Obama: ‘We need more emergency funding as a Christmas present to fight Ebola’

Shepard Ambellas | Obama begs congress for an early "Christmas present" before "they leave for the holidays"

Obama announces CDC directed ‘Ebola SWAT teams’, rapid response to the infected at homes...

Shepard Ambellas | Medical martial law is here -- New Czar to head up Ebola camps in U.S.

Newt Gingrich hits the deep state hard, goes after real Clinton deals made with...

Intellihub | Gingrich flips the script on deep state apparatus

NYC: 5-year-old boy may have Ebola, awaiting confirmation, contacts being traced

Shepard Ambellas | 5-year-old removed from apartment by health workers in HAZMAT suits

Rex Tillerson’s notes at Senate confirmation hearing compromised by spy?

Intellihub | WaPo editor Doris Truong snaps pics?

Song lyrics, written in the late 90’s by Intellihub founder, shockingly lay out the...

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas nails it back in 1999

Police outnumbered by protesters at Hamburg G20

Intellihub | Authorities struggle to contain damage caused by rioters at the Hamburg G20
north korea nuclear test site

North Korean nuclear test site crawling with activity again after short down-spell

Intellihub | Will North Korea provoke yet once again?

Residents of Ferguson prepare ‘to catch bodies’ *Explicit*

Shepard Ambellas | "We don't shoot at shooting range. We shoot at real targets, bodies", said one African-American resident, taking the recent KKK threats seriously.

ABC News Sr. producer adds Intellihub to his “Special Project” list

Intellihub | Intel op, attack, or collaboration? ABC News Sr. producers adds Intellihub to his list
nrg stadium

Super Bowl security on high alert, radiation sweeps conducted, UH-60 Black Hawks deployed

Intellihub | Police state forms amidst Super Bowl madness
national park service

National Park Service belittles President Trump on official Twitter account, forced to apologize

Intellihub | Government agency disparages the newly elected president

Experimental Ebola antiviral drug approved by FDA

Shepard Ambellas | Experimental drug "brincidovir" fast-tracked by FDA
obama on air force one

Obama not ruling out Clinton pardon

Intellihub | Will Clinton go free after White House pardon?

Miami-Dade to lose hundreds of police officers in budget crisis — Crime to ensue

Shepard Ambellas | As the economic collapse of America nears, cities like Miami may become lawless

Russians plan exercise ’83 times larger’ than in 2013

Intellihub | When wargames get a little too real

Elderly snowflakes say Trump is “mentally ill,” ‘does deals with the Russians’

Intellihub | Snowflakes claim Trump "hits" his wife Melania
Anderson Cooper

Project Veritas to leak “hundreds of hours of tape from within the establishment media”...

Intellihub | "Wikileaks-style" bombshell may hit unwitty press Thursday
white house

NSC’s W.H.D. head fired after making ‘awkward remarks’ about Ivanka: Report

Intellihub | WH ushers out another NSC employee, Trump appointee

Staged DNC data breach? How far will the Clinton Campaign go to topple Sanders?

Shepard Ambellas | New Intellihub poll shows Sanders with 8% lead above Clinton

Public Health Emergency Planner: ‘Ebola outbreak conducted on purpose, violates all protocol’

Shepard Ambellas | Insider speaks out publicly

DoD rush orders H1N1 swine flu vaccine for coming pandemic to possibly be brought...

Shepard Ambellas | Possible swine flu pandemic on horizon as DoD rush orders mass quantities of H1N1 vaccines

Black Friday chaos ensues *VIDEOS*

Shepard Ambellas | Both the U.K. and the U.S. were in on the action this year

Ferguson’s killer cop violates man’s rights ahead of Grand Jury’s announcement *VIDEO*

Shepard Ambellas | "If you wanna take a picture of me one more time, I'm going to lock your ass up", says officer Darren Wilson to resident

UCLA hospital: Contaminated medical scopes blamed for superbug spread which so far killed two;...

Shepard Ambellas | Hospital graded with a failing rating in 2012
victory speech primary GOPvideo

Watch Trump’s FULL South Carolina victory speech

Intellihub | Trump wins by landslide, vows to make America better than ever before
trump hillary final debate

An overview of the first 30 minutes of the final Presidential Debate

Intellihub | The final debate was rather reserved, however the lies kept spewing from Hillary's mouth

Joe Biggs at 1776 freedom rally: “Are you going to be a victim […]...

Intellihub | "You have got to go out under the mindset that you could be attacked for your beliefs"
chief justice roberts

Chief Justice Roberts denied Sibley’s motion to modify Restraining Order for damning records relating...

Intellihub | Sibley vows to continue fight for release of D.C. Madam's phone records