The Deep State — fact not fiction

Intellihub | The executive, judicial and legislative branches which conist of the three known branches, are controlled by the fourth branch - the Deep State

Hillary Clinton — indictment or presidency?

Intellihub | Breaking News in the Continuing Saga of the “Teflon Grandmom.”

Did you know that vehicles can be hacked too?

Intellihub | Today most everyone is aware of Trojans, viruses and malware, and so it will be with remote vehicle hacking

Whistleblowers are Targeted Individuals too

Intellihub | The government is even targeting its own employees to be watched

Party Polarization: Eagles, donkeys and elephants

Intellihub | It is time to rethink the symbols which have historically represented American political parties

Gold vs. Platinum: Making the correct investment choice

Intellihub | There are a variety of factors which one must consider while investing in platinum or gold

The Deep State, Gang Stalking and Zersetzung

Intellihub | As with COINTELPRO, truth of the illegal, Stasi-styled Zersetzung programs and abuse of power will eventually be revealed

The dangers of smart technology

Intellihub | It may not be so smart to use smart technology nowadays

Encryption is dead! Quantum computing and the NSA

Intellihub | Quantum computers are a reality people

Mainstream media blames Trump for ‘inciting riot’ — not Soros or...

Intellihub | Racial divisions and Trump the uniter

Intellihub & XKeyscore — breaking news before anyone else!

Intellihub | Were these merely lucky guesses, or just a timely news release?

Wherest thou go Rubio?

Intellihub | In a somewhat belated fashion Marco Rubio bowed out of the campaign

FBI and NSA outsource their harassment of Targeted Individuals and Watchlisted...

Intellihub | The Privatization of Government-sponsored Cyber-stalking

The Terrorist Watchlist, Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter, and Gang Stalking

Intellihub | The National Security Racketeering Network is exerting incrementally increasing control over certain free-thinking members of the population

Law enforcement and the use of deadly force — Part 2

Intellihub | A rational analysis regarding the use of deadly force by law enforcement

NATO Powers, ISIS, ISIL and Assad: The real story

Intellihub | What is really going on in Syria and the Levant? Who is the West really after?

Hillary and Servergate: The email Saga

Intellihub | If one examines the recent news about Pagliano and Guccifer together, a picture of what could be developing behind closed doors may be painted

Drone-swarms are here — coming soon to a town near you!

Intellihub | Drones to swarm like bees

Law enforcement and the use of deadly force — Part 1

Intellihub | A number of names come to mind when force, questionable or otherwise, has been used

Black Lives Matter and the so-called ‘White Privilege’

Intellihub | I was baffled when I couldn’t find any websites instructing me on how to take advantage of the special

Disappearance of the Fourth Amendment — Protection from Illegal Search and...

Intellihub | It seems as though a very dangerous precedent is being set here

Do Deep Underground Military Bases exist?

Intellihub | The existence of DUMBs is neither conspiracy nor theory. They do exist

Defend yourself against cellphone spoofing

Intellihub | So much for our right to privacy

Silver, the most precious of precious metals

Intellihub | If the world economy takes a tumble, what is the best precious metal to invest in?

China’s war with the United States has already begun

Intellihub | Are China and the U.S. already at war with each other?

Will World War III begin in the Levant if the U.S....

Intellihub | Both China and Russia have also had their own internal issues with Islamic radicalism

Sunni Wahhabism vs. Shi’a Islam — Who foments the violence?

Intellihub | So who should the United States align itself with?

The death of privacy in America — Part 2

Intellihub | The FBI's current standoff with Apple addressed

Covert stalking in America: National Security racketeering network exposed

Intellihub | So what is the real goal of watch-listing innocent Americans you might ask?

NSA and DARPA using patented brain-computer interface technologies that can read...

Intellihub | Government-sponsored mind-reading exposed