Tech Leaders Ask U.S. Government to Scale Back Surveillance Requests

Shepard Ambellas | The world's biggest tech leaders have written an open letter to the Obama Administration asking them to scale back on surveillance

Cyprus Bank Chair Resigns as World Banking Cartel Plans Hit

Shepard Ambellas | How nice that the currency is so worthless due to inflation that they now must rob and steal from the actual depositors.

New Advanced UFO-Like Drone Technologies Monitor Tens of Thousands of Protestors In Brazil

Intellihub | Advanced technology, unseen publicly until recently, was unleashed at a massive protest in Brazil as the UFO-like drone craft monitored tens of thousands of dissidents on Monday

TSA Operative Penetrates Newark Airport Security with Bomb, Cleared to Board

Shepard Ambellas | A TSA inspector that is part of a team of operatives was able to literally penetrate airport security at the Newark Airport on February 25th of this year.

Cyprus Bailout Package Rejected by Parliament

Shepard Ambellas | Despite revisions made to the proposed package that would omit smaller bank accounts from being looted, the bailout package was rejected by parliament Tuesday.

3 public shootings in past week — Society in shambles

Shepard Ambellas | Society now so disconnected and so depressed that public shootings are becoming commonplace, increasing fears amongst the populace

Mora County: New Local Bill of Rights Stops Fracking and Drilling

Shepard Ambellas | The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) and good citizens of Mora county have made headway as a new local Bill of Rights has been established.

Shanghai: 16,000 Dead Pigs and Still No Origin

Shepard Ambellas | A strange course of events that can't be traced to the source for some reason in China leave people wondering where 16,000 dead pigs came from.
ammo ban

Specialized military ammunition company that sells incendiary rounds owned by a ‘Douglas Haig’

Intellihub | Aerospace engineer, Army Spec Ops, top secret clearance, specialized ammunition dealer, who is this guy Douglas Haig?
numbered door

SWAT fired at least 16 rounds through adjoining door inside Las Vegas shooter’s hotel...

Intellihub | LVMPD/FBI lies exposed: Online investigator uncovers 16 bullet holes through adjoining hotel room door after enhancing photographs from the scene of the crime

Groundwork for False Flag Laid — Radioactive Material Stolen in Mexico, Report Press

Shepard Ambellas | Stolen radioactive material sparks terror rhetoric in the press.
george soros

Soros acknowledges Europe’s existential financial crisis, offers solution

Intellihub | More often than not, they create the problem, wait for the reaction, then offer the solution which often times makes them rich

FBI reassembled 16 shredded documents, recovered 731 encrypted messages, from Trump’s lawyer Cohen

Intellihub | Deep state forces appear to be making Michael Cohen's life difficult as the FBI combs through every detail of the attorney's life, personal files, and messages
james clapper

Deep state internal feud?