clinton, hillary

Only demented imbeciles want a Killary reign of terror

Batr | Genuine national security cannot be scarified to allow a distrustful and compromised agent of foreign interests to become President

Risking murder charges: MMA fighter Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch to brawl in Bare Knuckle...

Intellihub | The provocative headline "Risking murder charges," is not necessarily a joke as top MMA fighters hands are considered "deadly weapons" in some courts
mk ultra

American Ultra (2015) – Amerikan MK ULTRA

Jay Dyer | Pothead Stoners, CIA mind control experiments, supersoldiers, and that chick from Twilight
shade cops

Bilderberg 2016: Coming Soon

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas talks about the powerful group's upcoming meeting in Germany
delano hotel las vegas

Eyewitness to Las Vegas massacre “smelled gunpowder” in the lobby of the Delano Hotel...

Intellihub | "It was like a ghost town [...] the police told us to run away and we heard gunshots from around the corner"

Report: Sheriff’s deputy files lawsuit against Black Lives Matter leaders

Intellihub | Black Lives Matter leaders slapped with lawsuit over deadly "Summer of Chaos" ambush on police and sheriff's deputies

Door to door sweeps now happening in North-Eastern China as Coronavirus spreads rapidly

Intellihub | People's Armed Police have taken control of all modes of transportation throughout China
human blood paintingvideo

Actual human blood used in painting to protest Trump

Intellihub | It's a spin on a 19th-century painting called "The Birth of the Flag"
cia book

Was Stephen Paddock sheep-dipped by the CIA? Obituary shows a dead Paddock in 2013

Intellihub | Is it possible the CIA used one of their star operatives to help carry out the bloody 1 October massacre which left 58 dead?

Solicitation for “role-players” confirms DoD training in Boston on heels of JADE HELM 15

Shepard Ambellas | Crisis actors called to duty

Russia Today’s ‘propagandist agenda’ exposed by former employee on CNN following her resignation

Intellihub News | Newscaster Liz Wahl resigns from RT today, later calling the network out on CNN

An age of deception and fraud

Daily Coin | The problem is, once you “see” the truth underlying the thick systemic facade of fraud and deception, you can’t “unsee it.”
kellyanne conwayvideo

Watch Kellyanne Conway dominate CNN’s Anderson Cooper over fake news report

Intellihub | CNN defends fake BuzzFeed report
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Establishment now blaming Russians for nearly everything under the Sun; plans to illegally insert...

Intellihub | Are Trump and Hillary really tied in the polls, or are pollsters and the corporate media lying again?

Government shutdown or not, the police state will continue to flourish

Rutherford Institute | The government’s efforts to label dissidents as extremists and terrorists will continue

FEMA diverts N-95 masks from VA hospitals to national stockpile but why?

Intellihub | Have you been wondering why such a MILITARIZED buildup and response worldwide for the flu?
shooting victim

Las Vegas shooting victim, survivor, says 3-5 shooters, several in venue, FBI refusing to...

Intellihub | "They just started getting closer and closer, louder and louder. [...] I do believe that there were people [shooters] inside the venue."
paddocks view

Second-in-command at LVMPD: ‘Different types of weapons were being fired at different rates’

Intellihub | The official story surrounding the Las Vegas shooting keeps changing and new details keep emerging leaving more questions than answers
residents flee city

Gridlock as far as the eyes can see as Chinese try to flee Beijing...

Intellihub | Brace yourself! The 'zombie apocalypse' has begun!
nuclear sunset

Ebola ‘dirty bomb’ the next big fear: Are large cities vulnerable to biological attack?

Mike Adams | The possibility of Ebola being harvested by would-be terrorists and used as a bioweapon in a large city is now at the front of the minds of many

Recent U.S. snowstorms found to contain elements of entomological warfare being conducted on American...

Shepard Ambellas | The U.S. is now a designated military testing ground for real-time biological and entomological warfare applications using Americans as test subjects under public law 105-85

Local Detroit Newscast Downplays Chemtrails as Conspiracy | In a failed attempt to debunk the obvious, a local Detroit newscaster and shill, goes out of his way to disprove chemtrail operations exist.

WHO health emergencies director advocates government snatch and grab teams to forcefully remove, detain,...

Intellihub | Americans will soon be forcefully removed from their homes as the U.S. slides into total tyranny in a span of just several weeks
kid rock

Kid Rock steals Michigan Senate GOP Primary in new poll

Intellihub | It looks like Kid Rock has a shot at being a U.S. Senator, currently, leads poll 49% to next "undecided" at 29% in Michigan GOP Primary
blue mark blue list

New markings surface again on San Antonio curbs as ‘Red and Blue List’ activates

Shepard Ambellas | Activation by force or activation by ignorance?

Get ready — Here it comes

Richard Sauder | A week ago, I mentioned my dream of not quite two weeks ago, in which an older man repeatedly mentioned to me that

*Video* Consumer drone pilot gets ass kicked by chick

Shepard Ambellas | A rather pissed off woman kicks a drone pilot's ass on beach after calling police

Sen. John McCain calls for President Trump’s continued action in Mid-East

Intellihub | Trump ordered attack on Syrian airbase a "good beginning," says senator

Survival or extinction

Kevin Galalae | Man or nature

‘PETMAN’ and ‘BIGDOG’ Robots to Become Legalized Domestic Hunter Seeker Drones

Shepard Ambellas | Boston Dynamics and the Department of Defense has teamed up to give the DOD's chemical and biological program just what they ordered, a life like humanoid robot named the PETMAN.