Outspoken African-American pastor calls for revolution before martial law hits

The pressure is on. Who will crack first, the establishment or the slaves?

By Staff Writer

HARLEM, NEW YORK (INTELLIHUB) — “Revolution is going to be the only thing that starts martial law, and martial law will be the only thing that starts revolution”, said Pastor James D. Manning in a recent broadcast from ATLAH Ministries.

The pastor went on to point out how all politicians are “puppets of the New World Order”.

The pastor has been interviewed by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas on several occasions back in 2010 about the pimp “mack daddy” Barack Obama as Manning would say.

Manning ended the recent broadcast saying, “The devil is calling for martial law”.

(Image: YouTube)

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  • Chubby Freen

    Pastor Manning for president 2016!

  • Bob

    My next door neighbor thinks aliens has visit him, maybe you shoud interview him, since you have articles about insane people

  • BubbaT

    Somebody the welfare sheep might vote for. “Who dis Manning dude be oh he’s black? Fo realz? Oh hell we gotta vote fo dat nigga!”

  • elizabeth Eva Young

    Did you know that the US was behind the Ukraine and the Egyptian uprising. WHy do you think Hillary waited to start the uprising in Ukrane at the start of the Russian Olympics. Also remember that it was the Rochcilds to imposed communism on Russia.

    Hillary Clinton said that China and Russia will pay for Meddling in Syria and Iran and Russia is protecting them and Hillary don’t like it. Iran having clean energy that Russia is in support of and China wanting to be in control of the new monitary financial system. The Rochcilds, Bush’s and Saudi want to hang on to oil.

    The Rotchilds were kicked out of Russia and are doing amazingly, the US are stiring up trouble to provoke Russia into war … If the US attacks, Russia and China will attack US and the Bush/Rothchilds Mil. Ind complex will use it as an excuse to try for a full scale Martial Law in the US, those who resist might end up in FEMA.

    President Putin is a peaceful Leader with Integrity and is NOT answerable to the Bankers.

  • JEFF_777

    AMEN Pastor! Okay, seriously, he IS correct about our TREASONOUS, CORRUPT, PUPPET politicians but when Jesus said “wars and rumors of wars,” He was NOT talking about Christians starting wars! While AS AN AMERICAN I understand where he’s coming from. We have been betrayed by the criminals in Washington, D.C. and their agents and I DO want to take our country back BY FORCE IF NECESSARY! BUT, as a Christian, I am bound by my faith and trust in God! IF I am FORCED to defend my family from the NEO-GESTAPO I WILL!

  • Oswald Mosley

    We love you pastor Manning.

  • LocalHero

    Awww, does the man upset your delicate sensibilities, boot-licker? Nice to know where the cowards stand, though, when the hangings start. I hope your family isn’t counting on a sniveling pansy like you to give them some support when times are tough because they are going to be mighty disappointed. Enjoy your servitude, slavey.