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Man confesses to using 675 people for sacrifice

GhanaWeb.com | Murderer reveals secrets of fake pastors and doctors who suppied him with children to kill

North Carolina nuclear power plant declares “unusual event” following storm, “hot shutdown”

Intellihub | The Brunswick Nuclear Plant's two reactor went into a "hot shutdown" following and "unusual event" last Saturday

Former Al-Qaeda commander: ISIS works for the CIA

Kurt Nimmo | Jihadist groups part of "Clean Break" plan to balkanize Middle East

Veteran arrested at gunpoint for legal open carry *Video*

StoryLeak.com | A recently published cell phone video out of Wash. state shows an Air Force veteran being arrested at gunpoint for legally open carrying an AR-15 rifle

Obama: ‘We need more emergency funding as a Christmas present to fight Ebola’

Shepard Ambellas | Obama begs congress for an early "Christmas present" before "they leave for the holidays"

Russian spy ship spotted 100 miles off NC coast

CNN | Last March, the Viktor Leonov was spotted some 20 miles south of the US Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay near the Florida border

NY: Massive health drill conducted citywide with no notice

Shepard Ambellas | Massive unannounced bioterror drill swept the city on Friday

United Nations issues racism “warning”, pushes the idea of civil war in America

Intellihub | United Nations pushing civil war in America
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Baltimore riots: Police and National Guard snatch and grab activist on live TV

Alex Thomas | Footage taken during a live broadcast shows a protester being disappeared after a snatch and grab.

SWAT team descends onto college campus in response to a man carrying an umbrella

Matt Agorist | Teachers and students at Cal State San Marcos were put on lock down Wednesday morning as dozens of militarized law enforcement agents stormed the campus
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CNN’s “Town Hall” discussion with Obama total sham as emails show event is by...

Planet Free Will | They are even going as far as putting together a phony “town hall”

Occupy the Farm Returns, Evicted Two Days Later

Matt Gratz | More than one hundred urban agriculture and sustainable local food activists returned to the embattled University of California “owned” Gill Tract in Albany, CA on Saturday.

Permanent war in Syria: U.S. unleashing Turkey and Saudi ground forces to do what...

Tools For Freedom | Saudi Arabia and Turkey Intensifying an Already Permanent War in Syria

U.N. ‘weapons enforcement’ vehicle spotted in U.S. — Gun confiscations coming?

Intellihub | A United Nations weapons enforcement vehicle was recently spotted in the U.S., some fear martial law

Expert: Charlottesville attack was a pre-planned, staged confrontation carried out by the deep state

Dr. Steve Pieczenik | Was the Charlottesville attack a pre-planned operation by the deep state?
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Downed EgyptAir flight correlates with Phoenix Express 2016 joint military exercise and ‘no fly’...

Intellihub | Military drill overlaps flight path of downed commercial airliner

Obama’s birth certificate proven a forgery, fraudulently fabricated document, by forensic investigators on two...

Intellihub | Will President Obama be charged with treason over illegally fabricated certificate?

U.S. Navy SEAL found “not guilty of murder,” charged for war crime

Intellihub | Although the SEAL was found "not guilty" for murder and attempted murder he was charged with "posing with a corpse" which is considered a war crime.

Vegas union worker blows whistle on “mandatory active shooter training” which was due “Sept....

Intellihub | Union paperwork suggests that something's afoot about the Mandalay Bay Route 95 music festival massacre

If You Promote A Cure For Ebola, Men With Guns Could Show Up At...

End Of The American Dream If you have a cure for Ebola and you start promoting it on the Internet, men with guns could soon show up at your door.

Mainstream media can’t stop lying: Trump proven right once again as London police confirm...

Lexi Morgan | Media and politicians caught lying about Trump once again

Iranian lawmaker says U.S “kidnapped” Malaysian flight 370

Intellihub News | Iranian lawmaker says that the missing Malaysian flight is a false flag sabotage, set up the U.S government
mandalay bay nighttime

Mandalay Bay owner: ‘What’s being expressed (by police) may not be accurate’

Infowars | MGM spokesperson: ‘We cannot be certain about the most recent timeline that has been communicated publicly…’
Iraq Mosque

Iraq is on the verge of full-scale war

Alexander Orlov | On June 10 Iraq saw the only logical outcome of the American occupation, and the numerous US attempts to impose American-style democracy upon its people

Instead of the ambulance she needed, this woman got assaulted by cops after dialing...

John Vibes | Last month, an epileptic woman from California was attacked by police and arrested after she called 911

Bilderberg 2015: Implementation of the A.I. Grid

Jay Dyer | Like last year’s Bilderberg meeting, the whispers are that this year they will discuss the implementation and rollout of artificial intelligence.

Florida Sheriff: “Call us if the Guy Down the Street Says he Hates the...

JG Vibes | Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw recently made a statement saying “We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government"

1000s Flee From Town in Rastern Congo Due to Fighting, MSF Says

Press TV | Thousands of people have fled the town of Pinga in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo following renewed fighting between rival armed groups in the area, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders - MSF) has said.

CIA official dies in apparent suicide after falling from roof

John Vibes | Sources say a CIA official died after allegedly jumping from the roof of a "semi secret location" in northern Virginia

North Korea just threatened the U.S. with nuclear war

SHTF Plan | North Korea is now officially threatening the United States with World War 3.