UK Metro Police officer punches old lady into ground: Video

Intellihub | Out of control cop captured on video beating old woman to the ground with closed fists

Trump ordered feds, police, snatch and grab Americans off streets

Intellihub | American citizens are being snatched and grabbed out of their vehicles on public streets in broad daylight and no one is doing anything about it

6 cops armed with assault rifles opened fire on homeless man killing him

Intellihub | Isn't there a less-lethal way to approach a sleeping homeless man?

Armored vehicles marked “Military Police” spotted at Stone Mountain on standby

Intellihub | The U.S. military is now conducting operations on public streets

Fields of human cages discovered in Caruthers California: Video

Intellihub | FEMA camps, portable human cages, it's all real--all of it!

Man shot in back by police, killed, on daughters graduation day over loud video...

Intellihub | "I gotta get to work tomorrow and I'm getting no sleep"

Military ‘medics’ now transporting Arkansas residents deemed ‘COVID-positive’ to undisclosed isolation facility

Intellihub | It's happening, people! 'Medics' from the National Guard are now rounding up civilians and transporting them to a secret facility!

Mayor Eric Garcetti: Los Angeles is “on the brink” of a shutdown

Intellihub | All of L.A. Country to be locked-down under false pretext of COVID-19 spread

Portland under siege: Updates from the warzone, feds conducting snatch and grabs

Intellihub | Armed masked unmarked federal agents were captured on video snatching and grabbing Americans off the streets of Portland Thursday night as mayhem ensued
ar15 rifle

Brave AR-15, pistol toating, St. Louis couple’s mansion raided by police

Intellihub | We are witnessing the systematic dismantlement of the country and no one is doing anything about it

Portland Police find themselves in ground war against BLM protesters

Intellihub | Police faced off with Black Lives Matter protesters and were forced to retreat

Police use SUVs to aggressively attack, plow through, crowd of protesters

Intellihub | Officers use SUV to faceoff with, plow through, unruly crowd

Freedom of the press no longer exists in America: CNN reporter arrested, Trump stands...

Intellihub | Pretty soon, only state-sponsored media outlets and reporters will exist as Minnesota governor, State Police, proverbially shred Constitution

Montana man arrested for driving on public road in America: COVID crackdown

Intellihub | Park rangers enforce unconstitutional and tyrannical orders given by Montana Governor Stephen Bullock

Government entices broke Americans to join Schutzstaffel-style Community Healthcare Corps to earn cash, track...

Intellihub | U.S. government reaches new level of extreme nationalism, contact tracing plan mimics formation of Adolph Hitler's ϟϟ 

Ammon Bundy: Not even the King of England and his Redcoats came close to...

Intellihub | Internet connection knocked out halfway through explosive podcast

Trump admits U.S. military, other forces, will vaccinate most Americans by 2021

Intellihub | "...our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly--I just had that meeting."

Thousands of contact tracers, snatch-and-grab personnel, hired to track, help detain, infected

Intellihub | American Gestapo now in full swing--no stone to be left unturned--asymptomatic carriers will be taken into isolation camps along with those displaying symptoms if said infected share residence with only 1 bathroom

Watch: Disgraced NYPD officers brutally beat man for not wearing COVID mask

Intellihub | This is America, people! This is the new norm because we let it happen.

Police in helicopters harass Californians as U.S. slides into all-out police state

Intellihub | Large crowds gathered near Huntington Beach in protest of the unconstitutional closures, police used helicopters to disperse crowds

NYC cops uphold governor’s unconstitutional order to close park amid lockdown protest

Intellihub | U.S. slide into Nazi-Germany-style martial law lockdowns continue as tyrannical governor and police infringe on Americans God-given rights

Ryan Bundy and Ken Cromar end up in standoff against tyranny, police request owners...

Intellihub | Homeowners stand their ground against law enforcement's violation of U.S. Bill of Rights

Leaked Philippine Air Force memo reveals preparation for strict preparatory implementation of martial law...

Intellihub | Leaked classified memo reveals Philippine Air Force plan to activate martial law-style lockdown ahead of coming disaster

COVID1984: Where are we going from here?

Intellihub | History is telling us that many more people died from government tyranny than from all diseases combined
baltimore police

Baltimore PD wants 24-hour HD surveillance drones to enforce social distancing

Organic Prepper | The high definition surveillance drones can reportedly cover around 90% of the City of Baltimore’s land area at any particular moment

Martial law coming? Tanks and military equipment as far as the eye can see:...

Intellihub | Is the U.S. government planning to declare martial law in the near future?

Cops now tracking Easter worshipers license plates in Kentucky: Freedom of religion striped in...

Intellihub | Authorities strip Americans of their freedom to assemble overnight in violation of the U.S. Constitution

Gov. Whitmer singlehandedly turns Michigan into Nazi Germany overnight, “All public and private gatherings...

Intellihub | "All public and private gatherings of any size are prohibited"

WHO health emergencies director advocates government snatch and grab teams to forcefully remove, detain,...

Intellihub | Americans will soon be forcefully removed from their homes as the U.S. slides into total tyranny in a span of just several weeks