, CNN now is reporting that the Boston Bombing might not have happened
facebook ceo mark zuckerberg

Facebook in talks with Bank of England and U.S. Treasury to create cashless system...

Intellihub | Facebook users will have the option to trade 'GlobalCoin' in 2020.

Cops yank 11-year-old girl out of bed before forcing her to the ground, holding...

Shepard Ambellas | Excessive force cited
lvmpd ad

LVMPD Homicide Division was pulled off of Paddock shooting investigation and replaced by Lombardo’s...

Intellihub | Homicide Division investigating Paddock's 'suicide' abruptly pulled off case, replaced by Sheriff Lombardo's number one guy

Residents of Ferguson prepare ‘to catch bodies’ *Explicit*

Shepard Ambellas | "We don't shoot at shooting range. We shoot at real targets, bodies", said one African-American resident, taking the recent KKK threats seriously.

President Donald Trump arrives in Las Vegas following mass shooting

Intellihub | Trump arrives to mourn the 59 people who were shot dead at the Route 91 music festival on Sunday

U.S. Government Asked Google to Remove Over 4000 Posts Containing Political Content in 2013

Shepard Ambellas | How long will it be before all independent information channels are shut down?
liberals flag california

New liberal laws California just passed could trigger end of our Republic

Dean James | California used to be a fantastic state until it turned into a liberal cesspool

Baltimore hospital shamelessly discharged ‘half-naked’ patient onto the street in 36-degree temperatures at night

Intellihub | Local hospital shamefully dumps woman wearing no underwear onto the street in freezing temperatures

Man threatens to call cops on girl’s lemonade stand

Intellihub | 13-year-old girl told she can't have a lemonade stand without a business license by a man who threatened to call the police

Watch what happens to this transgender ANTIFA activist when “she” burns the flag

Intellihub | Flag burning ANTIFA activist suffers wrath of biker Trump supporter

Will the matching Malaysian Airlines 777 stored in an Israeli hangar later be used...

Intellihub News | An identical matching plane to MH370 is being stored in a Tel Aviv hangar as some speculate worst may be yet to come
la sunset

California officials prepare for nuclear strike deriving from North Korea

Intellihub | "Continuity of Government/operations (COG/COOP) plans will be activated."

16 examples that show the U.S. has become a seriously messed up country

The Economic Collapse Blog | In recent years, it has been quite common to hear our politicians and top media personalities talk about the need for America to use military force to impose “our values” on the rest of the world