(INTELLIHUB) — Moderator Chris Wallace kicked off the third and final Presidential Debate Wednesday night by providing a list of rules to the audience just before both candidates Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton took the stage.

‘If you hear something you don’t like remain quiet,’ the moderator said.

“No cheers, no boos or other interruptions […] no noise, except for” during the candidates introduction.

The format consisted of roughly six different ‘fifteen minute segments’ with two minute answers to the first question and then open discussion after for the duration of the segment.

final debate
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About 9:05 p.m. Eastern time the first topic was presented and unsuspectingly the the topic was “The Supreme Court.” And just as the moderator made clear before his line of questioning, ‘the next set of Justices appointed by the winning candidate during his or her term will most definitely set the balance of the court for the next quarter century.’

“Do the Founder’s words mean what they say or is it a living document (the Constitution) to be applied flexibly according to changing circumstances,” the moderator asked, giving Secretary Clinton the first crack.

“The Supreme Court needs to stand on the side of the American people,” Hillary responded, after thanking the moderator and UNLV for hosting the debate.

“The Supreme Court should respect all of us,” Hillary stated, halfheartedly.

After Hillary’s allotted 2 minutes, Donald Trump jumped in and pointed out how ‘the Supreme Court is what it’s all about.’

‘We need a Supreme Court that will uphold all of the Amendments, especially the 2nd Amendment,’ Trump said.

Trump went on to say that Hillary wants to make the 2nd Amendment a “small replica of what we have now” if she is elected.

“It’s all about the Constitution […] the way it was meant to be.”

‘I have named twenty Justices of tremendous respect and they will interpret the Constitution the way the Founders would have.’

However, predictably, Hillary Clinton jumped in saying, “I still believe that there can be and must be reasonable [firearm] regulation [and] there is no doubt that I support the 2nd Amendment.”

Trump responded by letting the audience know that he is a “very strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment” and is “going to appoint Justices that feel very strongly about the 2nd Amendment” and “judges that will not do damage to the 2nd Amendment.”

At 9:18 p.m., to no surprise, another wedge issue came up — the topic of abortion, where Trump dominated Hillary, taking the stance of “pro-life” while Clinton said she will “defend Planned Parenthood” and women’s rights, by allowing late term abortions which can occur until just hours before birth. During this time the environment seemed very controlled by the moderator as Hillary and Trump went back and fourth.

Of course the issue of border security arose next.

“In our country we need borders,” Trump maintained.

“They are coming in illegally, drugs are pouring over our border,” Trump said also pointing out how “Heroine is a major problem.”

“I want to build a wall.”

Shortly after, Hillary jumped in saying, “I don’t want to rip families apart […] rounding up illegal aliens will rip our country apart.”

Trump then made it a point to mention that “President Obama has already moved millions” of illegals out and that Hillary “never gets anything done.”

‘She wants 550% more people in the country,’ Trump said, before addressing the topic of Vladimir Putin.

At the end of the immigration segment, Hillary hit Mr. Trump by insinuating that Trump supports the Russian President Putin and the alleged hacks, which is completely untrue.

Hillary said that “17 intelligence agencies” have confirmed that the Russians, Putin, hacked information pertaining to the U.S. elections. However, this was simply an attempt for Hillary to shift the focus away from from her criminal wrongdoings during her tenure with the State Department as any other American would have already been locked up behind bars.

You can watch the entire Oct. 19 debate here:

I also want to note and make it perfectly clear that Hillary Clinton, with help of the moderator, was able to successfully divert attention away from the leaked Clinton Campaign/Podesta emails and managed to once again make major criminal activity a non-issue.

Moreover, Hillary Clinton may have committed treason during the debate by publicly giving out intimate launch details and response times of our nuclear weapons protocols.

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