brizilian president

WikiLeaks: U.S. bugged more than two dozen Brazilian leaders

Deirdre Fulton | New spy revelations 'likely to reinvigorate tensions,' says The Intercept, which co-published list of targets

Outrage mounts after news of another St. Louis police killing

Lauren McCauley | St. Louis police chief concedes 'mistakes were made' after black teen fatally shot by white officer

North Korea claims it tested first intercontinental missile

AP | Most outside and North Korean analyses of the missile's height, distance and time in the air were roughly similar
trump tower

Trump Tower lobby evacuated over suspicious bag

Intellihub | Bag of tricks prompts Trump Tower evacuation

Man stops police car for making illegal turn, cop fines him $162

John Vibes | “They fined me for honking my horn to bring to their attention to something that they had done illegally. And I find that an abuse of power.”
Surveillance Technology

Court rules UK mass spying was unlawfully conducted for nearly two decades

Common Dreams | Decision called 'long overdue indictment' of government's bulk collection of citizens' private information

U.S. to slow down troop withdrawal from Afghanistan as White House ‘rethinks’ mission

Nadia Prupis | Defense Secretary Ash Carter says White House wants to make sure "progress sticks."

Obama Administration’s announcement about US drone strike shows it doesn’t know who drones are...

Kevin Gosztola | President Barack Obama’s administration announced that a US drone strike, which targeted an “al Qaeda-associated compound” in January, killed two hostages in Pakistan

U.S.-Led Coalition Launches More Strikes in Syria

Nadia Prupis | Army officials claim need for "troops on the ground" to defeat ISIS while humanitarian groups plead for caution