4th generation warfare (4GW) used by USG to attack Venezuela

Tools For Freedom | A cyber attack took down Venezuela’s power grid
border fence

Pew study finds U.S. is home to 18% of world’s migrant population

Intellihub | The U.S. houses more foreign nationals than any other country in the world, a new Pew Research study finds.

Border patrol agent on crisis: It’s so far out of hand you guys wouldn’t...

Intellihub | Border Patrol agent says agents aprehinded close to 9000 people last week in just his sector alone.
colorado capitol building

Colorado sheriff stands with U.S. Constitution; willing to go to jail rather than enforce...

Intellihub | A new law is making its way through the Colorado legislature that could violate the U.S. Constitution altogether.
trump speaking

Trump cuts aid to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras for sending migrants to U.S.

Intellihub | U.S. border processing facilities have become overrun by migrants sent from Central America which has, in turn, caused a severe crisis.
ebola victim

Cheap shot: Rebels attack medical centers to help spread Ebola in Congo

Intellihub | The Ebola virus is spreading and nearly 1000 people have been infected in what appears to be either a cheap shot to the people of the Congo or a well-organized terrorist-funded attack.
parkland school shooter nikolas cruzvideo

Suspected Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz told police a voice in his head told...

Intellihub | Is the suspected Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz legitimately crazy or was "voice of God" weapon technology used on his mind to get him to carry out such a heinous act?

Tucker Carlson and Thoughtcrime

Another Day in the Empire | Back in 2010, Soros donated a million dollars to Media Matters, specifically to go after Fox
nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi personally supports lowering voting age to 16 to capture Common Core programmed...

Intellihub | "I myself, personally, I’m not speaking for my caucus, I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16."

Green New Deal hallucination

BATR | Herding the sheeple into paddocks of total surveillance by way of an electric power grid fence is the goa

5G, IoT, A.I. Surveillance and Smart Cities = Enslaved Citizens

Humans are Free | Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population

The Artificial Intelligence “Game Plan”

Activist Post | The criticality of “underground, suppressed information” was created due to the mainstream media not doing its job in the best interests of humanity
john podesta

Podesta on Stone: Maybe when the cell door clanks he’ll feel a little bit... | Deep state shill John Podesta sets the stage for Hillary's 2020 reemergence tour.
trump and melania hold hands on 4th of July 2018

National Emergency? It’s not the border

Kurt Nimmo | The national emergency has little to do with immigrants flooding over the border

Rule by fiat: National crises, fake emergencies and other dangerous presidential powers

Rutherford Institute | The powers amassed by each past president and inherited by each successive president—powers which add up to a toolbox of terror for an imperial ruler
bernie sandersvideo

Bernie Sanders: I’m running for president | In a new campaign ad aimed at the unwitty, Sen. Bernie Sanders calls Donald Trump "the most dangerous president in American history."

Is she “the next Obama”? Why is the mainstream media working so hard to...

End of the American Dream | It seems like virtually every major Democratic politician in the entire country is at least considering running for president

A Government of Socialists

BATR | Brace for the most bizarre government that Congress has ever seen in your lifetime

Education and the dismantling of the mind

No More Fake News | Over the last 40 years or so, school systems, under the aegis of government, have expanded their role

ANALYSIS: To save America, Trump must declare a “New American Revolution”

Natural News | A rogue, lawless cabal of treasonous criminals is now horrifyingly close to overthrowing democracy

Uncle Sam wants your DNA: The FBI’s diabolical plan to create a nation of...

Rutherford Institute | Every dystopian sci-fi film we’ve ever seen is suddenly converging into this present moment

IMF reveals that cryptocurrency is the New World Order end game

Alt-Market | I have been suspicious of the cryptocurrency narrative of a “decentralized and anonymous monetary revolution” since 2009

Is the United Nations a world “blessing” or the people’s nemesis?

Activist Post | Should we question buying into the UN’s propaganda for ‘sustainability’?

The National Security Agency is a criminal organization

Paul Craig Roberts | Unfortunately for Americans, there are many Americans who blindly trust the government
nancy pelosi

Roger Stone: Deep State plans to remove POTUS Trump, VP Pence, to install Pelosi...

Natural News | “The Deep State seeks to fabricate some misdeed by the Trump campaign that is sold as Russian collusion”

82% of Americans are right to think artificial intelligence (AI) is more harmful than...

Activist Post | Surveillance! Cyberattacks! Spreading fake harmful online content! Oh My!
yellowstone supervolcano

If Yellowstone erupts where should I go? What will happen? Why should I be... | Did you know that the Yellowstone supervolcano could erupt at any time causing death, destruction, chaos, and possibly even a nuclear winter that could wipe out a good number of the inhabitants of planet earth? If it does, where would you go?

Bird Box, vegan millennial diets & the hidden story of Blade Runner

Jays Analysis | Jay and Tristan return to cover the announcement that 2019 is the year of the vegan diet

Scientists figure out how to make ethanol from carbon dioxide; can we stop growing...

Natural News | A recent study that was published revealed a new way of producing ethanol without the need for corn or other crops
trump at desk

It begins: President Trump likely to declare national emergency at 9pm today

Natural News | President Trump plans to address the nation tonight in a 9pm Eastern broadcast that will be carried by all the major news networks