Rabi calls for social media platforms to ban ‘digital terrorism’ in attempt to limit...

Shepard Ambellas | ISIS is "running circles around us"
shadow drone

$1.5M Shadow drone goes missing in AZ

Intellihub |Visiting soldiers lose $1.5M drone
shooter's brother

Stephen Paddock’s brother Eric is furious at the coroner’s decision to cremate, not deliver,...

Intellihub | "The coroner seems to think that there has to be some chain of custody because of the criminal investigation"

Gun rights, open carry, activists plan to manufacture firearms on steps of State Capitol

Shepard Ambellas | Using the Ghost Gunner machine, activists plan to draw awareness to the public
white house

No change in foreign policy from 2016 standard-bearers

BATR | “A Clinton foreign policy will look a lot like Barack Obama’s, but with a decidedly more hawkish edge

Oil rig worker: ‘I believe I saw the Malaysian Airliner come down on fire’

Shepard Ambellas | Did flight MH370 take a turn for the worse?

The Rothschilds’ satanic global power play

Dr. Richard Sauder | I want to write more about The Economist cover for 2015, which I have previously discussed

12 disasters that could bring about the end of the world as we know...

Michael Snyder | Our way of life is far more vulnerable than most people would ever dare to imagine
assange internet

Wikileaks 2017: Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities may be exposed!

Intellihub | Wikileaks could release even more damaging material against Clinton Inc.
trump wounded warriors

Trump threatens to pull out of next debate unless donations are made to ‘wounded...

Shepard Ambellas | Debate planners may be forced to donate to 'wounded warriors and vets'

Fmr. Navy SEAL stands up to CNN’s fake news narrative, demands sources be named

Intellihub | Mainstream media fails to give sources as Trump-Russia narrative worsens

The deeper meaning of Snowpiercer (2013)

Jay | Based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, Snowpierceris Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho’s first English release

Report: Epstein’s guards overworked, skeleton crew

Intellihub | There was a shortage of prison guards assigned to watch Epstein and the ones that were watching him were overworked, possibly tired, a new report reveals.
wynn, steve

Las Vegas casino CEO says Stephen Paddock never touched alcohol, always behaved rationally

Intellihub | The Wynn Resort's 6-year dossier on the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock suggests that the shooter was not a drinker and was rational
north american leaders summit

Globalist leaders ensure North American integration mechanisms remain in place

Be Our Own Leader | What will be the fate of NAFTA?

Sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein found dead in jail, reports say. But is he really...

Intellihub | Epstein is most likely on the CIA payroll and is an intelligence operative who was involved in the largest honey pot blackmail operation in U.S. history. Is he still alive and operational? Retired?

One way wealth gets destroyed

Rory | What is the difference between money and currency?

FMR Indiana Hoosiers coach Bobby Knight endorses Donald Trump for President

Intellihub | One of the all-time best basketball coaches endorses Trump to be the next President
economy, false flag

Bill Holter: Everything’s coming to a head […] we are headed toward a very...

Intellihub | Is a false flag looming on the horizon that will drive us to Mad Max?

NYC cops uphold governor’s unconstitutional order to close park amid lockdown protest

Intellihub | U.S. slide into Nazi-Germany-style martial law lockdowns continue as tyrannical governor and police infringe on Americans God-given rights

Most Hideous Reason To Avoid Nuclear War

Richard Sauder | Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and others have recently warned of the great danger of nuclear war. I concur.

“Praise Darwin”: University of Connecticut professor’s bizarre rant goes viral

Michael Snyder | A deranged public tirade by a professor of anthropology at the University of Connecticut is putting the evolution vs. creation debate back into the headlines
jeff sessions

There’s something profoundly wrong with Jeff Sessions – and it’s time to talk about...

ANTIMEDIA | Jeff Sessions continues to push failed drug war policies and is threatening to go after legal marijuana.

Yes, there are paid government trolls on social media, blogs, forums and websites

Michael Snyder | Do you want solid proof that paid government shills are targeting websites, blogs, forums and social media accounts?

Cops now tracking Easter worshipers license plates in Kentucky: Freedom of religion striped in...

Intellihub | Authorities strip Americans of their freedom to assemble overnight in violation of the U.S. Constitution
geoengineering chemtrails

NAS committee admits in a roundabout way that chemtrail programs exist

Shepard Ambellas | 22-member committee determines "full deployment" dangerous

Watch this 11-year-old boy shut down a cop’s speed trap like a boss

Intellihub | Cop comes back to harass kid after he gets shut down by the young activist
mandalay windowvideo

A closeup look at the Mandalay Bay windows

Intellihub | Were the windows in Stephen Paddock's hotel room broken with a hammer as the authorities suggest?

Las Vegas police seek to keep 14 search warrants pertaining to the massacre sealed

Intellihub | If there are no living defendants being investigated then why all of the secrecy?

Michael Hastings Told Lawyer Hours Before Death ‘the FBI Is Investigating Me’

Shepard Ambellas | A recent tweet that went out to over 1.9 million Twitter followers confirmed that Michael Hastings was being investigated by the FBI prior to his death.