Military ‘medics’ now transporting Arkansas residents deemed ‘COVID-positive’ to undisclosed isolation facility

Intellihub | It's happening, people! 'Medics' from the National Guard are now rounding up civilians and transporting them to a secret facility!
ar15 rifle

Brave AR-15, pistol toating, St. Louis couple’s mansion raided by police

Intellihub | We are witnessing the systematic dismantlement of the country and no one is doing anything about it

Portland under siege: Updates from the warzone, feds conducting snatch and grabs

Intellihub | Armed masked unmarked federal agents were captured on video snatching and grabbing Americans off the streets of Portland Thursday night as mayhem ensued

Man shot in back by police, killed, on daughters graduation day over loud video...

Intellihub | "I gotta get to work tomorrow and I'm getting no sleep"

U.N. ‘weapons enforcement’ vehicle spotted in U.S. — Gun confiscations coming?

Intellihub | A United Nations weapons enforcement vehicle was recently spotted in the U.S., some fear martial law

Exposed: UN vehicles caught trying to hide logo from public view while traveling inside...

Intellihub News | Why are United Nations Medical Trucks covering up their logo while traveling on US highways?

FEMA prepares for complete and total takeover of society and infrastructure once coronavirus ’emergency’...

Intellihub | President Donald Trump under existing U.S. disaster protocol and Executive Orders is set to activate what some have referred to as "the secret government" apparatus with the single flourish of a pen
swat team

Police State 2016: Activist guide to the national conventions

Activist Post | 2 cities are spending millions to turn their cities into micro-police states in preparation for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Mayor Eric Garcetti: Los Angeles is “on the brink” of a shutdown

Intellihub | All of L.A. Country to be locked-down under false pretext of COVID-19 spread

Targeting America: The FBI, COINTELPRO, and Project Pedophile

Intellihub | In today’s COINTEL Program, one of the FBI’s favorite soft kill tactics is to label targeted individuals as pedophiles, rapists, sexual deviants or "mentally unstable" in order to isolate and destroy them

WHO Director-General Tweets: We are mobilizing the UN

Intellihub | The blue helmets are coming!
FEMA camp

Jade Helm: Marines train for internment of citizens under martial law

Alex Thomas | A Marine training drill in Arizona included armed troops chasing angry citizens who attempted to escape a mock internment camp.

BREAKING: FBI en route to Oregon Federal Building occupation with scores of fully armed...

Intellihub | Federal Agents arrive in Oregon to prepare for possible confrontation
secret service

The Deep State, Gang Stalking and Zersetzung

Intellihub | As with COINTELPRO, truth of the illegal, Stasi-styled Zersetzung programs and abuse of power will eventually be revealed

France in full-on martial law, 10,000 troops mobilizing for deployment into streets in wake...

Shepard Ambellas | A few shooters pave way for full-on martial law in France
Jade Helm

Tanks, helicopters, and troops arrive in Big Springs, Texas ahead of Jade Helm 2015

Alex Thomas | A train full of military equipment and over a dozen helicopters have arrived in Big Springs, Texas.

Alert: FEMA camps to pop-up up like wildflowers nationwide under new DoD authorization

Shepard Ambellas | Illegal alien influx used as excuse to furnish hundreds of new camps nationwide under REX 84 protocols
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Obama’s 19 secret “laws” that you have to obey: Directives you’re not allowed to...

Lisa Haven | Secret laws of the land that remain classified?
red list

Confirmed: Protesters in Ukraine Kidnapped From Hospitals And Executed

John Vibes | It has been confirmed that protesters are being kidnapped from hospitals and taken into the forest where they are stripped and executed
goodman, jason

Jason Goodman on LVMPD transparency: “It’s not supposed to be us versus them”

Intellihub | The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made it extremely difficult for independent journalists to make initial press conferences, mainstream journalists tipped-off
war game

Raider Focus: Military war games set to include 650 vehicles, will be largest military...

Alex Thomas | The simulated war game known as Raider Focus will pack Colorado highways with military vehicles.
military convoy

Photos: Military convoy spotted in Indiana as massive buildup to Jade Helm 2015 continues

Intellihub | Photos taken in Indiana show a military convoy heading down the I-70 freeway as the buildup to Jade Helm continues.

California Photojournalist Detained for Photographing Naval School From Public Street

Carlos Miller | A photojournalist was illegally detained after he photographed the entrance to a naval school from a public street in California this week.

Report: Massive number of heavily armed paramilitary forces operating in and around Burns, Oregon

Intellihub | "These guys were in full fatigues, full body armor, and armed to the teeth"

Hate Crime? Professor calls for arresting Americans who display Confederate flag

Alex Thomas | Hard left professor calls for displaying the Confederate flag anywhere to be labeled a hate crime.
riot control

Marines practice riot control for future American civil unrest, footage shows troops taking on...

Alex Thomas | Video footage shows Marines practicing riot control, complete with armed troops taking on angry protesters.

Video inside closed Walmart shows cops guarding entrance and loading docks, possible Jade Helm...

Alex Thomas | Video taken in a recently closed California Walmart is adding to fears over Jade Helm.

Portland Police find themselves in ground war against BLM protesters

Intellihub | Police faced off with Black Lives Matter protesters and were forced to retreat

Seniors citizens, others in Azerbaijan treated like cattle headed for slaughter, beaten, taken to...

Intellihub | Shock footage reveals reality of COVID-19 police and military response

Convoy of Humvees and trainload of military vehicles spotted in Arkansas and Louisiana as...

Intellihub | This new footage comes amid many other reports of some sort of military buildup across the country.