war game

Raider Focus: Military war games set to include 650 vehicles, will be largest military...

Alex Thomas | The simulated war game known as Raider Focus will pack Colorado highways with military vehicles.
military Humvees

Alert: Hundreds of military Humvees spotted heading towards Cleveland, Ohio

Alex Thomas | New footage showing a train full of hundreds of military Humvees has been released.

False Flag warning NYC: Full-scale ‘Ebola’ pandemic drill to go live Nov. 13, FEMA,...

Shepard Ambellas | Obama Admin and media to hype 'Ebola outbreak' simultaneously as a full-scale FEMA pandemic exercise is carried out Nov. 13-14 in NYC, NJ -- Crisis actors, role players to be used

Portland ANTIFA drapes U.S. flag over George Washington statue, burns it

Intellihub | Message from ANTIFA reads: "Genocidal colonists" and "f**k cops."

Massive military buildup continues: FEMA, UN vehicles, howitzers, convoys, and strange Walmart coincidences

Intellihub News | Unexplained massive military buildup continues leading up to Jade Helm.

NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office on high alert this week as Earth passes through...

"Nobody really knows how bad it's going to be... May 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th."
clinton obama

Presidential Commission approved use of Directed Energy Weapons on the populace, experiments

Intellihub | Sinister government experiments currently afoot
military convoy

Photos: Military convoy spotted in Indiana as massive buildup to Jade Helm 2015 continues

Intellihub | Photos taken in Indiana show a military convoy heading down the I-70 freeway as the buildup to Jade Helm continues.

License plates being rapidly scanned in Walmart parking lot by incognito surveillance vehicle?

Shepard Ambellas | Suspicious activity noted ahead of #JadeHelm15

U.N. ‘weapons enforcement’ vehicle spotted in U.S. — Gun confiscations coming?

Intellihub | A United Nations weapons enforcement vehicle was recently spotted in the U.S., some fear martial law

Martial law coming? Tanks and military equipment as far as the eye can see:...

Intellihub | Is the U.S. government planning to declare martial law in the near future?

DHS places $5.1M order for body bags, wants to acquire 100,000 human remains pouches...

Intellihub | Why does the government need 100,000 body bags in such short order if we haven't even used the ventilators they've ordered? What are they really preparing for?

Media caught red-handed using dummy doll at Elmhurst ICU, selling simulation to general public...

Intellihub | Mainstream media busted selling medical simulation drill as overwhelmed intensive care unit due to COVID-19

Black Lives Matter protesters attack Miami police on street

Miami police had their hands full during Thursday's protest

Are the nationwide Walmart closures connected to detention centers for American citizens?

Intellihub | Random Walmart closures spark detention center theories as run-up to Jade Helm 2015 continues
riot control

Defense Official warns that DoD Directive allowing the use of military force against American...

Alex Thomas | Warning from Defense Official's about possible upcoming martial law in America.

NYPD officers discover ANTIFA brick cache on Brooklyn street corner

Intellihub | Yet another cache of bricks has been discovered by police ahead of nightfall

C-130 aircraft caught dropping massive ‘raindrop shaped fibers’ onto populace, lab tests confirm “metals”

Shepard Ambellas | Independent lab tests point to mainstream cover-up of live biowarfare, geoengineering testing

Update: From inside #CHAZ

Intellihub | The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone remains lawless for the most part

El Paso Walmart shooting witnesses saw ‘three to four armed men running in… dressed...

Intellihub | Major cover-up underway? Why are mainstream sources and officials reporting only one shooter when eyewitnesses claim they saw 3 to 4 armed men dressed in all black enter the store and start shooting.

New footage of George Floyd’s murder surfaces: Diabolic cop exposed

Intellihub | It doesn't get any more evil than this. Was Derek Chauvin ordered to kill George Floyd or did he act on his own?

Alert: Air traffic collision warning systems, locators, down off East Coast and 5 states...

Shepard Ambellas | DoD gives last-minute notice to FAA before going dark

Alex Jones warns that deep state could murder entire Trump family

SHTF Plan | Alex Jones warns about a confirmed plot to take out President Trump

Armed married couple defends home from protesters, stands out front with guns

Intellihub | "One fellow standing right in front of me pulled out two pistol magazines, clicked them together, and said you’re next."

WHO Director-General Tweets: We are mobilizing the UN

Intellihub | The blue helmets are coming!

White House went dark, jammed broadcast, cellphone, signals for 5 hours as city burned

Intellihub | Heavily-armed military troops were deployed onto the streets of D.C. on Sunday night after civil unrest and fires spread through the city
Jade Helm

41 reasons Jade Helm should be a red flag for all Americans

Alex Thomas | Dozens of detailed reports prove Jade Helm should be, at the very least, a concern

Exposed: UN vehicles caught trying to hide logo from public view while traveling inside...

Intellihub News | Why are United Nations Medical Trucks covering up their logo while traveling on US highways?
FEMA camp

Jade Helm: Marines train for internment of citizens under martial law

Alex Thomas | A Marine training drill in Arizona included armed troops chasing angry citizens who attempted to escape a mock internment camp.

Armored military vehicles, by the thousands, being relocated to underground bunkers as combat ready...

Shepard Ambellas | U.S. soldiers in full combat gear spotted training at local airfield