Beyond a crime of music

Brett Redmayne-Titley | How criminal is the brush of justice?
mike rowe

Mike Rowe eviscerates “snowflake” thug who calls him a “white nationalist”

Zero Hedge | If you ever plan to attack Mike Rowe over Facebook then you better bring more than just a few "smug and snarky" comments to the table

US Gov. Admitted to Spraying “Paraquat” Poison on Marijuana in 1980’s

JG Vibes | In the 1980's the director of the Drug Enforcement Administration admitted to using a poison named "Paraquat" on Marijuana crops, potentially harmful for drug users and the entire surrounding ecosystem.
weaponized flicker ratesvideo

“Weaponized flicker rates on the televisions […] weaponized carrier waves” attacking us, says Alex...

Intellihub | Hollywood programing is being directed and used against us -- "we are being slowly killed"

No 4th of July terror? FBI now claims it stopped “several plots to kill...

Mac Slavo | FBI director James Comey insists that there were multiple DEADLY attempts to kill Americans on July 4th
Spec Ops Member

Report: Spec Ops Contractors To Missouri: “Never Guessed We Would Deploy A High Threat...

Mac Slavo| Private special operations contractors with experience in middle east war zones have been asked to help.

Nationwide Network Working to Bring Mobile Biometrics to Your Community

Public Intelligence | A nationwide interoperable broadband communications system for law enforcement and first responders is now ready.

Photos and video of “War Zone” as Baltimore erupts into chaos: Protesters clash with...

Intellihub | Groups of protesters turned violent, attacking police and harassing stunned baseball fans.

NSA Director finally admits encryption is needed to protect public’s privacy

Carey Wedler | Still another former NSA chair has criticized calls for backdoor access to information
dick cheney 9/11 style attack

RED ALERT: Cheney warns of another MUCH DEADLIER 9/11 style attack as Dow soars...

Intellihub | Major red flag raised as Cheney admits deadlier 9/11 style attack may be on the way!
marine one snow

Dave H. on President Trump’s upcoming meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un

Intellihub | 'Trumps tough talk may have put Kim in a position to where he actually thinks Trump may fire upon North Korea'

NYC Mayor De Blasio tells citizens: We own your bodies, and we can force...

In an unusual and extreme move, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency over a measles outbreak

Does Bilderberg really run the world? One chart to help you decide

Zero Hedge | You have got to see this!

ISIS video claims beheading of US hostage Peter Kassig

RT | Kassig, 26, was captured on October 1, 2013, by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants

Civilian deaths mount as U.S. bombing of Syria expands

Jon Queally | 'We will pay with our blood,' says Abu Ibrahim, who fled his city of Raqqa ahead of US bombing. 'In big wars, the civilian will pay.'

Mainstream media claims Jade Helm fears are racist as media spin continues ahead of...

Alex Thomas | Globalists favorite newspaper attempts to silence Jade Helm critics

You’ve been lied to all the time: Chelsea Manning issues dire warning about Iraq

RT | WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning is warning that it’s imperative that the American media demands unfettered access to any operations overseas

Our Patent System Incentivizes Drug Companies To Pay Doctors Kickbacks

Tech Dirt | If we want to stop such practices, perhaps, rather than just suing the pharmaceutical companies, we start to look at the ridiculous incentive structure we've set up, whereby drug companies take on very little of the actual risk, but are given incredibly powerful monopolies, such that the prices are considered unbelievable.

Father faces child endangerment charges after son skips church

Mikael Thalen | A father in Blanchester, Ohio was arrested and charged with child endangerment after his eight-year-old son skipped church
brain, test

This is what government sponsored mass surveillance is doing to your mind

Waking Times | Big Brother is watching you and he wants you to believe that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear

Police Handcuffed Then Attacked Me, Says Busted Torrent Site Owner

Torrent Freak | A torrent site owner who was arrested in 2008 but later found “not guilty” in court has been targeted again.
power grid

Snopes conveniently silent on WaPost’s dangerous fake story about Russia hacking US power grid

Free Thought Project | Snopes ignores mainstream media fake story
three white men

San Bernardino false flag: Multiple witnesses reported three white men shooting

Kurt Nimmo and Adan Salazar | Juan Hernandez saw “three white men in military fatigues” leaving the scene

License plates being rapidly scanned in Walmart parking lot by incognito surveillance vehicle?

Shepard Ambellas | Suspicious activity noted ahead of #JadeHelm15

Taliban destroys hundreds of oil tankers fueling US/NATO war

Jon Queally | Assault on truck depot outside of Kabul results in massive explosions overnight
uss george w bush

U.S. Navy says they will have weaponized lasers in use by 2020

Mind Unleashed | The new HELIOS laser emits between 60 and 150 kilowatts
news shooting

BUSTED: Videos of Virginia reporter shooting hoax were separate takes!

Joe Wright | The establishment media has gone quiet on the Virginia shooting

Police plan to use portable drug tests at New Year’s Eve checkpoints

John Vibes | New saliva drug tests will be appearing at traffic check points this New Years Eve.

Hundreds Rally in Brooklyn for Second Night of Police Brutality Protest

RT | Hundreds gathered in Brooklyn's East Flatbush neighborhood Tuesday for a second night of protest over the death of 16-year-old Kimani Gray, who was shot to death by police days before.

2002 American Medical Association study concludes Ebola and Marberg best bio-weapons choice for use...

Shepard Ambellas | The new outbreaks -- by coincidence or by design?