‘Teens off streets by 9pm or parents get $500 fine’: Baltimore Mayor

Shepard Ambellas | Parents outraged as new curfew law sweeps Baltimore

Song lyrics, written in the late 90’s by Intellihub founder, shockingly lay out the...

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas nails it back in 1999

So you want to get out of the USSA — or EU?

Dr. Richard Sauder | For some time I have been warning of the threat of catastrophic warfare

79 riot police respond to ‘mostly black’ party as ‘mostly white’ party allowed to...

Shepard Ambellas | In what can only be considered failed policy and overkill, 79 riot police responded to break up a University party

‘Putin is seeding U.S. coastlines with mole nukes to trigger Tsunamis on command’: Fmr....

Intellihub | Up to 39% of entire U.S. population at risk if Russian mole nukes were to be detonated simultaneously around coastlines
Vicente Foxvideo

Fmr. MEX Pres. Fox: ‘Trump reminds me of Hitler, he needs to grow up’

Intellihub | 'We will not give you the money for the wall'

Stone cold truth: “John McCain is a piece of sh*t […] traitor”

Intellihub | A TMZ reporter caught fmr. Trump adviser Roger Stone leaving Politicon where he told the reporter his true feelings about Sen. John McCain

DoD program supplies schools with grenade launchers, M-16s, armored vehicles and more

Shepard Ambellas | Over 20 schools have already been bribed with such weaponry and gear, reports say
civil liberties

Why civil liberties are no longer defended

Sartre | The quest for reason has a sordid record

American football fans so caught up in game they failed to notice their support...

Shepard Ambellas | NFL jerseys bare tag reading "Made in Korea"

Police outnumbered by protesters at Hamburg G20

Intellihub | Authorities struggle to contain damage caused by rioters at the Hamburg G20

Cop slams elderly man to ground, paralyzing him in one sweep

Shepard Ambellas | Cop turns himself in, gets released on $1000 bond
credit card debt

This is how people will lose everything

Bill Holter | Writer & researcher Bil Holter joins me to discuss the latest as we document the collapse

ISIS determined to attack within U.S.? — Military bases elevate threat level to ‘bravo’

Shepard Ambellas | Does this all dovetail with what a Texas Sheriff said back in September of 2014? -- "[...] send them to hell!"

Kissinger schooled by protestors, threatened with arrest, McCain apologizes for ‘disgraceful behavior’

Shepard Ambellas | Code Pink threatens to arrest war criminal Henry Kissinger in spectacle raising awareness

U.S. forced to admit in court how they framed Iran using false nuclear evidence

Intellihub | It looks like the U.S. made up the story after all, demonizing Iran
fence, no freedom

60 years ago Aldous Huxley predicted how global freedom would die

Waking Times | An eloquent warning to freedom loving people

It’s official: Americans R stupid

Michael Snyder | As Americans, we tend to be pretty full of ourselves, and this is especially true of our young people
weather satellites

Earth’s insidiously hidden remote history

Dr. Richard Sauder | My government “schooled” western mind had trouble accepting such a challenge to what it thought that it factually “knew” for a certainty

Open Carry Texas makes Rolling Stone, labled “right-wing extremists”

Shepard Ambellas | Mainstream labels constitutional open carry activists "right-wing extremists"
central banks europe

European markets ripple: €1 trillion in fiat currency injected into economy

Shepard Ambellas | Just as fast as it was printed, it falls
bill gates

Bill Gates: ‘Bioterror is far scarier than nuclear war and a bigger threat’

Intellihub | According to Gates, there has never been a better time to prepare
targeted individual spy

C.I.A., F.B.I. manhunt underway for Wikileaker of top-secret documents

Intellihub | Intelligence spooks crack down on leakers as information war against the Deep State intensifies

Obama: ‘We need more emergency funding as a Christmas present to fight Ebola’

Shepard Ambellas | Obama begs congress for an early "Christmas present" before "they leave for the holidays"
hanford site

Dangerous ongoing disaster at Hanford Nuclear Site threatens residents

Intellihub | Other issues surface, employees concerned
jong-un, kim

Embarrassing: North Korean missile test fails, explodes right away

Intellihub | Will Jong-un's latest failure to provocate the U.S. be his last?

Pathetic Hollywood celebrities urge a coup in America

Intellihub | Hollywood going all out in push to steal election from Trump and the American people
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a terrorist

Cory Massimino | During a CNN town hall on June 17, Hillary Clinton made some controversial remarks about opponents of gun control
dhs obama

DHS limits travel, entry from Ebola stricken regions to just 5 U.S. airports

Shepard Ambellas | White House petition requests travel ban from 'Ebola stricken nations'
trump cpac 2017

Trump’s border wall plan already working: Illegal immigration down 27%

Intellihub | Talk of 'border wall' already detouring potential immigrants
james clapper

Deep state internal feud?