Over 7500 Dead Pigs Contaminate Portions of Shanghai’s Freshwater


Dead PigsBy Shepard Ambellas

March 16, 2013

JIAXING, CHINA — The Huangpu River, which feeds fresh drinking water to Shanghai was recently contaminated as over 7500 pig bodies have been found floating downstream toward the city.

Locals are pulling the diseased bodies out of the river by truck loads. The government is now cracking down on unsafe health practices after it came out that some of the dead pigs were sold to local slaughter houses for human consumption. At least 4 were arrested for there involvement in the scheme.

At this time the source of the dead pigs is unknown. The government stated that a cold weather snap could be to blame.

Eric Barboza reported;

In Jiaxing, a local official named Huang Hao said one possible explanation was that the pigs had died while being transported to Shanghai, and that the truck drivers had simply dumped them in the river.

On a drive through Jiaxing, with a reporter following in another car, Mr. Huang stopped and pointed at a truck that was preparing a hog shipment. With three levels of cages stuffed with hogs, it was about to embark when Mr. Huang walked over and started pointing.

“Look! See how crowded this cage is? Look at that one, and that one,” he said, pointing to hogs that seemed to be suffering beneath the weight of other hogs. “Some of those pigs will definitely die on the road!”

Locals report somewhat of a grim scene as men with pitchforks toss the dead pigs into trucks. The pigs ultimately are being pushed into open trenches, essentially mass graves.






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