TSA Detains Man for Failing to Flush Toilet

RT | All he wanted was a soda. Now a 52-year-old California executive is asking for half a million dollars from airline Virgin America.
martial law

Entire Baltimore neighborhood under lockdown: “Police declared martial law”

Zero Hedge | Citizens describe how their daily lives have been disrupted as West Baltimore remains under police control, as per Baltimore Brew

Hate Crime? Professor calls for arresting Americans who display Confederate flag

Alex Thomas | Hard left professor calls for displaying the Confederate flag anywhere to be labeled a hate crime.
police lights

Shameless cop repeatedly tases handcuffed man, kicks head into pavement while pregnant wife films...

Intellihub | Out of control bully cops captured on film

FBI Surrounds Saudi Student’s House After Neighbors See Him with Pressure Cooker

Infowars | A Saudi student with what a neighbor described as a “bullet colored” pressure cooker was questioned by the FBI after the Boston bombing, according to Oukaz, a Saudi newspaper.

Entire town’s police force went on strike, it backfired. No one wants them back

John Vibes | It turns out that without the transit police there is less traffic, and without the municipal police there has been no noticeable increase in crime

Isn’t it obvious? If Operation Jade Helm were happening in any other country, it...

Mike Adams | Americans remain unaware that the Jade Helm drill spanning 10 U.S. states will put military troops, & weapons directly in communities across the nation

DHS Promotes Snitch Program ‘To Keep Shoppers Safe’

Steve Watson | The Department of Homeland Security is encouraging Americans to snitch on each other if they see anything “suspicious” at malls and shopping centres in New Hampshire this holiday season.

Mayor charged with attempted murder after shooting at SWAT team

Mind Unleashed | The mayor of a Florida town, is facing multiple charges after he opened fire on a SWAT team

FBI postures to aggressively raid Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupiers: Sources

Intellihub | Without opening any productive dialogue with the occupiers--the FBI takes tactical stance

Turkey Protests: Government Targets Doctors Who Treated Injured Demonstrators

IB Times | Doctors who treated protesters wounded in clashes with riot police in Turkey are to be investigated by the government in a move likely to inflame tensions further.

FAA orders “no fly zone” over Bundy Ranch

John Vibes | The FAA ordered a no fly zone over the Bundy Ranch to prevent media coverage

Out of control cops draw and point guns at 6-year-old ‘special needs’ child

Lexi Morgan | When police cross the line

New ‘knife control’ policies will stop wave of London stabbings, mayor says

Intellihub | New knife control policies enacted by London mayor in desperate attempt to stop wave of stabbing: Passersby may be searched for knives if police see fit
active shooter drillvideo

SWAT active shooter drill held at Fairplex mimics Las Vegas shooting

Intellihub | Nearly 100 volunteers from all walks of life participated in an active shooter drill to help SWAT better prepare for a future attack like the Las Vegas shooting

Occupy the Farm Returns, Evicted Two Days Later

Matt Gratz | More than one hundred urban agriculture and sustainable local food activists returned to the embattled University of California “owned” Gill Tract in Albany, CA on Saturday.
churches church

FEMA helps churches prepare for ‘active shooter incidents’

Michael Snyder | Ever wonder if someone might come into your church one Sunday morning and start shooting?
pepper spray

City of Seattle gets $500k lawsuit for hitting up teacher with pepper spray while...

Intellihub | Police may pay for botched MLK counter-protest tactics

Police confiscate healthy baby because it was born at home

Matt Agorist | Fatima Doumbouya had no idea of the horrors that would ensue for simply choosing to have her baby in her own home

Photos and video of “War Zone” as Baltimore erupts into chaos: Protesters clash with...

Intellihub | Groups of protesters turned violent, attacking police and harassing stunned baseball fans.
drug war

Video: Drug warriors and the Prison-Industrial Complex working hand-in-hand to deliver profits to corporations

Ron Paul Liberty Report | Drug warriors and the prison-industrial complex are working hand-in-hand to deliver big profits to the corporatists.
comey, james

RED ALERT: The FBI is now investigating the alternative media for exposing Hillary Clinton

Intellihub | Supposed Russian connections are a smokescreen to censor alternative media
wall st

Operation Choke Point: Acts of financial terrorism against American small businesses exposed

Alex Thomas | Government targeting legal small businesses with absolutely no oversight

Military Choppers Spotted In Groves Above Florida as Drills Ensue

Bob Tuskin | My wife and I have been wondering why there has been unusual numbers military helicopters flying in our skies this week so I decided to look into it.

Marked: “Schools assess students’ threat level” from kindergarten up in precrime society

Mac Slavo | Minority Report, eat your heart out. The real system is worse than anyone could have imagined
FEMA camp

Shocking Jade Helm training video: Children used in mock FEMA camp roundups

Mac Slavo | The footage below shows our troops training to take on dissidents right here on American soil.

Oregon refuge captured on audio — ‘Fantastic Four’ surrender to FBI

Intellihub | Occupiers prepare to turn themselves in, but anything can happen

New York bill aims to destroy First Amendment, censor all non-government approved material

Intellihub | Broad government censorship proposed
supreme court

Federal judge rules hidden microphones in public do not violate constitution

Activist Post | Federal Bureau of Investigations placed microphones in a light fixture on the steps of the County Courthouse

The Surveillance State of England-Talking Cameras Discourage “Anti Social Behavior”

Cassius Methyl | In Britain, there have been talking CCTV cameras everywhere in city centers, monitoring behavior and telling people to do things like "stop littering", for about 5 years now.