wasserman schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a threat to national security

NY Post | Computer security at the DNC was so lax on Wasserman Schultz’s watch that hackers burrowed deep into the network

Kid Rock for Senate in 2018? Robert Ritchie gave his first speech and it...

Intellihub | Michigan resident Kid Rock came out on stage with a bang at a recent concert to give his first public speech for his 2018 Senate run

Why did so many of the Las Vegas Massacre survivors mention seeing helicopters during...

Intellihub | It seems as if the mainstream media has buried eyewitness reports regarding the presence of helicopters in the air during the Las Vegas shooting

The Shadow Government: Of, for and by the Powers That Be

Dr. Richard Sauder | Obedience to the government, and trust in its directives, is instilled in us by the mainstream culture our whole lives

2015 reminder: Government word is worthless

Robert Barsocchini | We can review innumerable current and recent lies and their consequences, but we should always keep in mind that they are nothing new
un climate change

Bottom line from the Paris Global Warming Summit

James Hall | What exactly will be the details decided on at this much promoted conference?

Obama threatens Congress: ‘Whenever I can act on my own I will’

Shepard Ambellas | Obama flexes his muscles once again, threatening more executive action over congress
rock climbing

Putin’s Greek pawn gambit

Dr. Richard Sauder | Here's How It's Playing Out
times square TGI Friday's

ISIS determined to attack within U.S., two major cities cited

Shepard Ambellas | Fear campaign in full effect, remain vigilant

Kingsman: The Secret Service – ultimate conspiracy film?

Jay | My date and I witnessed an interesting display this evening at the cinema – a bevy of ads for the new Hollywood blockbusters that contained one peculiar revelation that would relate to the feature film

Terrorism, immigration and mass manipulation

BATR.org | The threat of terrorism and the theatrics of bloodshed are powerful tools in the psychological warfare that is leading up to a final conflagration

Floyd Mayweather defends Trump: No one was calling him racist before he became President

Intellihub | "Within this world racism still exists"

Two videos that prove the FBI is lying about the Las Vegas Massacre

Infowars | Alteration of event timeline brings entire narrative into question

John Cullen breaks down the Las Vegas air assault, helicopter evidence, and leaked autopsy...

Intellihub | This is a 'must watch' presentation. Please follow the link below to the live Periscope broadcast!

Dalai Lama met with protest over religious persecution

Sharon Schloss | The Dalai Lama, who has been considered a voice of peace and understanding for many of us in the Western world, has been doing a series of public talks in California on topics such as compassion, non-violence, and business ethics
shepard ambellasvideo

Shepard Ambellas briefly breaks down Obama’s last minute Bundy Ranch land grab

Intellihub | Over 300,000 acres make up two new National Monuments in Nevada and Utah, militia and patriots furious
planet hollywood

Witness to Oct. 1 Planet Hollywood gunfire event comes forth with key details of...

Intellihub | "I just want everyone to know that a whole lot of stuff went down that day and none of it is being reported on the mainstream news"

California: You can touch my ‘sushi’, but only if you use a ‘glove’

Shepard Ambellas | Sushi lovers and chefs alike are speaking out, saying the glove will give no love for the final product and texture of the perfect sushi roll, after a new requirement in the California code mandates a new procedure when handling raw food
tpp stop

Internet under attack: Hidden clause in TPP to limit free speech, journalism, online

Shepard Ambellas | The road is being paved for a future slave society, freedoms to be further restricted under TPP

MH370 update: Malaysian government releases 45 pages of raw satellite data revealing nothing

Shepard Ambellas | New satellite data reveals absolutely nothing as the MH370 cover-up continues

DoD rush orders H1N1 swine flu vaccine for coming pandemic to possibly be brought...

Shepard Ambellas | Possible swine flu pandemic on horizon as DoD rush orders mass quantities of H1N1 vaccines

Rapper T-Qron: They want to disarm you

Intellihub | "After giving you the freedom they want to eventually take it away"

Attack in France and casting the first explosive

Robert Barsocchini | To condemn attacks on journalists by “others”, the most elementary thinking dictates that we must first not attack journalists ourselves

The Selling of Energy Independence

James Hall | Any analysis of domestic fossil fuel production and use must acknowledge that independence for U.S. energy has not been the national goal
greg gutfeld

Fox News host: ‘Seahawks coach threw the game in self-destructive attempt at an inside...

Lexi Morgan | 9/11 truth meets football; the ultimate rhetoric to sidetrack the masses after Seahawks Super Bowl disappointment
special ops

Upcoming JADE HELM 15 military exercise off-limits to reporters, says military

Shepard Ambellas | Domestic exercise so secret it can't be covered
blocking trump rally road

Left wing activists blocking free speech: Highway to Trump rally shut down

Intellihub | Left wing extremists block SR-87 to stifle Trump rally attendance

Cover: CDC to board cruise ship after reported ‘weather innocent’ — Reality: Hundreds sick,...

Shepard Ambellas | This marks the second cruise ship this week to have been boarded by the CDC after being stricken with an outbreak of the norovirus
clinton, hillary

Was Seth Rich murdered over Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One ties, the offloading of 20%...

Intellihub | Seth Rich murder case deepens as Podesta-Clinton Russian ties emerge to forefront

Role players hired for Massachusetts-New England homeland response force National Guard training exercise

Intellihub | Active role players have been hired for a National Guard training exercise that is taking place in Massachusetts mid-week