antifa armed austin texas

Armed and masked ANTIFA members try to fight Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer at Texas...

Intellihub | Even though ANTIFA has already been declared a terrorist organization in at least one state it hasn't stopped them from wreaking havoc in Texas

Dennis Rodman and team ‘apologetic to America’ durring N. korean basketball exposition interview

Shepard Ambellas | Dennis Rodman and team stand up for international freedom using basketball as a diplomatic tool
north american leaders summit

Globalist leaders ensure North American integration mechanisms remain in place

Be Our Own Leader | What will be the fate of NAFTA?


Dean Henderson | In search of a hotel, I wander down a side street and notice a sign that says “Tibetan Guest House”. I walk up a narrow staircase and a pudgy 14-year-old girl comes to the door.

Hoverboarding over water now a reality

Shepard Ambellas | It looks like "Back To the Future" is now here, only over water
trump knoxville

Trump kills it in Knoxville, crowd chants “USA, USA, USA […]”

Shepard Ambellas | 'Everywhere I go people love the country'

Shepard Ambellas on globalism, Osama bin Laden and Obama’s birth certificate

From secret technology, black-ops, the Nightstalkers 160th, Bin Laden and more, Shepard Ambellas is not scared to cover some of the most controversial issues...

Head Ebola doctor contracts virus, awaiting fate

Shepard Ambellas | A national hero in Africa has now contracted Ebola
peter stzok fbi cia

Strzok fired by FBI but still works for the CIA | Peter Strzok's recent departure from the FBI is meaningless and is just part of the larger stage show as Strzok remains employed by the CIA

It’s official: Americans R stupid

Michael Snyder | As Americans, we tend to be pretty full of ourselves, and this is especially true of our young people
obama embassy

Grasping at straws Obama holds on to the idea of a third term win

Intellihub | What is this guy thinking?

One big club

Daily Coin | If we review world history, from the banksters perspective, all the wars from the past two-three hundred years have been fought for the banksters
planted evidence msnbc

‘MSNBC reporter and others essentially conduct B&E at terror suspects home, fall for bogus...

Shepard Ambellas | Staged up crime scene appears to contain bogus FBI planted evidence, Youtuber finds

Celente: The Republicans and Democrats are thieves and murderers

SGT Report | As for our elected “representatives”, the Republicans and Democrats, Gerald says, “They’re murderers and thieves

News anchor on night of Vegas massacre: I have confirmed through a police source...

Intellihub | 'Police source' confirms there was more than one shooter with a 'high-powered' weapon who acted on the night of the Las Vegas Massacre
motocross ktm

USA’s Eli Tomac poised to battle Jeffrey Herlings for win at MXGP race

Intellihub | Get ready for bar-to-bar action to occur at this weekend's MXGP in Jacksonville, Florida

Politics of the Human Heart

Shepard Ambellas | When I was in grade school, the alarms would begin and, whether we were in instruction or at lunch or recess, we knew what those sirens meant.

School shootings have decreased since the 90’s but Democrats would like you to believe...

Intellihub | Whether you realize it or not, we all live in a matrix in which both information and propaganda can sometimes be hard to discern but this goes to show the level the puppeteers have come to in recent years to change your way of thinking

DHS investigation finds TSA terror-link vetting process for workers flawed at best

Shepard Ambellas | 73 workers with possible terror ties approved for secure area access
mandalay path

A technical breakdown of the fully-automatic gunfire, all 11 volleys: Las Vegas shooting

Intellihub | There were 11 volleys of fully-automatic gunfire captured in one uncut video and Intellihub has broken them down for you, times, duration, etc.
nuclear winter

Government-linked intel agency forecasts U.S. population to decline drastically by 2025, 1-in-3 Americans will...

Intellihub | Does the forecast know something we as citizens of the United States don't? Why would it forecast the reduction of more that two-thirds the country's population by 2025?

Shepard Ambellas gives the latest inside baseball on the whole Syrian missile strike fiasco:...

Intellihub | 'The neocons perpetrated the attack along with operatives of the Deep State'

Jordan Maxwell raw and uncut: An Intellihub News exclusive – Part 1

Intellihub News | One of the greatest minds in modern times, Jordan Maxwell, speaks his truths in an exclusive interview with Intellihub News

The death of the American dream in 22 numbers

Michael Snyder | We are the generation that gets to witness the end of the American Dream

Intellihub News: Support our vast body of work now, by making a donation for...

Intellihub News | Please take a moment and consider sponsoring the #Truth

Could a single FBI agent have stopped the attacks of 9/11?

Shepard Ambellas | Indications show that evidence obtained by a FBI agent prior to 9/11 may have thwarted the attacks

1-Mile Wide Comet May Slingshot Directly Back Toward Earth at ‘828,000 mph’

Shepard Ambellas | On Thanksgiving Day, the 1-mile wide comet ISON will make a close pass by the sun before it starts to "fry and shatter", accelerating to over 828,00 mph on a slingshot course toward the earth.

Report: Sheriff’s deputy files lawsuit against Black Lives Matter leaders

Intellihub | Black Lives Matter leaders slapped with lawsuit over deadly "Summer of Chaos" ambush on police and sheriff's deputies

HHS Secretary admits reality of Ebola — U.N. peacekeepers solicited to occupy New York...

Shepard Ambellas | Pandemic martial law nears in U.S.

Extreme weather terror: The next al Qaeda plot

Shepard Ambellas | There is no doubt the establishment is always looking for the next best way to terrorize the masses by keeping them in check through fear. But when will extreme weather become the next al Qaeda?