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Sacramento Sheriff Confronted Over Stingray Surveillance

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones became visibly irate this week after being questioned over his department’s secret use of the cell-phone tracking technology known as Stingray.

Martial law is already here in America! Soldiers, tanks prepare for war on U.S....

Susan Duclos | We are the frogs and the water has slowly heated up and we do not realize we are being boiled and dying

24 cops and armored military vehicle sent to loot a 75-year-old’s retirement fund

John Vibes | Marathon County police are not apologizing for their decision to use an armored military vehicle on a senior citizen because he may have been “argumentative.”

Former FBI Counter Terrorism Expert Confirms Total Surveillance State

Derrick Broze | FBI Counter Terrorism expert Tim Clemente appeared on CNN and made it quite clear that the government is tracking all digital communications.

Woman files $1M federal lawsuit against police after being violently choked, abused, by police...

Lexi Morgan | Woman stands up against brutal cops
laugh factory

No joke: Hillary Campaign attempts to censor comedy club

The Daily Sheeple | Clinton Campaign demands video to be censored
domestic disarmament

Rand Paul proposes legislation to stop end run around 2nd amendment

Senator Rand Paul is attempting to prevent the Obama administration from making an end run around the 2nd amendment.
Walmart Sign

Video: Walmart customer killed by cops for playing with a BB-gun

Mac Slavo | In early August John Crawford III went to Walmart on what was supposed to be a normal shopping trip
swat laser beam

MGM adding tactical SWAT teams to hotels following the 1 October shooting

Intellihub | It looks like private hotel SWAT teams will become a standard in Las Vegas following the tragic Route 91 Harvest Music Festival Massacre in which 58 people lost their lives
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We are the government: Tactics for taking down the police state

John W. Whitehead | The people have the power, all we have to do is awaken that power in the people
Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup/Flickr

Man arrested, charged with multiple felonies for telling jurors about their rights

Carey Wedler | Last week, a Denver man was arrested and charged with multiple felonies, but not for stealing, committing fraud, or engaging in violent crime

Mass incarceration has been a costly and utter failure: Report

Nadia Prupis | Despite evidence pointing to ineffectiveness of harsh penalties, 'lawmakers are slow to take action and public outrage is largely absent,' writes Dr. Joseph Stiglitz
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Revealed: Locations, maps, of 8 domestic wiretapping hubs

Intellihub | The top 8 NSA spy hubs exposed. Map, addresses, everything you need to investigate for yourself: DIY investigation

Arrested for driving without a license while walking

Cop Block | I was walking home from buying some items at the local grocery store
ammo ban

Video: Walmart BANS ammo sales in Baltimore after civil unrest

Alex Thomas | A Baltimore-area Walmart has ceased the sale of ammunition due to riots and protests throughout the city.

Cop caught on dashcam planning to kill dog

Free Thought Project | “The only thing I’m going to do is shoot it, I do not like dogs.”

Obama Makes Black Liberation Speech an Act of Terrorism

Margaret Kimberley | Black Panther activist and aunt of 2pac Shakur, Assata Shakur on most wanted terrorists list

Hundreds Rally in Brooklyn for Second Night of Police Brutality Protest

RT | Hundreds gathered in Brooklyn's East Flatbush neighborhood Tuesday for a second night of protest over the death of 16-year-old Kimani Gray, who was shot to death by police days before.

Police officer shot dead after pointing stun gun at man’s dogs

Free Thought Project | In police custody, the alleged gunman, 46-year-old George Hitcho Jr, said he had told Mr Lasso to get off his property and not come on unless he had a warrant

Feds would exercise draconian emergency powers if Ebola hits U.S.

Paul Joseph Watson | Model State Emergency Health Powers Act "could turn governors into dictators"

Barbed wire and tear gas in Cairo as protesters rise after Mubarak acquittal

Jon Queally | Police and military units used water cannons, barricades and tear gas to prevent protesters trying to march on Tahrir Square

Watch: Out of control cop tases man sitting down for no reason

Intellihub | Modern-day police brutality is off the charts, now, in Pennsylvania at least one police officer appears to have lost his mind altogether

Drone-only: US Army builds $33mn UAV airport in Texas

RT | An airport designed for only two kinds of drones is set to be built in the US

Kids Arrested Waiting for School Bus

Adan Salazar | Three high school students are still dumbfounded after they were arrested this past Thanksgiving eve while waiting for a school bus.
m270 rocket launcher

M270 rocket launchers spotted in Texas amid Walmart Jade Helm military buildup?

Alex Thomas | Jade Helm: Another interesting video has surfaced, this time apparently showing empty M270 rocket launchers.

These cops have setup a revenue collection trap like no other

Free Thought Project | A video uploaded to Facebook Monday shows what low levels police will sink to in order to generate revenue

Photos: “Highly Suspicious” Saudi Civil Defense trucks spotted on Texas highway

Intellihub | Photos are latest strange sighting leading into Jade Helm.

California Dad ‘Begged for his Life’ as Police Beat him to Death – Cell...

RT | A California father of four died Wednesday shortly after a group of police allegedly beat him with batons as he lay defenseless on the sidewalk. Cops, before confiscating witness' cameras, also reportedly unleashed a canine unit on him.
urban military training

Explosions rock Michigan neighborhood as US Army urban military training exercise begins

Alex Thomas | Residents angry after urban military training shakes neighborhood with explosions.

Pot users jailed while pedophiles walk free

Sergey Baranov | Originally posted September 1, 2013