Vultures push for new carbon tax

Intellihub | Members of GOP and others introduce new carbon tax plan to WH

Does NASA data update reveal Comet ATLAS will be absorbed by sun’s gravity near...

Intellihub | Respected space researcher: "I'm going to call it now--that the main body of this will hit the sun..."
numbered door

SWAT fired at least 16 rounds through adjoining door inside Las Vegas shooter’s hotel...

Intellihub | LVMPD/FBI lies exposed: Online investigator uncovers 16 bullet holes through adjoining hotel room door after enhancing photographs from the scene of the crime

7 reasons to oppose red flag gun laws

FEE | Here are seven reasons red flag laws should be opposed, particularly at the federal level.
mandalay tower

Mandalay Bay surveillance and security expert tells 1 Oct. investigators a rooftop video camera...

Intellihub | A rather vital rooftop video camera went dark during the 1 October shooting which raises more questions than answers
donal trump in phoenix

Phoenix police used tear gas, pepper balls, and rubber bullets on protesters at Tuesday’s...

Intellihub | Protesters of Donald Trump were shocked to find out that the Phoenix Police Department was not playing around at Tuesday's Trump rally

AZ Dept. of Environmental Quality dominated by geoengineering activists at meeting *Video*

Shepard Ambellas | Activists and concerned citizens alike converged on a recent ADEQ meeting in Arizona, pressing the issue of awareness

Denver International Airport Whistleblower: Continuity of Government Plans Exposed

Shepard Ambellas | For the first time, a whistle-blower from within the Denver International Airport confirms the existence of a massive deep underground military facility located on the airport's property.

Azealia Banks: Slave traders “owe us money”

Shepard Ambellas | Rapper/songwriter Azealia Banks gives her opinion on Twitter

Cops now tracking Easter worshipers license plates in Kentucky: Freedom of religion striped in...

Intellihub | Authorities strip Americans of their freedom to assemble overnight in violation of the U.S. Constitution

200 minors from South America dumped in Indiana by Obama Administration

Shepard Ambellas | About 200 unaccompanied migrant children from South America were brought into Indiana under an ongoing DoD/FEMA human trafficking operation
times square

Times Square driver ‘heard voices’

Intellihub | Mainstream report claims suspect told police that he 'heard voices'

California Pushes to Limit Ammo, Assault Rifles, and Magazine Capacity for Gun Owners

Shepard Ambellas | Diabolic and criminal elements within in the US government seek to slowly disarm the general public, before making their final strike on the then defenseless populace.

Obama: ‘Stopping Ebola is a priority for the United States’

Shepard Ambellas | Elite have plans to sweep world's populace off map like dust, laughing all the way to the bank
gop balloons

Election Fraud: Trump Delegates being REPLACED!

Intellihub | Delegate testifies election fraud is taking place in Colorado after being "removed and replaced" off the roster for voting pro-Trump
residents flee city

Gridlock as far as the eyes can see as Chinese try to flee Beijing...

Intellihub | Brace yourself! The 'zombie apocalypse' has begun!

Journalist documents firsthand — the police killing of Evan Kwik, 22: Part 1

Brett Redmayne-Titley | A view to a kill

Top 10 indications or proofs ISIS is a US-Israeli creation

ToolsForFreedom | No matter which name they go by – ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daesh – the group has been deliberately engineered

An age of deception and fraud

Daily Coin | The problem is, once you “see” the truth underlying the thick systemic facade of fraud and deception, you can’t “unsee it.”
dc cctv

Hackers took down D.C.’s CCTV system for a 48-hour span leading up to Trump’s...

Intellihub | Officials and others unsure of what may have taken place during a massive citywide CCTV outage
romney at podium

The GOP wants Hillary to win — otherwise they would embrace Trump as the...

Intellihub | Romney blew insider GOP cover, plot to throw presidency toward Hillary exposed

Humanity now “catastrophically stupid” as we enter the 2020s on a global SUICIDE mission...

Natural News | Today in San Francisco, humans are sh###ing in the streets

‘Defense support of civil authorities’ has been authorized — Armed military forces and drones...

Shepard Ambellas | Authorized: The Obama Administration plans to quell civil unrest with the use of armed forces domestically as end times of the Constitution near

Drug dealers are entrepreneurs and the government is killing urban innovation

Nick Bernabe | Anyone with a hint of intelligence understands that the war on drugs is a complete failure

Open carry activists hold ‘street theatre’ spectacle with Dallas police

Shepard Ambellas | Open carry activists determined to educate the American people on their Constitutional rights

Bombshell footage shows over a dozen ambulances “removing bodies” from the Hooters Hotel and...

Daily Sheeple | Franks makes it clear in his video that this was happening specifically at Hooters rather than only at the Mandalay

The government is spying on you with road signs

Intellihub | The federal government is planning on rolling out road signs that spy on drivers.

Alert: Dept. of Health confirms deadly Ebola virus may now be in Honolulu

Shepard Ambellas | Has Ebola hit Hawaii?
protest blm

New World Order sustains uncomfortable setbacks in 2014

Bernie Suarez | Obviously many significant events occurred so I wondered, could we narrow these key events to one theme

Alert: Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series in ATL now threatened by ISIS

Shepard Ambellas | Hackers allegedly uncover heinous plot