Seeds, gardens, meat packing being banned, shut down; everything you need to survive is...

Intellihub | They are trying to starve us out, plain and simple

Take COVID-19 test in U.K. and catch the virus: Testing kits laced with deadly...

Intellihub | Would you take a COVID-19 test if you knew it was tainted with the deadly pathogen? Well, it doesn't matter because they will force you to take it anyway and there is nothing you can do about it.

Are they taking people who test “positive” to death camps for extermination in the...

Intellihub | "We literally saw this man taken away ten minutes ago healthy"

Townsfolk claim all children are missing from town, military presence

Intellihub | "It's just strange cause people are talking like they notice it... would they notice if their cousin's kids are missing or their neighbors? They are telling us to stay in our houses so we don't notice these people missing."

Second coronavirus death in U.S. confirmed in Washington State: Virus updates

Zero Hedge | Virus now in 7 US states: Washington, California, Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, Florida and Oregon

Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas wargame coronavirus martial law rollout

Intellihub | Intellihub founder breaks down the realities of hot martial law

Claim: Chinese woman says she saw several people wrapped into bags while still breathing...

Intellihub | China has hit Nazi Germany death squad-style levels if woman's claim proves true

Where did all the bodies go? Highrise has only 7 tenant rooms lit up...

Intellihub | Building's population "plummeted 95%" almost overnight

Video montage shows what is really happening in China amid Coronavirus pandemic

Intellihub | We are being lied to by the mainstream media. Things in China are far worse than they are telling us.

China’s COVID19 pandemic becomes depopulation shitshow, no food, no water, stormtroopers on the march

Intellihub | Full-scale depopulation and genocide are underway in China, right now!

Scores of fires burn throughout China: Highrise buildings become human incinerators to combat CoViD-19

Intellihub | Residents in China are being cremated alive in their own homes, government blames arson

Door to door sweeps now happening in North-Eastern China as Coronavirus spreads rapidly

Intellihub | People's Armed Police have taken control of all modes of transportation throughout China

China orders Wuhan to round up ALL suspected coronavirus patients and put them in...

Daily Mail | Beijing warns officials who run away from the 'war' will be 'nailed to the pillar of historical shame'

Chinese military scan citizens at checkpoints, anyone with temperature gets detained, along with passengers

Intellihub | Citizens with signs of fever are being detained immediately

Another family forced into quarantine: Video

Intellihub | Entire families are being taken to death camps

Woman suspected of being infected with Coronavirus ripped from car by police before possibly...

Intellihub | Woman fights police to her death to prevent being taken to detainment camp as the outbreak and unrest worsens throughout China

Pentagon approves quarantining Americans aginst their will on military bases amid Corona virus outbreak

Intellihub | Warning: Death camps now active in America

Entire family of five dies in quarantine, more families feared dead after being locked...

Intellihub | It appears the Coronavirus is out of control and the Chinese government has failed its people

Chinese military takes control of Wuhan sectors, martial law in full effect

Intellihub | Martial law ensues inside sectors of Wuhan as Coronavirus grips populace

Wuhan resident claims police are chasing down innocent citizens and throwing them in detainment...

Intellihub | 'The coronavirus is just a measure of population control and the death toll has risen into the tens of thousands.'

Healthy Chinese being snatched off streets, taken to quarantine death camps for not wearing...

Intellihub | Healthy Chinese citizens are being taken to secret detention camps against their will

Militarized Coronavirus containment camps popup in China, complete with motes so no one can...

Intellihub | Chinese virus containment camp looks more like a Gulag than a medical facility

Claim: Chinese military burning down apartments with people that had the Coronoavirius

Intellihub | Is the Chinese government murdering its citizens?

Dozens of police surround and quarantine entire residential block, take away family of infected

Intellihub | Police take away the infect and quarantine others after infected resident returned home
residents flee city

Gridlock as far as the eyes can see as Chinese try to flee Beijing...

Intellihub | Brace yourself! The 'zombie apocalypse' has begun!

Just the novel flu, huh? Armed Chinese military units responding to outbreak scenes

Intellihub | Armed military response team spotted carrying fully-loaded QBZ-95 bullpup-style assault rifles along with pistols

HIV insertions found in 2019-nCoV Coronavirus signify possible release of weaponized strain

Intellihub | Officials may be lying, covering up extent of 2019-nCoV Coronavirus plague

Crematorium trash bins filled with human ashes after only one day as the Chinese...

Intellihub | You are being lied to. Crematoriums in China are overflowing with human ashes as the Coronavirus outbreak consumes life.

China virus cases nearly double overnight | Though it doesn't exactly take a genius-level intellect to ascertain that now isn't a great time to travel to virus-plagued Hubei

Store shelves in the quarantine zone are already empty

Intellihub | Video footage shows what is really going on in China