North Korea Leader Kim Jung Un Body Language Shows Fear in Midst of Threats...

DR. Lillian Glass | While Kim Jung Un is trying to come across as a world tyrant threatening to annihilate the world with a nuclear attack, it is clear from his body language that the young man is deathly afraid.

Massachusetts Police Pepper Spray and Arrest Man for Video Recording Them

Carlos Miller | Massachusetts police pepper sprayed and arrested a man for video recording them instead of walking away upon ordered.

Detroit Airport: Traveler’s Bag Sparks Airport Terror Evacuation | The smaller Northern Terminal at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport was evacuated Monday as the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) discovered a passengers carry-on bag had looked "suspicious", said airport spokesman Michael Conway.

Private Prisons and the Enslavement Society

Sartre | What more time-honored practice in the long history of state sponsored servitude than the institutionalization of prisoners?

CNN Spreads Lies Against Iran, Syria: Ex-Correspondent

Press TV | An outspoken investigative journalist and former CNN correspondent has once again stressed that the US-based network is engaged in spreading Western propaganda against Iran and Syria.

ICBM’s Now Pointed at US in North Korea Power Display | US Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel stated that North Koreas "new young leader" is "ratcheting up the danger" according to reports, raising concern by some.

Secret Service Detains Son of Dwight D. Eisenhower for Alleged “Threats” Against Obama: Report

Intellihub | Over the weekend the secret service responded to anonymous tips that a man in an Ohio restaurant was making threats against president Obama. Apparently the man was overheard saying that he was going to "take Obama out".
James Nash/Flickr

Scientists Claim 40% of Population Infected with “Mind Control Parasite”

JG Vibes | Recently a team of scientists made a statement claiming that up to 40% of people are infected with brain parasites that have the ability to alter human behavior.

LBJ and Media Complicity with Iraq

Jacob G. Hornberger | On the tenth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, among the major issues being discussed is the unwavering support that the U.S. major media gave to the invasion.

Osama Bin Laden Death Myth Continues to Crumble as Seal Team Six Speaks Out

Derrick Broze | On May 2nd, 2011 President Barack Obama declared America's greatest enemy, Osama Bin Laden, dead after a Seal Team Six raid in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad.

Why the Awlakis Were Killed

Jacob G. Hornberger | While President Obama, the Pentagon, and the CIA have steadfastly refused to say why they assassinated American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, one thing remains beyond dispute: It wasn’t because Awlaki was trying to take away the freedom of the American people.

Bill Gates’ $100 Million Database to Track Students

Michael F. Haverluck | Over the past 18 months, a massive $100 million public-school database spearheaded by the $36.4 billion-strong Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been in the making that freely shares student information with private companies.

Arkansas Sheriff’s Deputy Arrests Man for Video Recording, then Claims he “Lost” Phone

Carolos Miller | Arkansas deputies are refusing to return a man’s iPhone after they arrested him for video recording them with it, even though his case was dismissed last month.

FAA Predicts 10,000 Drones Could Be In the Skies By 2020

Joe Schoffstall | The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts 10,000 commercial drones could be in the skies by 2020 after guidelines are approved.

Honduras: US “Drug War” Aid Linked to Death Squad

WW4 Report | Officially, US State Department aid to the Honduran National Police must bypass units under the direct supervision of the force's overall commander, Director General Juan Carlos Bonilla AKA "El Tigre"—who in 2002 was accused of three extrajudicial killings and links to 11 more deaths and disappearances in so-called "social cleansing" operations.

The Intuitive Warrior: Interview with Navy SEAL Chief Michael Jaco

Christian Stolle | This is the story of an elite soldier, a highly trained killer, who realized that he can successfully thwart an attack on him by meditating, connecting with the higher self, and sending out love to the attacker.

Darwinism, Eugenics and the Silent Genocide

JG Vibes | The following is a special preview of my hardback book, which is soon to be re-released at a lower price and with added information, this is just one of 87 chapters that are available in Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance

Secret Memos Expose Link Between Oil Firms and Invasion of Iraq

Clark Kent | Plans to exploit Iraq’s oil reserves were discussed by government ministers and the world’s largest oil companies the year before Britain took a leading role in invading Iraq, government documents show.

Senate Explores Private and Law Enforcement Use of Drones in U.S.

All Gov | It may not be long before drones become a common sight over the skies of the United States, which from a legal and privacy standpoint is far from ready, a congressional panel was told this week.

Retired Army Capt.: DHS Announcing a ‘Bold Threat of War’ Against US Citizens

Capt. Terry Hestelow | Dear friends, the following is a copy of my correspondence with Senator Cornyn concerning the arming of the DHS for war against the citizens of our nation.

The Unreported PTSD Symptoms Among Victims of State Violence

JG Vibes | It is true that police officers and military agents are exposed to a lot of violence, but more often than not they are the ones on the delivering end of that violence. What about those on the receiving end? Surely those who are on an even more unpleasant side of that violence suffer from many of those same symptoms.

Video From US Prison Shows Inmate Held Down, Pepper Sprayed at Close Range

RT | In what promises to be a major public relations headache for Maine's Department of Corrections, local media have released raw footage of a restrained inmate being subdued with pepper spray and then left unattended for over twenty minutes.

Shooting at US Military Base Leaves 3 Marines Dead, Including Shooter

Intellihub | Late last night, just before midnight, a staff member at Quantico military base murdered two other marines and then allegedly turned the gun on himself.

Today is the 33rd Anniversary of the Georgia Guide Stones Construction

Intellihub | The Georgia Guide Stones become 33 years old today, and now is a better time than ever to spread the word about this monument and the goals that it has immortalized in stone.

Hey Iraqis: How’s that “Liberation” Stuff Workin’ Out For Ya?

Kevin Carson | This is the “liberation” agenda for which Rumsfeld and his fellow war criminals murdered hundreds of thousands, and physically crippled or psychologically scarred untold hundreds of thousands more.

NYPD Facing Double-Barreled Challenge to Marijuana Practices

Phillip Smith | Under the stop-and-frisk program, which the city touts as a crime-fighting effort, more than 531,000 people were stopped last year and nearly five million in the past decade.

“Drone Command Center” to Open in Pennsylvania Suburb

JG Vibes | With drones quickly becoming the favorite toy of the military industrial complex, more and more operation centers are opening up all over the country.

Hotheaded Pittsburgh Cop Tases Man as he Walks Away (Video)

Carlos Miller | A hotheaded Pittsburgh police officer with a Joe Pesci accent was caught on video tasering a man who was already walking away after being ordered to do so.

The State of Gun Control: Colorado, Feinstein, and the U.N.

Derrick Broze | Since the Sandy Hook massacre governments around the Nation and world have been clamoring for regulation.

NYPD Spends Over 1 Million Man Hours on Over 440,000 Marijuana Arrests

Shepard Ambellas | In what can be defined as nothing other than a big waste of US tax monies, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has spent over 1 million man hours in the last decade to arrest over 440,000 people for marijuana possession.