World coronavirus updates: Video after video of the unthinkable

Intellihub | By all calculations, we are currently in a Level 6 pandemic worldwide but the WHO has failed to announce it

Houston rescuers under attack, shot at

Intellihub | Members of the Cajun Navy were shot at, attacked, by looters while trying to rescue residents after Hurricane Harvey devastated the city
planet hollywood

Witness to Oct. 1 Planet Hollywood gunfire event comes forth with key details of...

Intellihub | "I just want everyone to know that a whole lot of stuff went down that day and none of it is being reported on the mainstream news"
dark sky

“Black Sky” drill went live just two days before Hurricane Harvey made landfall

Intellihub | Did EARTH EX "Black Sky" coordinate with Hurricane Harvey? If so was Harvey engineered?

Florida residents on edge as deadly MERS resurfaces, several forced quarantined, at least 80...

Shepard Ambellas | MERS reemerges Tuesday, this time at least 80 have made contact

Entrance to “underworld” found under Mexican pyramid

Intellihub | Historians feel that a tunnel located under the Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico's ancient city of Teotihuacán may have mimicked the "underworld"

Watch Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore dominate press on Oregon occupation situation

Intellihub | Stands for constitutional justice

100-plus army of armed black militants demands “reparations” from whites during masked holdup

Intellihub | "So to all the Boogie Boys the Three-Percenters and all the rest of you scared as rednecks--we here--we in your house mother f**ker!"

Another one bites the dust: ANTIFA protester arrested for smashing citizen’s cameraphone

>Intellihub | Looks like it's going to be a busy summer for law enforcement
hillary clinton portrait

Dear Mr. President: Hillary sold our country’s uranium to the Russians, lock her up

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas to President Trump: "Lock her up"

Ruble plummets, Putin blames U.S., says West wants ‘Siberia’s natural resources’

Shepard Ambellas | Russian citizens rid themselves of Ruble, Russian government fears bank runs on way

Intellihub to Launch UFO Investigation In Denver

Shepard Ambellas & JG Vibes | Local reporter Heidi Hemmat, Fox 31, has brought forth some heavy information to the general public after interviewing a local man that has filmed flying objects on camera.

Infected doctor arrives at Atlanta isolation unit, Ebola now on U.S. soil

Shepard Ambellas | Americans question why Ebola was allowed to enter U.S.

Walmart requires all shoppers to wear “face coverings” in stores beginning July 20

Intellihub | "To help ensure consistency with this new process, all stores will have a single entrance."

DoD orders NORTHCOM: Plan to “respond to and mitigate biological threats”

Intellihub | Hunter-seeker snatch and grab teams have been activated inside the Unites States as military moves to detain and quarantine anyone suspected of carrying COVID19 or anyone who has had contact with the deadly biological strain

Cops yank 11-year-old girl out of bed before forcing her to the ground, holding...

Shepard Ambellas | Excessive force cited

UN Treaty Supersedes Marijuana Legalization Laws as US In Violation

Shepard Ambellas | In a new move and a push from the UN backed International Narcotics Control Board along with a handful of former DEA administrators are now trying to halt the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado
seth rich shot here

Eyewitness: ‘I was there when Seth Rich was shot, they walked him past me,...

Intellihub | Eyewitness said Seth Rich was walked past him and not in pain when he was removed from the crime scene by police
paul ryan gop

GOP to block repeal of Obamacare by stalling

Intellihub | Remember it's a dual monarchy -- it's an illusion that two parties in both the House and Senate actually exist

Congressman Duncan: ‘IRS Special Agents Are Now Training with Assault Rifles’

Shepard Ambellas | If it wasn't enough for you that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) purchased 60 shotguns for their criminal enforcement unit, what do you think of the IRS training with AR-15 assault riffles at an indoor federal firing range?

The Obama Foundation Tweets image of George Floyd 8 days before his death? Mystery...

Intellihub | Democratic-backed PSYOP or auto-updated Twitter thumbnail? The truth behind the George Floyd image conspiracy: revealed.
recon ppn

Recon mission: Armed patriots swarm makeshift FBI compound in Oregon, present ‘Articles of Resolution’...

Shepard Ambellas | FBI Special Agent and staff confronted by armed moderators, Recon conducted, Oregon occupation continues
jody kechego

Photographer with ‘suspicious black case’ and ‘earbuds’ was filming from the rooftop of Mandalay...

Intellihub | The photographer wasn't the only person spotted with a 'suspicious black plastic case' near the strip that night
stadium seating

NFL fan burns tickets to next weeks Giants vs. Chargers game in protest: Video

Intellihub | "The end of an era. I'm sad to see it happen but I'm sad to see what happened to America even more."
residents flee city

Gridlock as far as the eyes can see as Chinese try to flee Beijing...

Intellihub | Brace yourself! The 'zombie apocalypse' has begun!

Businessman heard gunfire close to the Delano Hotel, smelled gunpowder, saw SWAT looking for...

Intellihub | A businessman staying at the Delano Hotel on the night of the massacre says he heard shots closeby, smelled gunpowder, and saw SWAT looking for more shooters
terror attack

Fail: Cop killed by radical Islamists in Paris attack was Muslim

Shepard Ambellas | One of the attackers made poor judgement, killing fellow Muslim

Paris under siege: Terrorists bomb rock venue, soccer stadium, commit simultaneous multiple shootings

Shepard Ambellas | Entire country under martial law

Obama Plans a Way to Give Out $100 Million and Gain More Dictatorial Power

Shepard Ambellas | Obama plan proposes $100 million dollar budget to study the human brain in a proposal titled, Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN)

Mexican migrant caravan continues, plans to cross at Baja California

Intellihub | Mexican authorities claim they will disband the caravan on Wednesday but were seen supporting and feeding the migrants as they continue their journey toward the U.S.