Prison guards beat mentally ill man to death, tried to blame it on synthetic...

Cassius Methyl | What is being called the “beat up squad” apparently decided to unleash its rage on Harrell

California issues mandatory Ebola quarantine order that “applies to anyone”, possible criminal charges for...

Shepard Ambellas | State official gear up for full-on outbreak, medical martial law
michael bennett

NFL star plans to sue Vegas Metro Police Department, claims officer held a gun...

Intellihub | NFL defensive end says he was singled out because he is "black"

Youtuber: ‘Spec Ops military unit wants to come hangout in my studio and study...

Intellihub | Spec Ops unit seeking to learn Youtuber's secrets for popularity
ATM Biometric Scanner

Venezuelan government announces mandatory biometric cards to control supermarket shoppers

J.D. Heyes | Venezuela's continuing experiment with Marxist socialism continues to be an abject failure

Here are the new tactics police are preparing to roll out in your community

Anti-Media | It seems as if the police are considering all options
big brother camera

Thousands of mics and cameras to be installed in San Diego for ‘data harvesting’

True Activist | There's an unanswered question about what this means for personal privacy

S.W.A.T. team refuses public records request, says ‘we are not a government agency’

Mikael Thalen | A regional SWAT team in Massachusetts is refusing to release information on raid statistics due to its belief that it is a private organization
autism vaccine

Anti-vaxxer arrested despite FDA’s release of document proving vaccines are linked to autism

Intellihub | New information has surfaced from a government source linking autism to vaccines containing aluminum
geek squad

Why we’re suing the government for records about Geek Squad informants

EFF | Law enforcement should not be able to bypass the Fourth Amendment to search your devices
baltimore policevideo

Bodycam allegedly shows Baltimore police officer planting drugs

Intellihub | How far will police go to make an arrest? Would they go as far as to plant drugs on someone to do just that? New bodycamera footage suggests so
domestic disarmament

Liberal professor calls for complete domestic disarmament as full-scale gun confiscation plan comes into...

Alex Thomas | Professor openly admits "micro" efforts to destroy 2nd Amendment not working

Tear gas, pepper spray disperse crowds of Ohio football fans

RT | The campus was patrolled by Ohio State and Columbus police officers, dressed in full camouflage gear
Olmstead Academy North Middle School

School cop beat student for cutting in line, gave one child brain damage

John Vibes | A school police officer was recently arrested after he was caught assaulting young children on security camera footage

Who will they serve? Warnings mount that body cameras could do more harm than...

Jon Queally | Policymakers nationwide have been asking for a plug-and-play model policy that shows them how to best balance the promotion of police accountability with the protection of privacy
dhs obama

DHS Purchased Enough Ammo to Sustain a Hot War in America For Years

Shepard Ambellas | The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is ramping up for what could be nothing other than a conflict on American soil.

Asst. sociology prof.: ‘Eventually every human will be microchipped’

Intellihub | Companies are already requiring employees to be implanted with microchips, forcing them to accept the 'mark of the beast'

New Obama executive order says government can detain and forcibly treat you for “severe...

Jonathan Benson | Los Angeles woman threatened with quarantine if she doesn't get MMR vaccine
FEMA camp

Shocking Jade Helm training video: Children used in mock FEMA camp roundups

Mac Slavo | The footage below shows our troops training to take on dissidents right here on American soil.
Senior Airman JoAnn S. Makinano | Public Domain

United Nations seeks US-based disarmament, demobilization and reintegration specialists

The United Nations is actively preparing personnel to assist in what they call “disarmament, demobilization and reintegration” activities against US citizens.

As YouTube and Google continue to punish gun makers and sellers, offers pro-2A...

Natural News | is a gun-friendly video community that’s about to launch as an alternative to YouTube

US Selects Lawyer for ‘Closing’ Guantanamo

Aljazeera | Cliff Sloan will oversee the closure of the controversial detention camp, sources familiar with the decision say.

Police Kill Texas Woman Fleeing Drug Warrants

Phillip Smith | A police officer in the suburban Dallas community of Richardson, Texas, shot and killed a woman with outstanding drug arrest warrants as she fled from an attempted traffic stop Monday morning.
Surveillance Technology

Court rules UK mass spying was unlawfully conducted for nearly two decades

Common Dreams | Decision called 'long overdue indictment' of government's bulk collection of citizens' private information
cops, riot

Blueprint for Dystopia

Daily Coin | John W Whitehead uses the lens of recent history to prove beyond question this video was made to train the military to enslave America

Father faces child endangerment charges after son skips church

Mikael Thalen | A father in Blanchester, Ohio was arrested and charged with child endangerment after his eight-year-old son skipped church

Millimeter Microwaves: ‘Anti-terror’ artificial intelligence scanning in public

21st Century Wire | There is a new technology being tested for use on UK civilians en masse on our streets, millimetre microwave scanners

Gov. SWAT teams target ‘rugged individuals’ who grow their own food, produce their own...

Mac Slavo | The dream of many Americans is to get out of the hustle and bustle of the daily city grind

The War on Whistleblowers and Journalism | There is a war on true journalism in the United States.
dog walk

It’s now mandatory to chip your dog in the UK; humans next?

Daily Sheeple | If it’s such good idea, why must it be mandatory?