“Suspicious access” granted to group touring U.S. Capitol one day before the insurrection

Staff Writer | "That group left the White House and marched to the Capitol with the objective of preventing Congress from certifying our election"

FEMA Admin Pete Gaynor takes over DHS as acting head, in-charge of D.C. security

Staff Writer | FEMA head now controls the show, security efforts, in D.C. through 20 Jan inauguration

Trump declares State of Emergency in D.C., empowers DHS, FEMA to avert ‘threat of...

Staff Writer | "Specifically, FEMA is authorized... to alleviate impacts..."

National Guard presence takes over DC as images emerge online

Staff Writer | Rumors circulate over the innerweb as over 7,000 troops move about the US Capital Region under orders from higherups

Man claims: ‘There is over 7,000 deployed troops inside Washington D.C… they’re on every...

Staff Writer | National Guard now in D.C.

Man who propped feet up on House Speaker Pelosi’s desk and stole her mail...

Staff Writer | FBI arrests man suspected of breaching the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Feds discover truck packed with guns and ammo near RNC, explosive devices

Lexi Morgan | Tripple whammy found in DC amid chaos at U.S. Capitol

Captured on video: Woman murdered in cold blood at U.S. Capitol on Wednesday

Staff Writer | Shocking footage documents the moment the woman was shot

Rioter pictured sitting in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s chair, pictures of computer emails exposed

Lexi Morgan | Like a scene out of a movie, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office was breached and filmed, computer screen caught on camera

Iranian terrorists vow to fly plane into U.S. Capitol to avenge death of Qassem...

Shepard Ambellas | Could an attack or even a pre-organized false flag attack on the U.S. Capitol be in the cards?

Virtually empty D.C.-area hospital captured on video as government, media, perpetuate COVID surge myths

Shepard Ambellas | Man films nearly empty typically busy hospital during height of COVID surge exposing "the lie" that's being echoed to the general public

SCANDAL: Former Overstock CEO says he facilitated $18M bribe to Hillary Clinton for FBI...

Shepard Ambellas | "I facilitated a bribe for Hillary Clinton on January fourteenth two-thousand and sixteen right here in this town [Salt Lake City] on behalf of the FBI."

California activates ‘mass fatality’ disaster plan, orders 5000 body bags under guise of COVID

Shepard Ambellas | Long Valley Caldera ready to blow?

Hunter Biden subpoenaed over Burisma, two dozen other entities, four investigations

Tyler Durden | The subpoena also covers Hunter's Chinese business dealings and other financial transactions

Reopen Florida founder Tara Hill on vaccines, what’s coming

Lexi Morgan | "You have pharmaceutical companies who with this vaccine will be seeing some of the biggest paydays that they have seen in decades."

CCP imposes tough new ‘social credit score’ rules

Zero Hedge | China will consider individuals who seriously endanger people’s health and safety, or disrupt markets’ fair competition and normal social order, as threats to society under its new social credit guidelines.

‘Sovereign citizen’ property seizure attempts reported in Seattle, other states

Intellihub | Seattle police sergeant: Their group believes they own all of the land between Alaska and Argentina and all the islands in between

Bill Gates briefed CIA on how to lobotomize Christian fundamentalists, religious “fanatics,” using vaccine...

Intellihub | Alleged CIA agent attending briefing: "So are you suggesting that I take a CT scan with me when I'm evaluating people to determine whether I need to put a bullet in their head?"

It looks like MKUltra is in full effect: Video evidence

Intellihub | Video evidence shows mockingbird media is in full swing. Don't trust the mainstream.

Massive UFO flies over Hawaii: Video

A massive unidentified flying object was captured on film early Monday morning by onlookers from several islands.

Detainment camps being built coast to coast in Canada to detain “broad spectrum” of...

Intellihub | Independent Member: "... the RFP it uses clear language that these camps can be used for a broad spectrum of people not limited to travelers indeed it doesn't even mention international travelers but just a broad latitude of people..."

Investigative journalist uncovers covert utility supply lines, can inject toxins or vaccines into home...

Intellihub | If the government wanted to they could inject whatever they want into your water and control the injection into each home independently in some cases, an investigative journalist finds

U.S. Army requests drone tanks for future battle tool

Intellihub | 1800 HP robotic tanks will be new tool on future battlefields

Sports fan saw low-flying black helicopter, heard gunfire, during Las Vegas shooting

Intellihub | "It flew low enough to where I could see that there was a black curtain, the door was open, and [I could see] the color of the instrument panel... it was below the roofline"

COG plans ‘remain in place,’ Nancy Pelosi admits military in full state of readiness

Intellihub | Bombshell report reveals truth often stranger than fiction

Attorney: ‘Those responsible for the corona scandal must be criminally prosecuted’

Intellihub | COVID-19 is "the greatest crime against humanity ever committed."

Doomsday planes were airborne, U.S. Strategic Command spokesman admits

Intellihub | There may be more to the latest story in which two E6-B Doomsday aircraft were airborne simultaneously off U.S. East and West coasts following the president's announcement on Twitter that he and First Lady Melania contracted COVID-19

UK Metro Police officer punches old lady into ground: Video

Intellihub | Out of control cop captured on video beating old woman to the ground with closed fists

Car plows through Trump supporters in California, multiple injuries

Zero Hedge | At least two injuries were reported with one being taken away by an ambulance.

Silenced Chinese virologist tells Tucker COVID-19 released intentionally

Zero Hedge | "I am the target"