Overwatch Report: May 28, 2010

Intellihub – The following is a list of reports we have in for May 28th Overwatch: Please submit all reports to tips@dev-test.intellihub.com

Report # 1 – (Eastern, WA) We had plane activity over us that we have never had before, a few days ago. Fighter jets in formation breaking the sound barrier right after swooping low over our farm, then off down the river.

Report # 2 – This morning, May 28th, at approximately 8:10 AM, I saw three white buses with blackened windows traveling south on Hwy 395 just north of Deer Park, WA. They had NO tags, and NO markings of any kind except a small blue United Nations symbol under the window on the drivers side  of the vehicles. They were moving at a rate exceeding the speed limit.

Report #3 – My brother ran into major roadblock from multiple enforcement agencies likes hes never seen. Rossville, GA on rossville blvd. in which their is other locations i dont know. I think he said around 1:00 pm eastern. Like police agencies from multiple counties etc.. I really encourage more coverage. They are telling them its for memorial day. And they say they have never seen anything like this.

Report #4