trump train

Trump train causing ripple effect across globe, New World Order quivering

Intellihub | World elite try everything in their power to derail the Trump train

U.S. Dept. of Justice files charges against China for hacking U.S. corporate secrets

Shepard Ambellas | China and the U.S. are now duking it out, in a game of he said, she said
oregon occupation

Pacific Patriots Network arrives at Oregon occupation, acting as liaison, security detail

Shepard Ambellas | III%ers, other groups, arrive at Oregon occupation

16-year-old neighbor of infected doctor says ‘that is not him’ when shown picture

Shepard Ambellas | Are black operations afoot in NYC?

Colorado Sheriff Comes Out Against Obama’s Gun Legislation

Shepard Ambellas | A Colorado Sheriff recently went public, standing up for the American public as their rights are being trampled.
jesus campos

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos drove rental car into California from Mexico one...

Intellihuub | Why would authorities let Jesus Campos travel out of the country in the days immediately following the shooting?
ebola victim

Cheap shot: Rebels attack medical centers to help spread Ebola in Congo

Intellihub | The Ebola virus is spreading and nearly 1000 people have been infected in what appears to be either a cheap shot to the people of the Congo or a well-organized terrorist-funded attack.
wtc night

Mainline publication: People seen ‘celebrating, holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops’ hours after 9/11 attacks...

Shepard Ambellas | CNN and others try to destroy Trump in pissing match
kaitlin bennett

Conservative journalist ejected from Bernie Sanders rally for no reason | The latest stunt pulled at a Bernie Sanders rally goes to show just how far the left (fake center) will go in order to stifle free speech and free thought in America.
power grid

Government warns power surge directly following eclipse may knockout power grid, cell phones

Intellihub | "Another issue has to do with cell phone usage [...] your cell phones aren't going to work -- so they are actually bringing in cell phone towers."

Parliament shooting “looks like an Islamic terror attack”, says terror analyst

Shepard Ambellas | ISIS propaganda begins in Canada, city locked down

WHO Director: ‘This is an unprecedented outbreak accompanied by extraordinary challenges’

Shepard Ambellas | 'Outbreak moving faster than control efforts'
excessive force police cop

Cop fired for punching handcuffed lady out: Excessive force video

Intellihub | Cop uses excessive force on handcuffed woman's face

When smart technology becomes stupid — Humans now priced out of the game

Shepard Ambellas | The future is now, and humans have somehow managed to price themselves out of the game in a massive leap backward

Breaking video: Watch police body cam footage as police breach Las Vegas shooter’s suite,...

Intellihub | Officer-worn body camera footage shows what LVMPD claims to be the breach of Stephen Paddock's hotel room on the night of the 1 October massacre

Smokeout on Capitol Hill: Pot now legal in D.C.

Shepard Ambellas | Some outraged, others happy
political artist, activist

Political artist, activist, David Dees, speaks out in recent interview

Shepard Ambellas | Talks about 'New World Order' agendas
russian agent

Russian agent met with Obama administration officials in 2014

Intellihub | It appears that a U.S. Federal Reserve official and a U.S. Treasury official met with the Russians in 2014 under Barack Obama's watch and it went unreported

Police soon to wear facial recognition capable body cameras

Intellihub | Facial recognition capable body cameras will soon become the most effective tool to help police identify persons of interest

F.B.I. asks for help identifying masked individual in ISIS propaganda video

Shepard Ambellas | F.B.I. formally asks for the public's assistance locating terror trainees and masked English-speaking man in Sept. ISIS propaganda video

Trump rocks Dallas, shows no sign of slowing

Shepard Ambellas | Crowd of 18,500 fills American Airlines Center arena
sheriff's deputies assassinate man with his hands up

*VIDEO* Texas Sheriff’s deputies assassinate man with hands above head

Shepard Ambellas | Warning: Graphic content -- See Texas Sheriff's deputies assassinate man

DHS caught using drones to surveil populace over large parts of U.S. outside border...

Shepard Ambellas | While the drones can't see through walls, they can look into yards

Bruce Paddock, brother of the Las Vegas shooter, says he was raised believing his...

Intellihub | Once Bruce and Eric found out their father was alive and well they took a trip to Oregon to visit their father before realizing he was no role model

Criminals Received Tobacco Over Prison Fence Via Drone – Pilot Faces 20-Years

Shepard Ambellas | Inmates at the Calhoun State Prison have found new ways to sneak contraband into the facility, this time using an aerial drone.

Recently incarcerated Saudi Prince linked to 5 independently managed floors inside Mandalay Bay

Intellihub | The same Saudi Prince who was just arrested is the also chair of a company which manages 5-floors at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
trump white house podium

Cohen abandons BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS, lawsuits over Steele dossier, may flip on Trump, top...

Intellihub | Top attorney Jay Goldberg has warned President Donald Trump that his attorney Michael Cohen may flip on him in the long run after receiving pressure from prosecutors
kid rock

Kid Rock steals Michigan Senate GOP Primary in new poll

Intellihub | It looks like Kid Rock has a shot at being a U.S. Senator, currently, leads poll 49% to next "undecided" at 29% in Michigan GOP Primary

Fox News hammers Rubio’s mockingbird puppet-like behaviors

Intellihub | Rubio exposed as establishment puppet
fbi hq

5 elite national FBI agents under criminal investigation for shots fired at LaVoy Finicum...

Intellihub | It looks like 'conspiracy theorists' may have been right after all: 5 FBI Special Agents now being investigated over Finicum shooting