8 Reasons to End Prohibition of All Drugs Immediately

JG Vibes | The following list delves into the external consequences of the drug war to illustrate how drug users and non users alike, would be a lot better off if prohibition ended immediately.
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg caught admitting to plans to censor anti-migrant posts

Alex Thomas | Facebook thought police to censor "anti-migrant" posts. (and possibly this one)
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Trump keeps his promise to rid illegals, citywide sweeps now “routine” in L.A.

Intellihub | Illegals and their family members panic

High School Student Faces 20 Years For Obama Facebook Threat

Paul Joseph Watson | High school teen Cameron D’Ambrosio was arrested on terror charges and faces up to 20 years in prison for a Facebook post in which he made threats against the White House and mentioned the Boston bombings.

Jade Helm, Walmart And DUMBS: Are the closed Walmarts being activated as central command...

Susan Duclos | Information connects everything from DIA the to the Mantauk Project to recent headlines on Jade Helm.
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Washington Post changes immigration headline: “Doesn’t want you to know illegals are on benefits...

SHTFPLAN | They’re not even trying to hide their bias any more
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Witness to San Bernardino shooting says getaway driver was “regular white dude”

Intellihub | 'Driver of the getaway SUV was a white dude'

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, others, predicted 65 million deaths from Coronavirus in simulation...

Infowars | Foundation also funded group who owns virus patent and is funding research for a vaccine to stop it from spreading
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“Credible threat” shuts down 900 LA schools

Intellihub | Authorities search for suspicious packages, backpacks, after "credible threat" issued to district

Community calls for blood after police shoot and kill unarmed teenager

John Vibes | Saturday afternoon in Ferguson, Missouri, police shot and killed an unarmed teenage boy who was visiting his grandmother at the apartment complex where the murder occurred
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Israel Launches Air Strikes In Syria

Israel launched multiple air strikes across Syria on Sunday in response to an attack on an Israeli defense contractor’s vehicle in the Israel-occupied Golan Heights on the Syria border.

Video: Walmart ‘plumbing’ issue related to DHS underground tunnel network: “This is a very...

Mac Slavo | There’s been much speculation about the recent closures of Walmart stores around the country.

ISIS jihadists demolish mosques, shrines in northern Iraq *Photos*

RT | Photographs from the area posted online under the banner “Demolishing shrines and idols in the state of Nineveh” depicted mosques being turned into piles of rubble
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Hatchet-wielding man attacks moviegoers in Tennessee; Media calls it “theater shooting horror” to fit...

The Daily Sheeple | Mainstream media gun control propaganda exposed

Would Conscription Curb US Militarism? Thom Hartmann Thinks So

Dave Hummels | Do you ever get the feeling that progressives have run out of ideas? This thought crossed my mind when I read Thom Hartmann’s “The Draft: A War-Killer” on Truthout. Hartmann advocates reinstatement of conscription in a “new and improved form.”
doctors without borders bombing

Report: US shot at victims fleeing bombing of Doctors Without Borders hospital

Claire Bernish | The full report reads like a horror script and makes indisputably clear that the main hospital was the principal target of the attack

Bilderberg 2015: Implementation of the A.I. Grid

Jay Dyer | Like last year’s Bilderberg meeting, the whispers are that this year they will discuss the implementation and rollout of artificial intelligence.
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Syria to Obama: Quit arming ISIS terrorists

Kit Daniaels | U.S. funding of militant groups fuels terrorism, Syria's foreign minister states

At Least 84 Dead as France Reels from Attack in Nice

Common Dreams | At least 84 have been killed, another 50 seriously injured, and many others hurt after truck hits crowd

DHS warns migrant caravan: ‘U.S. will use force if necessary to stop illegal entry’

SHTFPlan.com | The migrant caravan heading towards the U.S. border appears to be growing in number by the day.

Reporter confronts General Petraeus at Bilderberg, while jogging

Intellihub | A reporter runs alongside the General, asking questions

Rare public appearance: Mike Adams to be keynote speaker at upcoming GenSix “True Legends”...

Natural News | The current suppression of human knowledge by Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will only get more aggressive

Alex Jones warns nuclear war imminent

Intellihub | "The E.U. is in league with the damn communist Chinese"

Source: Terror cells activated in France

CNN | Suspect's significant other reportedly in Turkey

Cops have killed every 8 hours in 2015, sending at least three people to...

Cassandra Rules | As of February 15, only a month and a half into 2015, there has been at least 136 individuals killed by police in the United States since the first of the year

Watch as this woman advocates the banning of all firearms: Caught on video

Intellihub | "Assault rifles do not belong in the hands of anybody except the Army"

Immoral patsy – How the FBI groomed mentally disabled teen with a 51 IQ...

William N. Grigg | The "terrorist" is unable to use the bathroom without assistance

Wikileaks Releases PlusD and The Kissinger Cables

Courtney Harrop | “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.” — Henry A. Kissinger, US Secretary of State, March 10, 1975.

Department of Defense Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement

PublicIntelligence.net | The Department of Defense has issued an instruction clarifying the rules for the involvement of military forces in civilian law enforcement.