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California Governor: U.S. should emulate communist China

Infowars | Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown of California is literally claiming that the United States should emulate communist China

No, a soldier cop on every corner does not sound great

Trevor HultnerHot Air Weekend Editor Jazz Shaw believes that pointing out police militarization – not just in Ferguson, Missouri but everywhere – is “a rather rapid rush to judgment and lacking in larger context.”

Media conspiracy to bury CDC whistleblower story protects vaccine makers at the expense of...

Mike Adams | Alternative media takes over role of a free press in a free society

Obama wants war plan against ISIS by the end of the week

RT | Islamic State, as well as the Syrian government, were called out by a UN panel in a new report for committing crimes against humanity during the civil war in Syria

Profits soar as Pentagon leans on private corporations for special ops

Jon Queally | New research shows how US Special Operations Command is outsourcing many of its most sensitive information activities, including interrogation, drone and psychological operations

Pennsylvania man shot in back over unpaid parking tickets

Matt Agorist | The coercive nature of the state is necessary for its existence

600+ American troops reportedly exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq

RT | The news comes after US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered an internal review of Pentagon records

Youtuber: ‘Spec Ops military unit wants to come hangout in my studio and study...

Intellihub | Spec Ops unit seeking to learn Youtuber's secrets for popularity

Israel wants to confiscate over 3,000 acres in West Bank ‘for military purposes’ –...

RT | Israel has plans to take 3,176 acres of Palestinian land around a West Bank village near central Jerusalem

Man attacks police officer in his patrol car with ax

Matt Agorist | A manhunt has been underway for 9 days now for a man who attacked a D.C. police officer with an ax

Israel launches ground operation in Gaza: Special Forces raid alleged rocket compound

Zero Hedge | Moments ago, the Israel military reported that Israeli ground troops had entered northern Gaza to take out a number of missile launch sites
Moscow, Russia

Russia had advanced knowledge of last’s week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria: Sr. U.S....

Intellihub | Russia may have had a hand in the recent Syrian chemical attack on civilians, officials warn

Paris terror suspect met with Sarko in 2009

Jay | All the details I mentioned in the Paris 9/11 story that are consonant with false flags have now emerged

MH17 broke up in mid-air due to external damage – Dutch preliminary report

RT | The MH17 crash was a result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that struck the Boeing from the outside, the preliminary report into the Malaysia Airlines disaster in Ukraine said

As attacks on Gaza’s ‘besieged civilians’ continue, U.S. rallies behind Israel

Sarah Lazare | Bombardments continued Friday night and Saturday, bringing the Palestinian death toll to at least 1,650

Cops busted trying to sell innocent elderly woman’s car after telling her they needed...

The Free Thought Project | Cops steal elderly woman's car, try to sell it

Hillary Clinton embraces ‘endless war doctrine’

Andrea Germanos | At event in Ottawa, former secretary of state says war against ISIS will be "long-term commitment"
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Video: Drug warriors and the Prison-Industrial Complex working hand-in-hand to deliver profits to corporations

Ron Paul Liberty Report | Drug warriors and the prison-industrial complex are working hand-in-hand to deliver big profits to the corporatists.

A cyber war with North Korea and an economic war with Russia

Michael Snyder | So can North Korea back up those bold words?

Cops are now manufacturing and selling people crack

Free Thought Project How can a drug war be won when the police are manufacturing crack?

Impeach Obama protestor arrested for flying flags on overpass

Mikael Thalen | A college student in New York is heading to court after being arrested for exercising his First Amendment on a Long Island overpass
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California finally releases wiretap dataset

EFF | This year, EFF has scored a major victory for open data
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“I’m going to redefine terror” — Bay area resident accused of aiding ISIS, planned...

SHTF Plan | The suspect is accused of attempting to aid ISIS while planning an attack that could have killed thousands

European anti-terror plan wants 42 pieces of data from air travelers

RT | Passengers flying to and from Europe will now be forced to submit a long list of personal details

Will a terror attack strike the U.S. Open? An Al Qaeda publication says yes

Shepard Ambellas | More rhetoric supporting upcoming attack on U.S. soil hits press

Abbas at UN: World must hold Israel to account for “war of genocide”

Jon Queally | Leader of Palestinian Authority tells General Assembly that recent assault on Gaza was a "war crime" and new paths towards peace must now be considered

Flying drones near stadiums could end in jail time

AP | On the other hand, sports teams also want permission from the FAA to use drones themselves
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Racial division narrative intensifies in media after vehicle runs into crowd at fringe protest

Intellihub | Another distraction hits the press after violence erupts at a Virginia fringe rally, Army National Guard deployed to quell conflict
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Italy launches largest ever pirate site blockade

Torrent Freak | A complaint filed by 21st Century Fox's Sky TV has ended in Italy's most aggressive site-blocking action yet