donald j. trump

Trump rules the roost, dominates Super Tuesday III, keeps Cruz and Kasich under thumb

Intellihub | Establishment Elite getting scared, will try everything in their power to win
big brother camera

Computerized predictive policing models, much like credit reports, have already issued your ‘threat level’

Intellihub | Police now tracking American citizens in realtime with Skynet-like system
trump ralley supporters

Trump has 50% support from Republicans, despite what media is trying to tell you

Intellihub | Establishment insiders furious Trump has now taken a huge lead, 50% support from Republicans
gop rnc

GOP party bosses give puppets, Kasich and Cruz, orders to band together to takeout...

Intellihub | GOP puppet masters try everything in their power to allow Obama to pass the baton to Hillary in General Election
judge andrew napolitano

Judge Napolitano on Servergate scandal: ‘I’m 100 percent certain FBI has enough evidence to...

Intellihub | "The FBI has enough evidence to indict and convict."

Alert: Law enforcement now looking for 500lbs of stolen explosives in 3 states

Intellihub | 32 cases of explosives missing from rail car, ATF and Detroit police investigate
rockefeller plaza

100-year-old David Rockefeller says ‘One World Order’ conspiracy true

Intellihub | "If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it"

NBC News predicts populace to be RFID chipped in 2017

Intellihub | RFID chips embedded in all humans to become a reality soon?
earth cracked

FEMA prepares for something big, says insider: ‘Major strain on fault lines […] major...

Intellihub | Unknown perturber causing disruption to Earth's tectonic plates, waters, FEMA prepares for worst, insider admits

Report: 15 of the 19 “hijackers” on 9/11 were CIA agents, never on the...

Intellihub | 9/11 hijackers now proven to be CIA agents; actual details of government sponsored plan emerging

Bank exec held against will, forced to take drugs, for claiming to own BMW...

Intellihub | One woman's story of being targeted by the state

WH to Sen. Graham: ‘Secret 28 pages of 9/11 Commission Report to be released...

Intellihub | Is the U.S. Government releasing the secret 28 pages only to cover-up the fact that nuclear weapons were deployed on U.S. soil?
bear branch elementary

Parents furious: Texas Constable threatened parents with arrest for walking their children home from...

Intellihub | Orwellian orders given by school officials now being carried out by constables of fascist police state
weaponized flicker ratesvideo

“Weaponized flicker rates on the televisions […] weaponized carrier waves” attacking us, says Alex...

Intellihub | Hollywood programing is being directed and used against us -- "we are being slowly killed"

Trump tells Fox & Friends, ‘The system is rigged’

Intellihub | The truth is coming out: Trump talks about a "rigged" system on national television
alex jones calls out cia operativevideo

Radio talk show host Alex Jones calls out CNN news analyst Buck Sexton as...

Intellihub | CIA operative and shill Buck Sexton was exposed by radio talk show host Alex Jones Sunday, and the elites were warned
gop balloons

Election Fraud: Trump Delegates being REPLACED!

Intellihub | Delegate testifies election fraud is taking place in Colorado after being "removed and replaced" off the roster for voting pro-Trump

GOP Convention rigging exposed: Pirro and Trump rip apart Republican Establishment, dual monarchy

Intellihub | America's dual monarchy exposed: Convention rigging will lead to another Clinton Presidency
gop burn

Man burns his Republican Party Registration after GOP push to force Trump out

Intellihub | "I'm voting for Trump and to hell with the Republican Party."
chief justice roberts

Chief Justice Roberts denied Sibley’s motion to modify Restraining Order for damning records relating...

Intellihub | Sibley vows to continue fight for release of D.C. Madam's phone records
vet flagvideo

Watch THIS VET get furious after protesters STOMP on U.S. Flag

Intellihub | 'F*** this Flag' protestors try to intimidate Vet, Vet doesn't back down

Why Hillary will likely be your next President: Electronic election fraud, hacking of system...

Intellihub | It has now been proven that electronic voting machines can be hacked using only the memory card

Journalist: Panama Papers are an inside job

Intellihub | New leak traces back to Soros and others, journalist says
hillary tvvideo

THIS MOVIE about Hillary Clinton was BANNED in the U.S. in 2008 under FCC...

Intellihub | Controversial movie banned just before 2008 Democratic primaries

Top 9 celebs to evacuate U.S. if Trump elected President

Intellihub | These people all say they want out of the country if Donald J. Trump becomes the next President of the United States

Alert: Voter fraud may be underway in Wisconsin and other states

Intellihub | Please contact your representatives and demand action

DHS: FEMA to conduct full-scale exercise at NH nuclear power plant Friday

Intellihub | State and local officials within a 10-mile radius of the nuclear power plant will participate in the full-scale exercise

Student: ‘Harvard University, other schools, having problems with students and staff silencing free speech’

Intellihub | Eventually there will be nothing left of free speech if we keep going down this road

Smart freethinking American attends Bernie rally to form his own consensus aside from mainstream...

Intellihub | Freethinker wants to form his own opinion based not only on what the media has reported
black book

D.C. Madam’s ex-lawyer poised to release ‘black book’ that may affect 2016 election outcome,...

Intellihub | Major election game changer, black book bombshell, to be released, says former lawyer of the D.C. Madam