Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz targeted by FBI and Capitol Police criminal probe

Intellihub | It looks as if Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her IT people may have some explaining to do as criminal probe expands

GOP Convention rigging exposed: Pirro and Trump rip apart Republican Establishment, dual monarchy

Intellihub | America's dual monarchy exposed: Convention rigging will lead to another Clinton Presidency
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Watch Podesta dodge the fact that Hillary Clinton let 20% of U.S. uranium go...

Intellihub | Former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta tried to flip the script once CNN hit him with the K.O. combo regarding the Clinton's Russian ties

Just the novel flu, huh? Armed Chinese military units responding to outbreak scenes

Intellihub | Armed military response team spotted carrying fully-loaded QBZ-95 bullpup-style assault rifles along with pistols

Infected doctor arrives at Atlanta isolation unit, Ebola now on U.S. soil

Shepard Ambellas | Americans question why Ebola was allowed to enter U.S.
Anderson Cooper

What is CNN?

Intellihub | Evidence suggests CNN is nothing more than a shitshow

Will a new wave of terror hit the U.S. soon?

Shepard Ambellas | Well, by looking at the rhetoric, yes
Florida Governor signs medical marijuana law

Armed masked men rappelling from unmarked choppers raid and destroy grower’s medical marijuana crops...

Shepard Ambellas | Unidentified units descend on marijuana farm cutting plants at the stem
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Podesta: ‘The Russians distorted the election’

Intellihub | What really 'distorted' the election, if anything at all?

U.S. forced to admit in court how they framed Iran using false nuclear evidence

Intellihub | It looks like the U.S. made up the story after all, demonizing Iran
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Earth’s inhabitants face possible extinction several times within next 26 years

Shepard Ambellas | NASA scrubs asteroid's JPL close approach data from public view
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Alert: Major hospital chain planned to harvest organs from live person who overdosed, gave...

Intellihub | Hospital only fined $6,000 after trying to harvest organs from live patient
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Trump on radical Islamic terror: “We have a problem. The World Trade Center came...

Shepard Ambellas | Radical Islamic terror not p.c., media spins

Newt Gingrich: ‘Almost 14-years after 9/11 the U.S. is losing war with radical Islam’

Shepard Ambellas | "We will defeat those who will cut off our heads"

Soros and other billionaire controllers fund Muslim refugee invasion of U.S. to drive down...

Intellihub | U.S. set to become a vast wasteland as George Soros and other controlling elites plan drive it into the ground to gain far cheaper labor

Secret Service Director testifies on agents drinking and driving: ‘It’s going to take some...

Shepard Ambellas | House Appropriations Committee not impressed

LAPD drone testing to ensue, public will no longer be free

Shepard Ambellas | Drone aircraft to takeover the skies, no place to hide

Asteroid impact drill uncovered: Fictitious press releases reveal government’s April 29 doomsday role-play

Intellihub | A 2019 asteroid deflection exercise just so happened to begin on April 29... there's that date again!
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Election Fraud: Trump Delegates being REPLACED!

Intellihub | Delegate testifies election fraud is taking place in Colorado after being "removed and replaced" off the roster for voting pro-Trump

Shepard Ambellas gives the latest inside baseball on the whole Syrian missile strike fiasco:...

Intellihub | 'The neocons perpetrated the attack along with operatives of the Deep State'

Cover-up: New reports claim U.S military “shot down” flight MH370 near “Diego Garcia”

Shepard Ambellas | Shocking new MH370 cover-up strays people away from truth

Mad scientists from Cali vow to make half-human, half-animal, chimeras under guise of ‘medical...

Intellihub | Chimeras now emerging into the private sector, publicly

Military coup takes over Thailand, martial law remains in effect

Shepard Ambellas | All T.V. and radio stations throughout the country have been taken over by the military which is now broadcasting propaganda to the populace following a massive military coup d'état

Fmr. Navy SEAL stands up to CNN’s fake news narrative, demands sources be named

Intellihub | Mainstream media fails to give sources as Trump-Russia narrative worsens

Nashville local news reports: “… once we did get that explosion to happen.”

Shepard Ambellas | "... windows along Broadway that did blow out this morning once we did get that explosion to happen."

Japanese geneticist to grow government-approved human-animal hybrids in university lab

Intellihub | Scientists are now playing God by creating half human half animal chimeras.
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Post Super Tuesday anti-Trump rhetoric ramps up

Intellihub | Establishment tries its best to take-down Trump
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Bill Gates: ‘Bioterror is far scarier than nuclear war and a bigger threat’

Intellihub | According to Gates, there has never been a better time to prepare

NJ ‘Situational Awareness Report’ lists mass shooter threat as ‘moderate’

Shepard Ambellas | Reports list mass shooter threats as "unpredictable" and "moderate"--however, rest assured the establishment will keep ramping up security adding to the police state
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Senator Ron Johnson: ‘F.B.I. secret society group conducted offsite meetings’

Intellihub | U.S. senator confirms he has intel which suggests that there is a "secret society" operating withing the ranks of the F.B.I.