Bubonic Plague strikes China, entire city under lockdown

Shepard Ambellas | City of 30,000 residents under quarantine
trump wounded warriors

Trump threatens to pull out of next debate unless donations are made to ‘wounded...

Shepard Ambellas | Debate planners may be forced to donate to 'wounded warriors and vets'

Four armed militants still alive at refuge — plan to hold ground until pardoned

Intellihub | 'FBI still not offering pardon'
ben carsonvideo

Dr. Ben Carson endorses Trump for GOP nominee

Intellihub | Carson and Trump come together after endorsement

Fail: Cop shoots daughter, then crashes car rushing her to hospital

Shepard Ambellas | Trigger happy cop shoots his own daughter in epic fail
downed jet

Downed F-16 pilot to eyewitness: ‘Is the neighborhood okay? I’m carrying live rounds!’

Intellihub | There may be more to the story than the national press reported

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘It’s illegal to possess the Wikileaks documents’

Intellihub | CNN producers tell Chris Cuomo to lie to the populace regarding Wikileaks emails?

Cruz drops out

Intellihub | Cruz suspends his Presidential campaign after getting clock cleaned by Trump in Indiana

Number of migrant workers on the rise, 78M new ones by 2060

Shepard Ambellas | Native-born workers priced out of the game

Two unidentified men surveil woman through window with drone

Shepard Ambellas | Seattle woman called police after seeing a drone outside her apartment window, two men spotted

ANTIFA commies brawl with freedom rally patriots as ‘summer of rage’ continues

Intellihub | Violence ramps up at demonstrations even after ANTIFA has been listed as a 'terror organization' by DHS

One Oregon occupier to be released under monitoring, one transferred to Nevada

Intellihub | 'Unstable' occupier to be released from custody, Cliven Bundy to remain held
michael moore

Michael Moore’s reinforced offer to pay Republican Electors fines to flip vote fails

Intellihub | Michael Moore tried to derail Trump by bribing Electors in a roundabout way and failed

Two liberals on a crusade submit petition for Oregon to secede from the Union

Intellihub | New petition hopes to make Oregon a 'safe space' as bigoted liberals plan State's succession

Sierra Leone: Ebola patients expressing deep concern of forced isolation, fears of being taken...

Shepard Ambellas | Have you ever wondered what it would be like during door-to-door sweeps here in America?
gen michael flynn

Media drives Flynn through Trump’s cabinet like wedge

Intellihub | Media attempts to brand National Security Adviser as Russian cutout

FMR Indiana Hoosiers coach Bobby Knight endorses Donald Trump for President

Intellihub | One of the all-time best basketball coaches endorses Trump to be the next President

Indoor shooting range bans Muslims from attending

Shepard Ambellas | A controversial move for sure, but necessary?

Political Storm: If Cruz loses to Rubio or Kasich is the race over?

Intellihub | Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas interviewed by Political Storm in Austin

Russia blamed for stealing DNC emails before releasing them to sway U.S. presidential election

Intellihub | Tension are mounting between Russia and the U.S.

Belgium terror cell linked to ISIS says counterterror source

Shepard Ambellas | 17 arrested in connection, weapons cache and bomb-making materials found

TSA officer attacked by man with machete and wasp spray

Shepard Ambellas | Passengers and staff scramble in fear

G20 violence escalates, city on fire, supermarkets pillaged

Intellihub | Masked protesters continue to create chaos at Hamburg G20

Shepard Ambellas gives the latest inside baseball on the whole Syrian missile strike fiasco:...

Intellihub | 'The neocons perpetrated the attack along with operatives of the Deep State'

18% chance Ebola will strike America says new study, more if not contained

Shepard Ambellas | It looks as if Americans may need to brace themselves as an Ebola pandemic on U.S. soil may soon be a reality
keyboard computer

Trump: ‘I know things others don’t about the alleged hacks’

Intellihub | Trump to make announcement early to mid-week, says he knows something others don't regarding the alleged Russian hacks
donald j. trump

Trump rules the roost, dominates Super Tuesday III, keeps Cruz and Kasich under thumb

Intellihub | Establishment Elite getting scared, will try everything in their power to win

Cop askes man for I.D., man grabs I.D. as instructed, cop shoots man

Shepard Ambellas | Cop may get what he deserves

Vultures push for new carbon tax

Intellihub | Members of GOP and others introduce new carbon tax plan to WH