DHS To Purchase MORE Firearms As Arms Build-Up Intensifies

Paul Joseph Watson | A solicitation for a no bid contract posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website contains details of a DHS agreement with Sig Sauer to provide weapons parts under the remit of a $900,000 dollar a year contract set to run for five years.

John O. Brennan: CIA Drone Director

Sartre | If this development is intended to restore confidence in the agency, just what kind of organization will emerge from a careerist covert agent at the helm?

TSA Head Confronted on Criminal Conduct and Scanner Safety at Airports

dev-test.intellihub.com | he TSA head was questioned on how citizens have been invasively targeted at airports across the United States in the name of terror.

Mali War Disrupts Cocaine Supply to Europe

Daily Nation | France's surprise intervention in northern Mali against Islamist fighters involved in lucrative drug-running has disrupted cocaine supply to Europe but smugglers are already finding new routes, analysts said.

Teen shot to death by NYC officers

Press TV | Two New York City officers in plain clothes have shot to death a teenager in Brooklyn.

In Fear Mongering Talk on Vet Gun Ownership Feinstein Claims “PTSD” is a New...

JG Vibes | Someone with no concept of history, or the effects of war itself would assume that PTSD is a new condition simply because the medical classification is fairly new.

ACLU Puts Out Press Release Following Rand Paul Filibusterer

ACLU | The ACLU currently has two Freedom of Information Act lawsuits pending before federal appeals courts in Washington and New York seeking the release of Office of Legal Counsel memos and other records concerning the targeted killing program.

UN Imposes Sanctions Against North Korea, an Act of War

JG Vibes | At a time when most people in North Korea are already starving, the United Nations has imposed new sanctions on the country that are sure to deepen the famine that they are currently experiencing.

TSA Operative Penetrates Newark Airport Security with Bomb, Cleared to Board

Shepard Ambellas | A TSA inspector that is part of a team of operatives was able to literally penetrate airport security at the Newark Airport on February 25th of this year.

One Officer Shoots Another at 6 Hour SWAT Lockdown on CT Campus

JG Vibes | This week at Manchester Community College in Connecticut a SWAT team responded to a report of a gun on Campus with immense force, treating the students like prisoners, and locking down the whole school for over 6 hours.

NJ Gun Owner Is Arrested After Having His Home Illegally Searched

JG Vibes | On Thursday January 25th, New Jersey police officers entered the apartment of Keith Pantaleon without permission, warning, warrant or explanation.

Would Conscription Curb US Militarism? Thom Hartmann Thinks So

Dave Hummels | Do you ever get the feeling that progressives have run out of ideas? This thought crossed my mind when I read Thom Hartmann’s “The Draft: A War-Killer” on Truthout. Hartmann advocates reinstatement of conscription in a “new and improved form.”

Communist Propaganda Poster: Comrades, Turn In Your Weapons!

Infowars.com | This 1918 Communist propaganda poster from the Russian civil war serves as yet another reminder that tyrannical regimes throughout history have always sought to disarm their populations through gun control.

The War in Mali and AFRICOM’s Agenda: Target China

Global Research | Mali at first glance seems a most unlikely place for the NATO powers, led by a neo-colonialist French government of Socialist President Francois Hollande (and quietly backed to the hilt by the Obama Administration)

Sandy Hook: Mainstream Article Posted Day of Shooting Reveals Details of Second Suspect and...

Shepard Ambellas | A very interesting article has been found with some of the missing pieces of the puzzle intwined into it regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place on December 14, 2012.

Initial Daily Mail Report: ‘TWENTY SEVEN Shot Dead Including 18 Children and Principal at...

Shepard Ambellas | More information and strange events regarding the Sandy Hook shooting has surfaced lately then you can shake a stick at. Well, here's another one for you.

Subscriber: People Magazine Pre-Shipped Sandy Hook Issue to Subscribers Before Shooting

Shepard Ambellas | According to a YouTube report an issue of People Magazine was pre-shipped to subscribers before the shooting that was reported to have left 26 people dead on December 14, 2012.

Staged Terror: Witness Testifies in Court that the FBI Manipulated Bomb Plot Suspect

JG Vibes | It seems that every would-be terrorist attack that the FBI uncovers is actually a plot that was perpetuated by the FBI itself.

Secret Service Wants to Get its Hands on Gun-Detection Technology

Sarah Dee | This recent MSN News article reports that the Secret Service, the security team that provides protection for all U.S. Presidents, past and present, has been in the market for gun-detecting technology.

Life Imitates Art-NBC’s “1600 Penn” makes Possible Drone Reference in Promotional Trailer

Sarah Dee | In one of their promotional trailers the ‘President’ threatens his daughter’s boyfriend saying, “One disrespectful word to my daughter, I will find you…I have robots that roam the skies.”

Central Planning Causes Mass Starvation and Cannibalism in North Korea

JG Vibes | North Korea is experiencing a horrible famine brought on by the insane policies that the regions government has been forcing on its population for decades.

Were Media and Officials on Scene Before the Shooting?

Shepard Ambellas | A curious phenomena with time-date stamps on internet websites and postings surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre has reached all-time levels in the conspiracy realm.

Remember: The US Establishment Defines A “Militant” As A “Military Aged Male”

JG Vibes | This week when I published an article about the long list of children who were killed in drone strikes throughout Yemen and Pakistan, a reader brought an interesting fact to my attention that I was not yet aware of.

Is an Adam Lanza Photo Released by Mainstream Media Photoshopped?

Shepard Ambellas | I am no Photoshop expert let me make that clear. However maybe some of you readers are.
Megyn Kelly

Media Icons Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, and Megyn Kelly Should be Outed as Traitors...

Shepard Ambellas | State sponsored terror and propaganda floods the masses as we are reaching a turning point in American history
clinton obama

Presidential Commission approved use of Directed Energy Weapons on the populace, experiments

Intellihub | Sinister government experiments currently afoot

Army achieves ‘Skynet’ — self-aware decision-making network

Intellihub | The future of modern weaponry is here, and it doesn't look good
obama on air force one

Obama’s Dark Shady Past Exposed

Intellihub | Who is Barack Obama?

The cornerstone of the War On Terror Is 9/11

By Avalon (INTELLIHUB) -- Nearly two and one half years ago, Peter Dale Scott warned of the possibility of a False Flag Attack in...