seth rich shot here

Eyewitness: ‘I was there when Seth Rich was shot, they walked him past me,...

Intellihub | Eyewitness said Seth Rich was walked past him and not in pain when he was removed from the crime scene by police

False flag? Charleston shooting happened during federal active shooter drill

Intellihub News | Active shooter drill took place at same time as horrific Charleston shooting

Gas in Texas? Not for ‘7-10 days at least,’ says insider

Intellihub | It appears that Texas drivers may need to start looking at other alternative modes of transportation with no gas in sight
airport florida

Airport shooter admits he was ‘mind controlled’ by intelligence agency, eyewitness claims there were...

Intellihub | Eyewitness: "There was like at least three people in there still shooting" after the first guy was caught
Jade Helm

41 reasons Jade Helm should be a red flag for all Americans

Alex Thomas | Dozens of detailed reports prove Jade Helm should be, at the very least, a concern
ups plane refugees

Refugees being snuck into U.S. on UPS flights?

Intellihub | 'UPS plane, at least 30 buses filled with people' -- Refugees?
china jet

China’s war with the United States has already begun

Intellihub | Are China and the U.S. already at war with each other?

Corporate media now pushing the idea that the entire Trump administration could be killed

Intellihub | Obama cabinet member would take over presidency
FCC censorship

Feds may soon target Drudge Report and the alternative media through FCC censorship

Alex Thomas | FCC censorship of political websites could soon be on the horizon according to FCC member Ajit Pai.

FBI raid: Oregon refuge, 1 killed, 5 in custody, including Ammon, Ryan Bundy shot

Intellihub | At least one dead, 5 taken into custody after FBI raid, situation still active

12 things that point to something BIG happening in September 2015

IWD | All the information pertaining to the end of September as something that will change the earth
riot control

Marines practice riot control for future American civil unrest, footage shows troops taking on...

Alex Thomas | Video footage shows Marines practicing riot control, complete with armed troops taking on angry protesters.

Italian publication claims top Ebola expert murdered on flight MH17 as part of an...

Shepard Ambellas | Elaborate cover-up or fate?

Putin: More false flag chemical attacks being prepared in Damascus

Intellihub | Putin also pointed out similarities to the 2003 incident when no chemical weapons were found in Iraq

Shepard Ambellas & Alex Jones talk about the elites quest for God-like power

Intellihub | Are the globalist getting ready to launch a race-specific extermination? Ambellas & Jones wargame the idea
woosley, james

Report: Two N. Korean satellites are capable of delivering a surprise nuclear-EMP attack on...

Intellihub | Resulting blackout from nuclear-EMP could kill 9 out of ten Americans trough starvation, societal collapse

New York National Guard conducts training at simulated detainee facility as fears of internment...

Intellihub News | National Guard soldiers recently conducted their annual training at Fort Drum in a simulated detention center.
obama on air force one

Obama’s Dark Shady Past Exposed

Intellihub | Who is Barack Obama?

UN report reveals how Israel is coordinating with ISIS militants inside Syria

21st Century Wire | Israel may very well believe that it is acting in the interest of its national security by adopting the axiom, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”

Multiple suspects on the loose in Orlando; total media blackout of eyewitness accounts

Intellihub | Authorities fear more attacks on the way

Exposed: UN vehicles caught trying to hide logo from public view while traveling inside...

Intellihub News | Why are United Nations Medical Trucks covering up their logo while traveling on US highways?
martial law

Fed. Gov. actively seeking role-players for simulation; relocation of U.S. citizenry to detention camps...

Intellihub | A job listing by a federal contractor is asking for role players to play the part of American citizens.
dirty bomb exercise

Operation Northern Exposure: Over 1,000 troops to take part in Michigan dirty bomb exercise

Alex Thomas | A massive simulated dirty bomb attack exercise is set to take place at the end of June in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Online search reveals gun-wielding man who entered Comet Ping Pong Sunday may have IMDb,...

Intellihub | Is the reported gun-wielding man who entered Comet Ping Pong an actor?
United Nations Multinational Force Observer

Video: What is a United Nations Multinational Force Observer doing on U.S. soil?

Alex Thomas | UN Force Observer is just latest in string of increased UN activity inside the U.S.
military convoy

Massive train full of military equipment seen heading into “hostile” Salt Lake City, Utah...

Alex Thomas | The train convoy, carrying "all kinds of equipment" including military police vehicles was seen just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah

India sides with Russia over Ukraine crisis

Intellihub | Days after China shows support for Russia, India chooses sides
russian gas mask

Russian Troops Arriving in Ukraine to Battle Protesters

Intellihub | 1400 Russian troops to handle social unrest in Ukraine

Authoritarian leftist “activists” at Amherst College demand the end of free speech, extensive re-education...

Alex Thomas | Groups want students who say "All Lives Matter" punished and re-educated