Castries, Henri de at bilderberg2012 (Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub)

The 2016 Bilderberg attendee list is out; we know who’s attending and key topics...

Intellihub | Will the ultra-powerful group decide to allow Donald Trump to take the Presidency of the United States?

Police totally decimate home in S.W.A.T. raid killing man

Shepard Ambellas | A home was reduced to a pile of rubble after a botched S.W.A.T. standoff Thursday, man killed
derey mckesson

Operation “Summer of Chaos” exposed: Obama Admin, Soros, Black Lives Matter, plan to activate...

Intellihub | 10,000 bought and paid for BLM dissidents to create chaos at the Philadelphia Democratic National Convention in late July

Ladies on The View attack Trump’s National Security Adviser and his son over ‘fake...

Intellihub | Whoopi Goldberg says 'fake news' made actor "open-fire in a pizzeria" Monday

Sweaty naked man strikes cop, tries to steal cop’s car

Shepard Ambellas | Street drugs like PCP or "wet" may have led to a naked man punching a police officer then trying to steal his car
Dave Action Reporting/YouTube

Trainload of up-armored Humvees with special COMM equipment linked to “Homeland Defense operations”

Shepard Ambellas | Satellite, internet, equipped Humvees readied for domestic use?
trump flag

President Trump gives powerful White House Weekly Address Friday

Intellihub | Trump continues to keep his promises to the American people and so much more
Fox News host Tucker Carlson

Popular Fox News anchor denounces 9/11 truthers and Alex Jones: Caught on tape

Intellihub | Carlson says that 9/11 being an 'inside job' is just a 'crackpot theory' that is backed with 'no evidence'

Video: ‘Oregon Sheriff Dave Ward in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution’

Intellihub | Bubba system backed Sheriff Dave Ward violates Constitution in effort to aid Russian Uranium mining operation on area ranch-lands

Multiple shooters spotted near Tropicana on night of massacre: Report

Intellihub | It's clear that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI are not interested in telling the American people the truth
mandalay bay

Close up video shows 2nd shooter firing ‘SAW’ out of a lower-level window at...

Intellihub | Video has emerged from a taxi driver who was outside Mandalay Bay on Sunday night possibly showing second shooter's position, firing what sounds like an M239 SAW
trump rally nm

NM Trump rally erupts into chaos, protesters get violent

Intellihub | At least one shot was reported to have been fired at the Trump rally Tuesday night

3 shot, including a police Sargent, in deadly Wal-Mart altercation

Shepard Ambellas | Out of control family brawl turns deadly
james clapper

Deep state internal feud? | Deep state wages interagency pseudo-war in an effort to regain control of the helm

Italian publication claims top Ebola expert murdered on flight MH17 as part of an...

Shepard Ambellas | Elaborate cover-up or fate?

FBI reassembled 16 shredded documents, recovered 731 encrypted messages, from Trump’s lawyer Cohen

Intellihub | Deep state forces appear to be making Michael Cohen's life difficult as the FBI combs through every detail of the attorney's life, personal files, and messages
airlinner cabin

YouTube Investigator: ‘Flight 370 landed at Diego Garcia military base, plane and passengers then...

Shepard Ambellas | Most recently Montagraph produced a video detailing the possibility that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was landed at Diego Garcia, a top-secret military base controlled by the U.S.

D.C. may start to track and record all cabbies and their passengers via GPS...

Shepard Ambellas | Big Brother takes it one step further, mandating all cabbies and passengers to be spied on

Unemployment: You Can’t Trust Government Numbers Period

Shepard Ambellas | Your omnipotent leader President Barack Obama has failed you on the economic front and every other.

Whoopi triggered: ‘I’m tired of people starting conversations about this country’

Intellihub | If liberals could have it their way we would only be having conversations with people in other countries so that no one would have a handle on what's going on right here in America

Band caught in deadly Paris theater attack finally speaks out

Shepard Ambellas | 'The attack lasted 10-15 minutes'

Man attending Planned Parenthood rally assaulted by feminist, second feminist freaks out, claims man...

Intellihub | "You don't smell very good," feminist tells man filming in public

Man assaults Trump supporting teen at Whataburger, steals his ‘MAGA’ hat

Intellihub | "This is going to go great in my mother f**cking fireplace bitch!"
oregon standoff raid

Live updates: Oregon standoff still on, situation volatile

Intellihub | FBI raided compound around 3 p.m., situation fluid

Obama golfs with Malaysian Prime Minister 1-day before flight 8501 goes missing

Shepard Ambellas | In what has already been called an act of "arrogance", Obama played golf with the Malaysian Prime Minister in Hawaii Saturday, in a close quarters meeting, just one day before AirAsia flight 8501 went missing

Passengers on Cruise Ship reported to be Roaming Halls and Decks Covered in Human...

Shepard Ambellas | The worst outbreak on a ship in 20-years made for a rather nasty event, after over 600 occupants of the "Explorer of the Seas" cruise ship became sick

Federal Reserve beefs up Chicago branch just in case NY branch gets taken out...

Shepard Ambellas | What do the Powers-That-Be know?

Exposed: Woody Harrelson’s father admitted to being accomplice to JFK’s murder, report says

Shepard Ambellas | The "Natural Born Killers" actor's father was an actual hit man and much more, reports say
getaway delano rooftop

Flight records indicate a covert helicopter rooftop EXFIL may have taken place just minutes...

Intellihub | FAA radar signatures show suspicious activity occurring over the southwest rooftop of the Delano Hotel just minutes after the shooting
george soros

Journalist: Panama Papers are an inside job

Intellihub | New leak traces back to Soros and others, journalist says