TSA officer attacked by man with machete and wasp spray

Shepard Ambellas | Passengers and staff scramble in fear

Amnesty treason and dumb down public acceptance

BATR.org | The Rubicon has been crossed
brooks agnew

Brooks Agnew: ‘The deep state is being backed into a corner right now’

Intellihub | "There is one thing about a bad dog that gets backed into a corner -- if you approach it -- it's going to bite very hard"

Hearing for man accused of providing ammo to Vegas shooter

AP | The charge centered on armor-piercing cartridges

Indicted: Psychopathic cop stands on hood of suspects car, fires 15 rounds through window,...

Shepard Ambellas | A Cleveland police officer is being charged with two counts of man slaughter after teaming up with 5 other officers who shot and killed 2 unarmed citizens in blaze of pistol smoke

Secret Service Director testifies on agents drinking and driving: ‘It’s going to take some...

Shepard Ambellas | House Appropriations Committee not impressed
stone, olivervideo

Oliver Stone on how the U.S. misunderstands Putin: The Putin Interviews

Intellihub | New 4-part Showtime series portrays Russian President Putin in a good light

The drones, the drones, the endless spying of the drones

Dr. Richard Sauder | I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I think the time has finally come for us to have the big talk about, well, you know ... drones

Obedience training: The truth about the Pledge of Allegiance

Truthstream Media | A look into the origins of the pledge of allegiance

Las Vegas police seek to keep 14 search warrants pertaining to the massacre sealed

Intellihub | If there are no living defendants being investigated then why all of the secrecy?
Intellihub Founder & Editor-In-Chief Shepard Ambellasvideo

Post Super Tuesday anti-Trump rhetoric ramps up

Intellihub | Establishment tries its best to take-down Trump
michael moore

Michael Moore’s reinforced offer to pay Republican Electors fines to flip vote fails

Intellihub | Michael Moore tried to derail Trump by bribing Electors in a roundabout way and failed
t-mobile vegas

Man calls 9-1-1 to report he was shot at T-Mobile Arena around 11:23 pm,...

Intellihub | It has now become evident that the various active shootings called in to 9-1-1 on the night of October 1, 2017, were real events in most cases

California issues mandatory Ebola quarantine order that “applies to anyone”, possible criminal charges for...

Shepard Ambellas | State official gear up for full-on outbreak, medical martial law

Vultures push for new carbon tax

Intellihub | Members of GOP and others introduce new carbon tax plan to WH
mandalay bay

Mandalay Bay security guard who was shot by Paddock returns to work after one...

Intellihub | Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos is back at work after recovering from a bullet wound he received from the shooter

Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson?

Michael Snyder | 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore

Man attending Route 91: ‘There is multiple active shooters here at the concert’

Intellihub | Another eyewitness video surfaces on the Innerweb in which a man mentions how multiple active shooters were possibly firing from the direction of the Mandalay Bay on the night of 1 October

The age of transition and scientism fraud

Jay Dyer | For the masses, the glowing assumption is that the transition and transformation age we are undergoing is the work of a long, evolutionary process of “natural” “progress.”

They interviewed me, then refused to publish the interview

No More Fake News | I was asked, would I do an interview about Zika right away?
sandy hook life of adam

Newtown Tax Assessors Database: ‘The whole town of Sandy Hook was bought off on...

Intellihub | Tax records prove that families involved in the Sandy Hook school shooting were given free houses for Christmas 2009

Chicago High School Begins Random Alcohol Testing for Students

Shepard Ambellas | In a massive effort to turn future generations into slaves, one indoctrination center in Chicago threatens to set an all new precedence of random student alcohol testing.

Retromingent insanity of Dick “Lord of Darkness” Cheney

Dr. Richard Sauder | That's right, Dick Cheney, the retromingent "Lord of Darkness."

Cruz drops out

Intellihub | Cruz suspends his Presidential campaign after getting clock cleaned by Trump in Indiana

The U.S. government is overrun by criminals: Shepard Ambellas explains (Video)

Intellihub News | Ambellas talks about how we need to "stand up, speak out and "take back" the corporation of the "United States" from corrupt oppressors who seek to rule our lives

Indoor shooting range bans Muslims from attending

Shepard Ambellas | A controversial move for sure, but necessary?

Contagion: Coincidental nightmare or eugenics dream?

Sergey Baranov | From the big screen to going live -- The new emerging threat

Recent U.S. snowstorms found to contain elements of entomological warfare being conducted on American...

Shepard Ambellas | The U.S. is now a designated military testing ground for real-time biological and entomological warfare applications using Americans as test subjects under public law 105-85

19 new officer-worn body camera videos from the 1 Oct. massacre

Intellihub | The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released 19 new officer-worn body camera videos on Wednesday as part of a mandatory court ordered release

Playboy interview: Karl Hess

Joel Schlosberg | At first glance, a no-holds-barred conversation with an anarchist might seem the most inappropriate centerpiece imaginable for a magazine issue marking the bicentennial of the United States of America