Oregon governor insists on ‘swift’ response by FBI to end armed standoff


Gov. Kate Brown orders unlawful action, response, to Oregon occupation

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(INTELLIHUB) — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is trying to find a ‘swift’ resolution to the armed standoff and occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near burns, despite the fact that the occupiers, which include the Bundy brothers, both Ryan and Ammon, have full Constitutional grounds to continue their protest at will. And just what exactly that swift resolution will be is not yet known. Although a letter addressed to the Attorney General, written by Gov. Brown, did request for the FBI to handle the matter in a hasty fashion.

This proves how disconnected Gov. Brown and other state officials actually are from reality and the law of the land. They are literally willing to ignore the Constitution at all costs and are possibly even willing kill those who are actually in the right by claiming that they are actually in the wrong through the use of the Hegelian Dialect. Make no mistake this is a dangerous situation and ultimately can be a major turning point in American history.

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You see it’s a 50/50. It can go either way. Either the people stand up against a tyrannical government and say enough is enough, or the government will use the situation to quell the American people once and for all, setting precedence that tyranny rules.

You see, while it’s true everyone may not agree on the Bundy group’s approach, the group actually has legal basis under De jure law as the government is illegally taking land from ranchers in the area. This was explained by Ryan Bundy himself during a radio interview.


In the interview Bundy referenced the 9th and 10th Amendment and “Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 17, of the United States Constitution [which] lays out the ten-mile square which shall be for the seat of government which we all understand that to be Washington D.C. […] It says they can have like authority over all districts, or all places, that are purchased, okay.”

“So if they want to own land within an admitted State of the Union they have to get the State Legislature’s consent and they have to purchase it from the rightful owner.”

“Then here’s the clincher,” Bundy said.

“That land can only be used for military bases, arsenals, dock yards, magazines, and other […] buildings. Five purposes–four of which are military purposes. […] So constitutionally that’s the only land that can be federally owned. […] It’s all unconstitutional. They don’t have any authority to own or control.”

Other constitutionalists and even a lawyer have already chimed in on the matter publicly, proving the protesters actually have lawful grounds. Nevertheless, Gov. Kate Brown, the BLM, Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward, and other local, state, and federal officials, including the FBI continue to go down a highly unconstitutional and illegal and unlawful path. And let me tell you, if blood is spilled over this, it will likely kick off the next American revolution–a civil war.

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“This spectacle of lawlessness must end. And until Harney County is free of it I will not stop insisting that federal officials enforce the law,” Gov. Kate Brown said in a statement Thursday, in an attempt to cover-up wrongdoings of agencies involved in a massive illegal land grab that is being facilitated by factions of the U.S. government.

Brown even admitted to spending around $100,000 a week in taxpayer monies to spy on the protesters who are merely concerned American citizens exercising their constitutional rights in defense of their God-given freedoms.

Now, due to all the attention garnered by protesters, Oregon officials may be in hot water after numerous independent news agencies, like Intellihub, are running independent investigations confirming that illicit activity is indeed taking place within local, state, and federal agencies.

Additionally it’s important to note that Ammon Bundy met with the FBI Thursday, out front of their makeshift compound located at the Burns Airport, in an attempt to open up a dialogue between the two groups. Keep in mind, for weeks the FBI has failed to open a dialogue with the group and has only used their resources to spy on the group and local townspeople in what can only be considered an invasion of privacy, an act of disgrace, and a failure of the entire system.

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If people can’t communicate, how will we solve any problems as a free society? We can’t. And that’s just what the government wants. It’s how they oppress us–plain and simple.

Is the Oregon Occupation another Waco in the making?


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