Now You See Me – Revelation of the Method

Jay | Now You See Me is, on one level, a silly, contrived film about a group of magicians invited to be part of a large-scale heist and con operation

Martial law exercise? Feds going door-to-door in Florida asking for urine samples amid Zika...

ShtfPlan | The government is using this crisis as an opportunity to collect behavioral data

Las Vegas police found a .223 shell casing in a hotel restroom on the... | The .223 brass shell casing discovered by police herein this video was never once mentioned in any official report which raises a red flag.
White House shame sign

Kavanaugh confirmed: We the People are taking America back from the lunatic mob

Natural News | The deranged, lunatic Left continues to lose political power in America, so they are resorting to mob rule tactics rooted in lawlessness and incivility.

Nikki Barnes wants Debbie Wasserman Schultz ousted from DNC amidst fraud scandal

Intellihub | Will the deep state protect Debbie Wasserman Schultz over the latest fraud scandal which involves an IT staffer formerly on her payroll?
wells fargo center

Entire 2016 DNC to be walled off with ‘no-scale fencing; designated as a National...

Intellihub | July 25-28, Deep State vs. Citizenry at Wells Fargo Center and XFinity Live!

Exposed: Unions involved in sinister covert operations

Intellihub | Project C.O.M.E.T. exposed

Hearing for man accused of providing ammo to Vegas shooter

AP | The charge centered on armor-piercing cartridges

Stephen Paddock’s whips and their role in the Las Vegas shooting

Intellihub | Jake Morphonios reports his findings on Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock's vehicle records, his girlfriend, and more
hannity russia

Sean Hannity exposes Clinton’s Russian State connection to Uranium One

Intellihub | Will Hannity's proverbial assault be enough to drag Hillary through the mud?

Exclusive photos taken post Las Vegas massacre

Intellihub | Exclusive photos reveal new tidbits following Route 91 massacre

Unemployment: You Can’t Trust Government Numbers Period

Shepard Ambellas | Your omnipotent leader President Barack Obama has failed you on the economic front and every other.

Vegas smoking gun: Footage shows 17 ambulances pulling bodies out of Hooters the night...

Intellihub | Video footage captured the night of the Oct. 1 massacre reveals the LVMPD and FBI are withholding key details about what actually transpired
Domestic terrorists

FBI’s ‘Don’t Be a Puppet’ program teaches kids not to fall victim to violent...

Shepard Ambellas | Kids learn to identify those 'susceptible to recruitment'

Are you prepared for global thermal nuclear war this week? Russia vs. USA

Intellihub | Tensions are heating up between the U.S. and Russia behind the scenes

On the Crepuscular Cusp of Whatever

Richard Sauder | We are caught up in a great, multidimensional chess game, involving myriad factions and players, likely galactic in scope, perhaps even operating on a universal scale.
bomb mushroom cloud, war

It’s time we had “the talk”: Will you survive nuclear war?

Dr. Richard Sauder | Mikhail Gorbachev, the last head of state of the Soviet Union, has recently issued yet another warning of impending war between Russia and the USSA/NATO military bloc
Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Vote all you want, the secret government won’t change

Anti-Media | "The Deep State does not consist of the entire government..."

MIT team pushing to develop offshore floating nuclear power plants

Shepard Ambellas | While technology add convenience, it can also be a duel-edged sword

When you realize ‘A Bug’s Life’ was trying to tell you something profound…

Humans are Free | One ant can initiate enough ants to band together

ABC News Sr. producer adds Intellihub to his “Special Project” list

Intellihub | Intel op, attack, or collaboration? ABC News Sr. producers adds Intellihub to his list

‘Private security guard’ Troy Goff no longer protecting Campos, nowhere to be found

Intellihub | Mandalay Bay security guard back to work, no longer protected by private security

Terror attack on London train, manhunt underway after ‘bucket bomb’ explodes

Intellihub | Homemade 'bucket bomb' flames up on London subway sending 18 people to the hospital in what authorities are calling a terror attack

Alex Jones’ attempted assassin revealed, along with officer killed

Shepard Ambellas | It's been reported Jones was lying--however, evidence shows otherwise

Strange Haunting Sounds Emitting from One World Trade Building

Shepard Ambellas | New York residents are concerned after they have been hearing strange sounds emitting from the newly built One World Trade building

ISIS imposes strict rules on citizenry of Mosul after takeover

Shepard Ambellas | The city of Mosul has been taken over by the ISIS and a form of religious martial law is in effect

2015 reminder: Government word is worthless

Robert Barsocchini | We can review innumerable current and recent lies and their consequences, but we should always keep in mind that they are nothing new

Prepare now: A housing market recession is coming

SHTFPlan | It may be time to start preparing for the upcoming housing market recession