“There is a plan to steal the election from the American people and Trump”...

Intellihub | Stealing the election from Trump and the American people has become a real possibility

SNL skit attacks “alt-right” and “Pizzagate” conspiracy in skit

Intellihub | If the "Pizzagate" conspiracy is not real, then why are countless legacy media conglomerates attacking it?

Report: Hillary Clinton burned through $1.2B on campaign, now in debt

Intellihub | Can you say loser? Hillary fails big on presidential bid

C.I.A. blames Russians for Hillary’s loss

Intellihub | A desperate Establishment pushes more 'fake news'
obama motorcade sxsw

Obama regime positions to retain power, stay in office, as shitstorm develops

Intellihub | Obama Admins scurries to flip script
john podesta

‘Pizzagate’ investigator’s journalistic background scrubbed from Wikipedia, YouTube video taken down over 2011 Andrew...

Intellihub | YouTuber exposes how Andrew Breitbart may have made 'Pizzagate' connections back in 2011, before he was found dead in 2012

Online search reveals gun-wielding man who entered Comet Ping Pong Sunday may have IMDb,...

Intellihub | Is the reported gun-wielding man who entered Comet Ping Pong an actor?
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Media knocks Trump for opening up lines of communication with important world leaders

Intellihub | Media belittles important world leaders currently in contact with Trump

Is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange missing? No “proof of life,” fans say

Intellihub | Has Julian Assange been taken into custody or disappeared by state-sponsored factions, some question
Hillary Clinton

Obama, Clinton, and Sanders could stop the riots but they just watch

Daisy Luther | If Obama, Clinton, and Sanders really loved America, these three would use their influence to ease the transition
obama and trump meeting at the white house

Obama White House legacy at stake, a President Trump could nullify all of Obama’s...

Intellihub | Will the Establishment elite allow Trump to take the presidency on Jan. 20, 2017?

Two liberals on a crusade submit petition for Oregon to secede from the Union

Intellihub | New petition hopes to make Oregon a 'safe space' as bigoted liberals plan State's succession
obama on air force one

Obama not ruling out Clinton pardon

Intellihub | Will Clinton go free after White House pardon?
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I just lost all faith in our deeply corrupt legal system and in the...

End of the American Dream | If the law does not apply equally to all persons at all times and in all circumstances, we might as well not even have a legal system
rudy giulianivideo

Giuliani on FBI’s exoneration of Hillary: ‘We are supposed to be a country of...

Intellihub | Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani tell it like it is
clinton, hillary

Only demented imbeciles want a Killary reign of terror

Batr | Genuine national security cannot be scarified to allow a distrustful and compromised agent of foreign interests to become President
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U.S. Intelligence: ‘Expect al-Qaeda attacks Monday in New York, Virginia and Texas’

Intellihub | Will terror attacks sweep 3 major cities and help the Establishment suspend the elections?

Pieczenik: ‘There is a coup in the White House and we are going to...

Intellihub | Full-scale counter coup launched November 1; the tyrants have been warned
loretta lynch

If Clinton goes down, Loretta Lynch will go down with her

Daisy Luther | Loretta Lynch’s ties to the Clintons go back to 1999 when then-President Bill Clinton appointed her to run the Brooklyn US Attorney’s office
ammon bundy

7 Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff defendants acquitted in Oregon

Intellihub | The federal trial of 7 Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupiers has come to an end and the verdict is in
dark hacker

Fmr. Dep. Dir. of Intel for the CIA: ‘Get ready for election night hacks’

Intellihub | Will 'election night hacks' be used to thwart the populace after Hillary illegally wins?

50,000 Soros-linked voting machines being illegally deployed to 16 states

Intellihub | More election fraud surfaces as Smartmatic voting machines set to hit the polls illegally
ballot box

Establishment now blaming Russians for nearly everything under the Sun; plans to illegally insert...

Intellihub | Are Trump and Hillary really tied in the polls, or are pollsters and the corporate media lying again?
Jullian assange, wikileaks

4 signs Wikileaks is a government managed election-year psyop

Waking Times | Why, in a climate of such broad deceit are we to trust that the saga of Julian Assange and Wikileaks is what it is pitched as
trump hillary final debate

An overview of the first 30 minutes of the final Presidential Debate

Intellihub | The final debate was rather reserved, however the lies kept spewing from Hillary's mouth

Putin bans rothschilds from Russia

Choice and Truth | In an act of admirable courage, Vladimir Putin has reportedly banned Jacob Rothschild and his banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances"

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘It’s illegal to possess the Wikileaks documents’

Intellihub | CNN producers tell Chris Cuomo to lie to the populace regarding Wikileaks emails?
russian gas mask

Are we going to war with Russia?

Intellihub | Propaganda from both sides suggests that we are preparing to go to war with Russia