Never take a student loan — failure to pay may result with arrest

Intellihub | 70 Marshalls intimidate loan defaulter in court

6 cops armed with assault rifles opened fire on homeless man killing him

Intellihub | Isn't there a less-lethal way to approach a sleeping homeless man?

Armored vehicles marked “Military Police” spotted at Stone Mountain on standby

Intellihub | The U.S. military is now conducting operations on public streets

WHO health emergencies director advocates government snatch and grab teams to forcefully remove, detain,...

Intellihub | Americans will soon be forcefully removed from their homes as the U.S. slides into total tyranny in a span of just several weeks

Gov. Whitmer singlehandedly turns Michigan into Nazi Germany overnight, “All public and private gatherings...

Intellihub | "All public and private gatherings of any size are prohibited"
swat team

Police State 2016: Activist guide to the national conventions

Activist Post | 2 cities are spending millions to turn their cities into micro-police states in preparation for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Ryan Bundy and Ken Cromar end up in standoff against tyranny, police request owners...

Intellihub | Homeowners stand their ground against law enforcement's violation of U.S. Bill of Rights

U.N. ‘weapons enforcement’ vehicle spotted in U.S. — Gun confiscations coming?

Intellihub | A United Nations weapons enforcement vehicle was recently spotted in the U.S., some fear martial law

Man shot in back by police, killed, on daughters graduation day over loud video...

Intellihub | "I gotta get to work tomorrow and I'm getting no sleep"

Targeting America: The FBI, COINTELPRO, and Project Pedophile

Intellihub | In today’s COINTEL Program, one of the FBI’s favorite soft kill tactics is to label targeted individuals as pedophiles, rapists, sexual deviants or "mentally unstable" in order to isolate and destroy them
dog, shot

Programmed to kill: The growing epidemic of cops shooting dogs

Rutherford Institute | Are police shootings of dogs really any different than police shootings of unarmed citizens?

Military ‘medics’ now transporting Arkansas residents deemed ‘COVID-positive’ to undisclosed isolation facility

Intellihub | It's happening, people! 'Medics' from the National Guard are now rounding up civilians and transporting them to a secret facility!

U.N. vehicles being shipped through U.S. now *Video*

Intellihub | In what could appear as an invasion to some, U.N. vehicles are being shipped through the U.S. via flatbed

Trump admits U.S. military, other forces, will vaccinate most Americans by 2021

Intellihub | "...our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly--I just had that meeting."
red list

Confirmed: Protesters in Ukraine Kidnapped From Hospitals And Executed

John Vibes | It has been confirmed that protesters are being kidnapped from hospitals and taken into the forest where they are stripped and executed

Exposed: UN vehicles caught trying to hide logo from public view while traveling inside...

Intellihub News | Why are United Nations Medical Trucks covering up their logo while traveling on US highways?

Mayor Eric Garcetti: Los Angeles is “on the brink” of a shutdown

Intellihub | All of L.A. Country to be locked-down under false pretext of COVID-19 spread
armed drone

Reports of an ‘armed drone’ over Burns Oregon and ‘foreign mercenaries posing as FBI’

Shepard Ambellas | Locals threatened by "Blackstone mercenaries," says Judge
targeted individual spy

FBI spending over $600M yearly to target Americans

Intellihub | ...put in request for nearly $1B for FY2017

Photos and video of “War Zone” as Baltimore erupts into chaos: Protesters clash with...

Intellihub | Groups of protesters turned violent, attacking police and harassing stunned baseball fans.

WHO Director-General Tweets: We are mobilizing the UN

Intellihub | The blue helmets are coming!

UPS partnering with drug giants to inject you with vaccines in your own home…...

Natural News | Partnering with Big Pharma is partnering with the “death business.”

Are U.S. citizens aware of AND prepared for “Jade Helm 15”?

Catherine J. Frompovich | In any event, citizens in JH15 states should start asking questions now of their local and state officials.

Massive military buildup continues: FEMA, UN vehicles, howitzers, convoys, and strange Walmart coincidences

Intellihub News | Unexplained massive military buildup continues leading up to Jade Helm.

Photos: “Highly Suspicious” Saudi Civil Defense trucks spotted on Texas highway

Intellihub | Photos are latest strange sighting leading into Jade Helm.

NYC cops uphold governor’s unconstitutional order to close park amid lockdown protest

Intellihub | U.S. slide into Nazi-Germany-style martial law lockdowns continue as tyrannical governor and police infringe on Americans God-given rights
urban military training

Explosions rock Michigan neighborhood as US Army urban military training exercise begins

Alex Thomas | Residents angry after urban military training shakes neighborhood with explosions.
government police

DOJ creates new position to target “anti-government views”

Joe Wright | The new “Domestic Terrorism Council” will work with US attorneys nationwide
FCC censorship

Feds may soon target Drudge Report and the alternative media through FCC censorship

Alex Thomas | FCC censorship of political websites could soon be on the horizon according to FCC member Ajit Pai.

Authoritarian leftist “activists” at Amherst College demand the end of free speech, extensive re-education...

Alex Thomas | Groups want students who say "All Lives Matter" punished and re-educated