Will the U.S. Constitution be Amended? Indiana Constitutional Convention almost underway

Shepard Ambellas | Con-Con almost underway as a push to alter the U.S. Constitution has arrived

Man builds weapons from items purchased after passing through airport security checkpoints

Shepard Ambellas | In an incredibly embarrassing and epic failure on the TSA's part, a man has built and tested weapons and explosives possibly capable of killing or taking down an airliner

Fmr. Navy SEAL stands up to CNN’s fake news narrative, demands sources be named

Intellihub | Mainstream media fails to give sources as Trump-Russia narrative worsens
business man cameras

Senator Ron Johnson: ‘F.B.I. secret society group conducted offsite meetings’

Intellihub | U.S. senator confirms he has intel which suggests that there is a "secret society" operating withing the ranks of the F.B.I.

N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory in bed with Duke Energy — Residents played like fiddles...

Shepard Ambellas | Fascism in North Carolina is now a reality as Gov. Pat McCrory extends an olive branch (free pass to pollute) to his former 28-year employer Duke Energy
kid rock

Kid Rock steals Michigan Senate GOP Primary in new poll

Intellihub | It looks like Kid Rock has a shot at being a U.S. Senator, currently, leads poll 49% to next "undecided" at 29% in Michigan GOP Primary

Will Trump take the bull by the horns if nominated President?

Intellihub | We know that Hillary won't -- that's a no-brainer

CNN: Perhaps the Boston bombings may have never occurred

Shepard Ambellas | Just over 10-months late, CNN now is reporting that the Boston Bombing might not have happened
michelle and barack obama

Deep State and Obama operatives move on Trump and key advisers

Intellihub | Rush Limbaugh brilliantly lays out the Deep State's current objective in powerful Wednesday broadcast

Is parental autonomy for medical procedures, vaccines, dwindling?

Shepard Ambellas | U.S. moving toward society offering no choice

Black Pastor nails it at Trump rally, crowd goes wild

Intellhub | Pastor says, "we need a strong leadership in America"

Dynasty vs. dynasty: The 2016 Presidential race to nowhere

Shepard Ambellas | Like the fall of Rome, in what looks to be another repeat of history, we see two powerful entities align for one seat -- the 2016 Presidency
kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom to President Trump: You won because of Seth Rich and Wikileaks

Intellihub | Mega millionaire Kim Dotcom takes on President Donald Trump on Twitter, calls for the pardon of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange
bellagio lobby

How a married couple celebrating their 10-year anniversary in Vegas found themselves next to...

Intellihub | How a married couple celebrating their 10-year anniversary in Vegas found themselves next to an "active shooter" at the Bellagio on Oct. 1

Clark County coroner disregards court order to unseal 1 Oct. victims autopsy reports, hides...

Intellihub | It's true what they say, you know? 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'

Could a single FBI agent have stopped the attacks of 9/11?

Shepard Ambellas | Indications show that evidence obtained by a FBI agent prior to 9/11 may have thwarted the attacks
paddock suite

LVMPD’s explosive breach of adjoining door in Paddock’s room proves involvement of more than...

Intellihub | Who locked the adjoining door to room 134? More importantly, who rented the room?
deadly forcevideo

FBI ruling: Agents who shot and killed LaVoy Finacum were ‘justified’ to use ‘deadly...

Intellihub | Use of 'deadly force' justified, says FBI
davos speech trumpvideo

President Trump urges investors to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into American economy

Intellihub | It's no secret that President Trump's business skills have put America first which was the overall theme of the President's Davos speech
beck, glenn

Shepard Ambellas hammers ‘fake wannabe’ Glenn Beck, calls him a ‘hollow, lifeless, soulless’ person

Intellihub | 'Glenn Beck is a sellout that no one listens to'

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike on Tokyo

Shepard Ambellas | In what has to be a terrifying threat from North Korea to Japanese citizens, North Korea claims they will strike Japan if Japan interferes with their missile test.
mandalay bay

Parking records reveal Stephen Paddock was listed as staying on the 61st-floor at Mandalay...

Intellihub | New information has surfaced showing that Stephen Paddock may have rented a hotel room on the 61st-floor of Mandalay Bay

California water levels dwindle — Obama covers up geoengineering activities in recent meeting

Shepard Ambellas | Weather terror will be the next thing to sweep America as the Osama boogyman is getting old

Exclusive: Secret underground base beneath Denver International Airport now revealed by whistleblower

Shepard Ambellas | For the first time a whistle-blower from within the DIA complex confirms the existence of a massive deep underground military facility located beneath the airport

Bill Maher Hammers Monsanto and the Need for Genetically Modified Food Labeling on Mainline...

Shepard Ambellas | Typically I find myself never agreeing with Bill Maher, however the clip I just watched has me in agreement. For once Maher is actually speaking out.

Asteroid with ‘uncertain’ trajectory to graze earth on Mar. 7 — ‘It’s going to...

Intellihub | Scientist predict trajectory from between 19,000 miles and 10 million miles with uncertainty

Army Corps of Engineers seeking ‘civilian workers’ ahead of ‘impending national disaster’?

Shepard Ambellas | Army calling for 'workers' to respond to future "disaster stricken areas of the US"

Chinese space station will fall to Earth on Easter, latest calculations show

Intellihub | Keep your eye to the sky Easter Day: Chinese space station is set to fall to Earth

Five-hundred-and-eighteen 911 calls from the night the 1 October massacre: Audio files

Intellihub | We have made all five-hundred-and-eighteen 911 calls from the night of the Las Vegas shooting available for your review