5 scientific experts join lawsuit to bring down Monsanto

Christina Sarich | A case against health-destructive chemicals

NYPD Sergeant Says ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ Is Just The Price We Pay For...

Tim Cushing | “If you’re not a terrorist, if you’re not a threat, prove it,” he says.

Globalist lockdown is here to stay

Sartre | The theater that has become the international political scene is entering its last act

Humbled Biden apologizes to UAE after accusing it of terrorism funding

RT | Biden called Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince and Deputy Defense Minister Mohammed bin Zayed on Sunday to reaffirm the allies’ shared perspective on terrorism

Were Media and Officials on Scene Before the Shooting?

Shepard Ambellas | A curious phenomena with time-date stamps on internet websites and postings surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre has reached all-time levels in the conspiracy realm.

Photos: Turkey Media Shows Cooking, Pet Shows as 1+ Million Protest

Anthony Gucciardi | As around 1 million Turkish citizens continue to secure Istanbul’s main square in protest against government control, the Turkish media has completely blacked out the event and continues to play cooking shows and animal documentaries instead.

FEMA ‘Area Emergency Tests’ broadcast just before election

Intellihub | Will this test system later go live? If so, what is lurking?

Genetic Weapons – Can Your DNA Kill You?

Janet Phelan | They are not just protecting the President—they are protecting the President's DNA.
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Measles used by government & mockingbird media to shame parents, mandate vaccinations

SGT Report | More fear mongering and lies to report on and expose

Will Globalists Use North Korea To Trigger Catastrophe?

Brandon Smith | Ultimately, we should take the North Korean situation seriously not because of the wild-eyed propaganda of the mainstream media and not because they are “doing business with terrorists” or because they are a “violent and barbaric relic of nationalism,” but because a war in North Korea serves the more malicious interests of globalization.

US considers broad military action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria – report

RT | It cannot be ruled out that Washington could launch airstrikes or other action in Syria, the official told the WP
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Cops shoot woman’s dog then warrantlessly ransack her home to justify it

Free Thought Project | Another animal viciously murdered by police

Former active US Marine demands GMO ban after curing debilitating health problems by switching...

Jonathan Benson | An aging baby-boomer population continues to connect the dots between biotechnology and chronic diseases

Hotheaded Pittsburgh Cop Tases Man as he Walks Away (Video)

Carlos Miller | A hotheaded Pittsburgh police officer with a Joe Pesci accent was caught on video tasering a man who was already walking away after being ordered to do so.

Man builds weapons from items purchased after passing through airport security checkpoints

Shepard Ambellas | In an incredibly embarrassing and epic failure on the TSA's part, a man has built and tested weapons and explosives possibly capable of killing or taking down an airliner

DOJ appointee Loretta Lynch is key in Washington’s phony war on terror

21st Century Wire | What Lynch has willfully turned a blind eye to in this story is astonishing
Security Forces spotted during Jade Helm 15

Up-armored Humvee, marked “Security Forces”, spotted on Montana highway: JADE HELM 15

John Temblador & Associate Investigator | Military security forces spotted patrolling U.S. highway

This is how the police divide, so the state can conquer

Matt Agorist | “Why are you assaulting me?” -- “Because you’re not doing what you’re told!”
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FEMA and DHS staging in Houston suburb, doing door-to-door sweeps: Report

Intellihub | Residents report door-to-door sweeps in Houston suburb of Spring

NSA docs reveal U.S. hand in tracking and killing Kurdish separatists

Lauren McCauley | Turkish government is 'both partner and target' for US spying, Der Spiegel and Intercept jointly report

New Sandy Hook Memorial Linked to Family Funds, Pops-Up Just in Time for the...

Intellihub | Just in time for the holidays and the 1-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook event, family members of shooting victims launched a new memorial website in hopes of drawing attention to their individual funds

Turkish Police Run Over Crowds of Protesters With Large Tanks (Warning: Graphic Video)

Intellihub | In the midst of a media blackout during the protests in Turkey, disturbing video has surfaced of a government water cannon tank intentionally mowing down crowds of protesters.

After 13 years, U.S.-led Afghanistan war is officially over but nightmare goes on

Deirdre Fulton | The war in Afghanistan claimed the lives of about 3,500 foreign troops—at least 2,224 of them American soldiers—and tens of thousands of Afghan civilians

The War on Whistleblowers and Journalism | There is a war on true journalism in the United States.

Journalist documents firsthand — the police killing of Evan Kwik, 22: Part 1

Brett Redmayne-Titley | A view to a kill
times square

ISIS sympathizers planned to ‘create the next 9/11’ with attacks on concerts, subways &...

NBC 4 | One of the suspects allegedly told an undercover agent posing as ISIS sympathizer that "NY Needs to fall."

Ukraine president blames military failure on deserting commanders

RT | Kiev authorities have opened over 1,000 investigations into Ukrainian soldiers who deserted from the army
white house

‘Nat Guard immigration roundup’ piece lands AP in hot water with WH

Intellihub | WH Press Sec. Spicer responds to story within 22 minutes of its posting
riot at night

DHS trains Texas cops to deal with riots

Infowars | Police advised by FEMA officials how to conduct "mass arrests"