Over 200 activists killed in 2017 trying to protect land from development

Corporations have become all that much more fierce in recent years when it comes to acquiring their place on the map

(INTELLIHUB) — Over 200 environmental activists were murdered in 2017 trying to protect land from being gobbled up by large corporations that wish to produce household staples for consumers to purchase on the world market.

From the AFP:

Global Witness said it had documented 207 cases where activists were killed while trying to protect land from development, often for the production of consumer staples such as coffee and palm oil, making 2017 the deadliest year on record for environmentalists.

“As global demand for these products increases, there’s a scramble by business actors to get the massive amount of land they need to grow these products,” Ben Leather, senior campaigner at Global Witness, told AFP.

“When people dare to stand up for their rights and demand that the environment be protected they are silenced in the most brutal way.”

Needless to say, corporations are simply out of control.