Trump ordered feds, police, snatch and grab Americans off streets

Intellihub | American citizens are being snatched and grabbed out of their vehicles on public streets in broad daylight and no one is doing anything about it
protest blm

Brown’s stepfather under investigation for inciting a riot, so why not the band “Three...

Shepard Ambellas | Popular band's lyrics call for a "riot", so why is Michael Brown's stepfather under investigation?

Study finds “Presence of professional protesters to incite more violence” in Baltimore and Ferguson...

Mac Slavo | The online activity of a few dozen of the same individuals were linked and timed with key moments in Baltimore and Ferguson.
martial law

Entire Baltimore neighborhood under lockdown: “Police declared martial law”

Zero Hedge | Citizens describe how their daily lives have been disrupted as West Baltimore remains under police control, as per Baltimore Brew

U.S. Army urges preparations to occupy NYC, other “megacities”

Paul Joseph Watson | "Army could be called to act in one of these places tomorrow"

Wuhan police deploy “tanks” to quell civil unrest

Intellihub | Will the United States and other countries follow lockstep in the coming weeks?

Oregon man serving prison sentence for collecting rainwater on his own property

Ethan A. Huff | An Oregon landowner has been subjected to a 30-day prison sentence for what he says was a simple act of collecting rainwater on his own property

California Photojournalist Detained for Photographing Naval School From Public Street

Carlos Miller | A photojournalist was illegally detained after he photographed the entrance to a naval school from a public street in California this week.

“This is going to get very ugly” – Former top CIA officer says “Obama...

Zerohedge | The president of the United States, as Newt Gingrich has stated, has failed in his responsibilities to defend the United States

Military Readiness Center Pops Up In Northern Kentucky on Airport Property | A new military readiness center has poped up rather abruptly according to DAHBOO77 a Youtuber citizen reporter.

Bomb squad called after student sets down metal lunch box

Mikael Thalen | A bomb squad was called to the Berks County High School in Hamburg, Pennsylvania this week after a student set down his metal lunch box

Logic suggests Sunday’s Patriots vs. Falcons game and entire city will be scanned for...

Intellihub | Test passes already made over Houston airspace in order to establish a radiation baseline ahead of Super Bowl LI

Merck vaccine scientist threatened with jail time for trying to expose massive vaccine data...

Mike Adams | Merck senior management not only threatened jail time if the scientist exposed the fraud; they also attempted to pay him off with promises of financial bonuses if he kept quiet

Does the NYPD learn their arrest tactics from UFC fighters?

Matt Agorist | The choke hold has been prohibited by the NYPD for decades as means of force

Survivalist Faces Charges for Teaching in Self-Built School

RT | Eustace Conway has lived in the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains for 30 years, detached from modern society. Now, he wants to teach others his survival skills – but the state of North Carolina has slammed him with a series of violations.

Authority: If It’s Good, Why Does It Make Us Feel So Bad?

Kevin Carson | Institutions like the state don’t have legitimate authority over you because we don’t own other people, and you can’t delegate an authority you don’t have to an institution to exercise on your behalf.
deadly forcevideo

FBI ruling: Agents who shot and killed LaVoy Finacum were ‘justified’ to use ‘deadly...

Intellihub | Use of 'deadly force' justified, says FBI
hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton gave order to murder Waco babies: Woman Power

Infowars | Clinton is the “right person” to carry out the psychotic imperatives of the global elite

Police shoot and kill man who was breaking up fight, no weapons found

John Vibes | During the chase, the officers shot at the young men, hitting Oscar and killing him
targeted individual spy

FBI spending over $600M yearly to target Americans

Intellihub | ...put in request for nearly $1B for FY2017

Cop reveals that “planting evidence and lying” are just “part of the game”

John Vibes | The Post then contacted the officer and conducted an anonymous interview with him where he revealed his disturbing perspective

Oregon rancher was shot 9 times by FBI, appears stolen 9mm planted after the...

Piper McGowin | Another day, another horror coming out of our legal authorities in this country

Private prison stocks crash on news DOJ to phase out their use

Zero Hedge | The Justice Department says it will end the use of private prisons
pirate bay founder

Police pull plug on Pirate Bay’s servers, reports say | Pirate Bay 'raided', "digital forensic experts" dispatched

13 cops dispatched to arrest one 15-year-old girl, because a cop ‘smelled weed’

Mike Sawyer | “I looked down like this and saw their red light right here on my baby’s back. They told me to get back or they’ll shoot.”

Taser CEO pioneered police body cams because he got fed up with police brutality

John Vibes | Smith believes that soon all police will have body cameras
shotgun, active shooter, drill

Police State: Interactive map shows cops kill more than terrorists

Alex Thomas | Data gathered by a nonprofit details the deaths of over 5,000 Americans killed by police since 2000.
supreme court

Federal judge rules hidden microphones in public do not violate constitution

Activist Post | Federal Bureau of Investigations placed microphones in a light fixture on the steps of the County Courthouse
NSA airdrop

Watch activists airdrop flyers onto an NSA base urging agents to quit their jobs

Carey Wedler | A drone-like device recently dropped fliers over a key NSA intelligence facility
armed drone

Reports of an ‘armed drone’ over Burns Oregon and ‘foreign mercenaries posing as FBI’

Shepard Ambellas | Locals threatened by "Blackstone mercenaries," says Judge