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Upcoming JADE HELM 15 military exercise off-limits to reporters, says military

Shepard Ambellas | Domestic exercise so secret it can't be covered

The U.S. government is overrun by criminals: Shepard Ambellas explains (Video)

Intellihub News | Ambellas talks about how we need to "stand up, speak out and "take back" the corporation of the "United States" from corrupt oppressors who seek to rule our lives
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Influx of illegals to serve as excuse for ISIS attacking America from within

Shepard Ambellas | Second 9/11 to hit U.S. soon?

Staged DNC data breach? How far will the Clinton Campaign go to topple Sanders?

Shepard Ambellas | New Intellihub poll shows Sanders with 8% lead above Clinton

Chelsea Clinton says her mom, Hillary, wants to limit guns in America

Intellihub | It looks as if Hillary and other global elite are glad Justice Scalia is now out of the way
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Fail: Cop killed by radical Islamists in Paris attack was Muslim

Shepard Ambellas | One of the attackers made poor judgement, killing fellow Muslim

France in full-on martial law, 10,000 troops mobilizing for deployment into streets in wake...

Shepard Ambellas | A few shooters pave way for full-on martial law in France
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President Trump tweets: ‘North Korea won’t be around much longer!’

Intellihub | North Korean leadership cut down on Twitter by President Trump over aimless rocket quest

Houston: Man Killed at Airport After Attempting a Mass Shooting

Shepard Ambellas | In a strange series of events a man determined to commit a mass shooting was stopped short in a blaze of pistol smoke by DHS and himself.

“Stargate” mentioned in “Iraq War Logs” leaked by Chelsea Manning before imprisonment

Intellihub | United States Marine Corps squads labeled as 'Stargate teams' during Iraq war

Biohackers: Leading humanity down an interesting path

Shepard Ambellas | Cybernetic wetware will be a norm in the near future as humans push forward to become part machine
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A fresh detailed look into the crime scene: A first responder’s eyewitness account of...

Intellihub | New bombshell information regarding the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center brought forth by first responder who witnessed the crime scene with his own eyes firsthand

ISIS imposes strict rules on citizenry of Mosul after takeover

Shepard Ambellas | The city of Mosul has been taken over by the ISIS and a form of religious martial law is in effect

Fail: Cop shoots daughter, then crashes car rushing her to hospital

Shepard Ambellas | Trigger happy cop shoots his own daughter in epic fail

Trump kills it in Tennessee, brings the house down

Shepard Ambellas | Major issues covered, Second Amendment rights addressed
Screencapture via Mass Tea Part/YouTube

Fox News contributors call for the deaths of ’10 to 15 thousand people in...

Shepard Ambellas | 'War with ISIS' propaganda campaign ramps-up full-force

TSA Operative Penetrates Newark Airport Security with Bomb, Cleared to Board

Shepard Ambellas | A TSA inspector that is part of a team of operatives was able to literally penetrate airport security at the Newark Airport on February 25th of this year.

Shanghai: 16,000 Dead Pigs and Still No Origin

Shepard Ambellas | A strange course of events that can't be traced to the source for some reason in China leave people wondering where 16,000 dead pigs came from.

Intel Chair Nunes suspects Obama aides may have unmasked hundreds of Americans for partisan...

Intellihub | Members of the Obama Administration may have conspired to unmask hundreds of American citizens for partisan political purposes, new evidence shows

Sarcastic Remark Gets Student Killed by Police on Texas Campus

Shepard Ambellas | In a disgusting display of power, an off-duty campus cop shot and killed a 23-year old student for being sarcastic
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Clinton talks about her Nevada win at Caucuses

Intellihub | Vows to let illegals stay in the U.S.

Prof. Stephen Cohen: I am more worried than I have ever been in my...

Intellihub | "I'm more worried than I have ever been for nearly fifty-years in studying and participating in U.S. and Russian relations"

Dynasty vs. dynasty: The 2016 Presidential race to nowhere

Shepard Ambellas | Like the fall of Rome, in what looks to be another repeat of history, we see two powerful entities align for one seat -- the 2016 Presidency

Are you ready to pray 5 times a day at a mosque under a...

Shepard Ambellas | DoD/DHS terror plot thickens -- prepare for attack -- ISIS/CIA connection
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Vegas survivor Rachel Sheppard, who was ‘shot in chest 3 times’, sues MGM Resorts,...

Intellihub | Does the victim share the same name with a professional actress?

U.S. Government Asked Google to Remove Over 4000 Posts Containing Political Content in 2013

Shepard Ambellas | How long will it be before all independent information channels are shut down?
planet x

Celestial object, spotted everyday since the new year — now visible to naked eye...

Intellihub | Weather conditions on earth to rapidly change, as result martial law likely imminent

Muslims Caged Like Rats In Thailand’s REX84-Like Detention Camps

Shepard Ambellas | In a modern REX84 style operation, humans are caged like rats, as the government of Thailand declines release of the Rohingya people.
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U.S. missile defense systems rendered useless after Russians develop superior and unstoppable nuclear weaponry

Intellihub | It looks like the Russians have outfoxed the United States and have become the leader of the arms race after developing unstoppable nuclear weapons

Alex Jones exposes Joe Rogan as a ‘Soros shill’

Intellihub | UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan was called out by radio talk show host Alex Jones on Sunday for pushing fallacies about billionaire George Soros
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Deep state internal feud?