Obama: ‘We need more emergency funding as a Christmas present to fight Ebola’

Shepard Ambellas | Obama begs congress for an early "Christmas present" before "they leave for the holidays"

ANTIFA commies brawl with freedom rally patriots as ‘summer of rage’ continues

Intellihub | Violence ramps up at demonstrations even after ANTIFA has been listed as a 'terror organization' by DHS
deadly forcevideo

FBI ruling: Agents who shot and killed LaVoy Finacum were ‘justified’ to use ‘deadly...

Intellihub | Use of 'deadly force' justified, says FBI

‘Three sleek solid-black helicopters flew by my house, low, as if to avoid radar...

Intellihub | Another eyewitness comes forth, spotted 3 solid-black helicopters with no markings flying at sunset super low into the city from the west to avoid radar on the night of the massacre

Web of deceit: Bilderberg Group and elite power-brokers linked to UK’s stealth Internet cencorship...

Matthew Butler | As a curtain of censorship falls over the UK internet, this special investigation uncovers the deception and elite players behind the murky system of corporate web filters, which block far more than pornography

DHS To Purchase MORE Firearms As Arms Build-Up Intensifies

Paul Joseph Watson | A solicitation for a no bid contract posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website contains details of a DHS agreement with Sig Sauer to provide weapons parts under the remit of a $900,000 dollar a year contract set to run for five years.
hawaii food prices milk

PETA is now claiming that milk is a symbol of white supremacy

Intellihub | Group tries to tap into leftist hysteria
flu vaccine

Brain-dead mainstream media: 50 ppb of arsenic is dangerous to drink, but 50,000 ppb...

Mike Adams | The media has now concluded 50 ppb of arsenic in wine is "dangerously high" while 50,000 ppb of mercury in a vaccine is "totally safe"?

Isn’t it obvious? If Operation Jade Helm were happening in any other country, it...

Mike Adams | Americans remain unaware that the Jade Helm drill spanning 10 U.S. states will put military troops, & weapons directly in communities across the nation

24 cops and armored military vehicle sent to loot a 75-year-old’s retirement fund

John Vibes | Marathon County police are not apologizing for their decision to use an armored military vehicle on a senior citizen because he may have been “argumentative.”
Hoboken trainvideo

Video: Hoboken train wreck planned?

Intellihub | An accidental emergency alert went out for the United States September 29, 2016

Social media posts ‘claim’ ISIS to burn 17 caged ‘Kurdish fighters’ alive in newest...

Shepard Ambellas | Another attempt by the CIA backed group ISIS to create fear globally to justify endless war profits for U.S.-led forces
rubble, wtc

Peter Jennings on 9/11: “Where did all the rubble go?”

Intellihub | The late Peter Jennings questioned what a groundbreaking report answered some 16-years after the attack
wtc 9/11

Eyewitness to WTC 9/11 attack heard many ‘bombs’ go off that day

Intellihub | Eyewitness to attack: 'My gut tells me they were bombs'
Jade Helm

41 reasons Jade Helm should be a red flag for all Americans

Alex Thomas | Dozens of detailed reports prove Jade Helm should be, at the very least, a concern

Truce crumbles, violence resumes in Gaza

Jon Queally | Cease fire breaks down just hours after taking effect with violence resulting immediately in new deaths on both sides
jeff sessions

Shock: Jeff Sessions endorses theft

Ron Paul | Sadly, but not surprisingly, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out of step with this growing consensus
siesta key beach florida

Crews covertly removing ‘non-stop flow of toxic dead fish’ from Florida beaches on tractor-trailers

Intellihub.com | Tens-of-thousands of dead fish are being removed on tractor-trailers from popular Florida beaches and the mainstream media is failing to report it
Freddie Gray mistrial

It’s official: Police were ordered to stand down and let the Baltimore riots rage...

Michael Snyder | We now have official confirmation that the rioting in Baltimore on Monday was purposely allowed to spiral out of control.
Saudis in Yemen

New documents show US knew helping Saudis in Yemen could be war crime

Common Dreams | Officials doubted Saudi military could target Houthi militants without hurting civilians or destroying infrastructure, Reuters reports
fox news

Geraldo Rivera’s daughter allegedly caught in Paris attack–but which one?

Lexi Morgan | Conflicting reports question hosts integrity

Huge Stash of Illegal Firearms and Ammo Uncovered by Police

Lily Dane | Police in Queensland discovered a large stockpile of illegal firearms, military style weapons, and ammunition during a property search.

Who will they serve? Warnings mount that body cameras could do more harm than...

Jon Queally | Policymakers nationwide have been asking for a plug-and-play model policy that shows them how to best balance the promotion of police accountability with the protection of privacy
warm weather in chicagovideo

Chicago police blame increased gun violence on warm weather

Intellihub | Police are blaming recent rash of gun related crimes on warm weather because "more people are out on the streets"

Claim: Hawaii charter boat group witnessed explosion in sky on morning of false missile...

Intellihub | A man's sister told him a group of boaters witnessed an aerial explosion about 100 NM offshore around 8:00 a.m. last Saturday morning
body camera

School administrators in Iowa to monitor students with body cameras

Mikael Thalen | Cameras to record "student movement" as well as "parent and student interactions"

Shock: Liberal journalist openly supports assassination of Russian diplomats

Intellihub | Liberal hack justifies murder of Russian Ambassador

This cop was cleared of any wrong doing after preying on this 59-year-old innocent...

Free Thought Project | A 59-year-old man is suing the Dallas Police Department for an alleged civil rights violation
airlinner takeoff

Report: Al-Qaeda terror group returns to target airliners and airports

Intellihub.com | Al-Qaeda terror group claims to have possession of a new technology that can bring down passenger jets, possibly with the use of drones.

Stargate mountain: Pentagon moves comm gear back to Cold War-era bunker

RT | The United States’ airspace defense military is planning to move its communications equipment back to its iconic nuclear Cold War-era bunker