Will a terror attack strike the U.S. Open? An Al Qaeda publication says yes

Shepard Ambellas | More rhetoric supporting upcoming attack on U.S. soil hits press

Real Life Spy Drama On U.S. Bound Plane: “I’m Dead Already, They’re Gonna Kill...

Mac Slavo | Passenger Daniel Perry is escorted off of a United Flight originating in Hong Kong. Is he a national intelligence asset?
washington dc subway

Is something wicked coming to Washington D.C.?

Intellihub | As everything comes to a head, DHS prepares for something wicked

Aid convoy to Ukraine faces disruption, may be attacked – Russia

RT | Moscow has information that the convoy delivering humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine may be attacked by Kiev’s forces

Exposed: Secret presidential chemtrail budget uncovered — Congress exceeds billions to spray populace like...

Intellihub | The budget President Obama didn't want you to know about
camp fire, paradise, californiavideo

YouTuber identifies 27 anomalies in the California Camp Fire

Intellihub.com | Online investigator reveals his findings on the California Camp Fire of 2018.

Radio talk show host arrested on conspiracy charges for publicly criticizing U.S. Government

Free Thought Project | It is indisputable that Santilli urged activists to converge in Nevada, but he insists that the objective was to prevent violence, rather than commit it
IDF Squad 115

Israel Launches Air Strikes In Syria

Israel launched multiple air strikes across Syria on Sunday in response to an attack on an Israeli defense contractor’s vehicle in the Israel-occupied Golan Heights on the Syria border.
challenger crew

Are astronauts from NASA Space Shuttle Challenger crew still alive despite explosion?

Intellihub | Did NASA lie to us? Are they still lying to us?

Cops handcuff & shackle 4-year-old boy, haul him off to jail for a temper...

Matt Agorist | “My son is a very loving, caring, protective little boy”
hyatt houston

Houston police find weapons cache on 29th-floor of hotel highrise ahead of New Year’s...

Intellihub | Police recover weapons cache ahead of massive NYE party, man staying on the 29th-floor of the Hyatt Regency Houston highrise taken into custody
prince william

Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa

Natural News | "There is no question that this increase puts wildlife and habitat under enormous pressure"

Video: Horde of refugees swarm German streets, attack citizens and police in droves

Intellihub | Coming to a city near you

Florida cop on paid leave after being caught on video tasing 62-year-old woman in...

Cassandra Rules | Officer Terry Mahan of the Tallahassee Police Department is on paid leave and under investigation after tasing a 62 year old Viola Young in the back on Tuesday, causing her to fall face first onto the pavement

YouTuber: “Bombshell” proof of Blue Bell Trucks being used in military exercises

Intellihub News | Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks seen once again within military convoy.

Did China Just Invade India?

Intellihub | According to news reports in India Chinese troops have set up checkpoints 19 KM inside Indian borders with a banner that reads "You are in Chinese Territory".

Montreal Police Arrest Woman Over Instagram Photo

Carlos Miller | Despite their guns, badges, batons, Tasers, handcuffs and pepper spray canisters, police continue to prove they are terrified of free expression – this time going as far as arresting a woman over an Instagram photo that sent shivers down the spine of a panic-stricken police commander in Canada.

Bilderberg 2015: Official agenda and attendee list – Bilderberg choses Hillary Clinton for...

Intellihub News | Full attendee list and agenda revealed for upcoming Bilderberg 2015 Conference.

Grocery store shelves go empty in Northern Italy just hours ahead of martial law...

Intellihub | Announcement of martial law lockdown forces residents in over a dozen towns in Northern Italy to panic
microwave id

Man arrested for microwaving ID to fry microchip, protect his privacy

John Vibes | German man arrested after authorities noticed he nuked his ID
cashless society

Secret war on cash: “Discussions at Bilderberg centered around capital controls, abolition of cash”

Mac Slavo | According to some, a very quiet stealth war on cash has begun.

Obama considers going after ISIS as public opinion tide turns in favor of invasion

Kurt Nimmo | Months of propaganda has shifted public opinion of war with ISIS

Why did the Treasury Department just purchase thousands of survival kits for bank examiners?

Mac Slavo | In recent years the U.S. government has been making massive preparations

Permanent war: Congress forbids NATO withdrawal

Ron Paul Institute | Is NATO really about defense? Or is it a jobs program for the military industrial complex
dan pfeiffer

FMR Sen. Adviser to President Obama, CNN contributor, promotes Comet Ping Pong fundraiser for...

Intellihub | D.C. figurehead shows support for Comet Ping Pong, pushes fundraiser for pizzeria on Twitter

School textbook: “Japan dropped a nuclear bomb on the U.S. during World War II”

Intellihub | A school textbook that is riddled with errors has parents in India demanding changes

British Military Amasses 500 Drones

Press TV | The British military has amassed at least 500 drones for its ambitious plan to have a third of Royal Air Force to consist of remotely piloted aircraft by 2030, local media reported.

‘Burglars’ revealed: sixties activists who stole FBI COINTELPRO files

Jon Queally | 'On March 8, 1971, a group of eight Vietnam War protestors broke into a Federal Bureau of Investigation field office in Media, Pennsylvania and stole hundreds of government documents that shocked a nation.'

In midst of war, Israel clamps down on internal dissent

Sarah Lazare | From crackdown on the press to mob beatings of protesters, critics of Gaza assault within Israel face fierce retaliation

Watch: Sea of infected Chinese flood hospital amid Coronavirus outbreak

Intellihub | 90% of China on lockdown, high-level medical workers dressed in HAZMAT suits as engineered bioweapon continues to spread