FEMA conducting “mandatory nationwide test” on Sept. 27

Intellihub | FEMA says that there is nothing to worry about "this is only a test"
michael bennett

NFL star plans to sue Vegas Metro Police Department, claims officer held a gun...

Intellihub | NFL defensive end says he was singled out because he is "black"

Miami’s homeless detained ahead of storm, some against their will

Intellihub | Although the streets will not be safe during the passing of Hurricane Irma the detention of homeless against their will seems harsh

Police officer to scared white woman at traffic stop: “We only kill black people”

Intellihub | "Remember, we only kill black people, right?"
resque via helicopter harvey

Houston residents were evacuated to Walmart ‘FEMA camp’ for temporary holding during storm

Intellihub | As conspiracy theorists warned for years, Walmart is now being used as a tempory holding facility for Harvey flood victims
fv fema

FEMA and DHS staging in Houston suburb, doing door-to-door sweeps: Report

Intellihub | Residents report door-to-door sweeps in Houston suburb of Spring

Trump opens it up for police departments to obtain military weapons, tanks, again

ZeroHedge | Trump administration is preparing to lift a ban on the sale of some military style weapons to police

The FBI evidence lab is one giant cesspool of corruption

Jon Rappoport | In 2014-15, stories appeared in the press about the phenomenal corruption of the FBI evidence lab
fbi suv

Confirmed: FBI provocateurs were on scene during deadly Charlottesville riots

Intellihub | FBI has long history of using agent provocateurs

Watch: Veteran owns police chief and mayor after cops killed unarmed man

Free Thought Project | Tensions among police and citizens in Euclid, Ohio have come to a head recently
donal trump in phoenix

Phoenix police used tear gas, pepper balls, and rubber bullets on protesters at Tuesday’s...

Intellihub | Protesters of Donald Trump were shocked to find out that the Phoenix Police Department was not playing around at Tuesday's Trump rally

Counter-protesters and riot police clash in Boston at free speech rally

Intellihub | Police were out in force in an attempt to quell any altercations at Saturday's free speech rally at the Boston Commons in which thousands attended

Asst. sociology prof.: ‘Eventually every human will be microchipped’

Intellihub | Companies are already requiring employees to be implanted with microchips, forcing them to accept the 'mark of the beast'
jeff sessions

Shock: Jeff Sessions endorses theft

Ron Paul | Sadly, but not surprisingly, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out of step with this growing consensus

Cops busted trying to sell innocent elderly woman’s car after telling her they needed...

The Free Thought Project | Cops steal elderly woman's car, try to sell it

“I’ll keep doing that until I run out of batteries” Tennessee sheriff’s deputies torture...

boingboing | The teenager has filed an excessive force lawsuit against the department
obama stars speech

Leaked Obama plan to fight election-day meddling included “martial law”

Zero Hedge | Obama considered martial law as an option during election
baltimore policevideo

Bodycam allegedly shows Baltimore police officer planting drugs

Intellihub | How far will police go to make an arrest? Would they go as far as to plant drugs on someone to do just that? New bodycamera footage suggests so
portland police

Cops turning body cameras off before executing innocent people?

Intellihub | Police shooting of Minneapolis woman raises questions throughout community after body camera found to be turned off at the time

Heavily-armed guards greet activists at Capitol steps during Texas rally Saturday

Intellihub | Reporter told not to film heavily-armed police guarding Capitol doors
police seattle

Pregnant mom calls 911, police show up, kill her in front of her kids

Free Thought Project | A community is now mourning the loss of their beloved friend and family member whose 911 call ended tragically after police gunned her down

Kids horrified after cops hold unannounced mock sex trafficking drill

Free Thought Project | It’s unclear if lawsuits will result from the FL Highway Patrol’s missteps
boston harbor

Sail Boston 2017 regatta prioritized by DHS as high-risk event, SEAR-1, equivalent to Super...

Intellihub | DHS concludes Boston Harbor to be a terror risk June 17-22 during the Sail Boston 2017 regatta
phone cord

California finally releases wiretap dataset

EFF | This year, EFF has scored a major victory for open data
portland police

Police confiscate weapons at Portland pro-Trump free speech rally

SHTF Plan | The police haven’t revealed which side of the protest these weapons came from
geek squad

Why we’re suing the government for records about Geek Squad informants

EFF | Law enforcement should not be able to bypass the Fourth Amendment to search your devices

Venezuelan police unleash devastating water cannon on protesters

SHTF Plan | And that’s how a socialist government keeps its boot on the neck of the population

4 signs we do not live in a free country

Waking Times | Just as a fish does not need a bike, a man does not need a government

Heavy military presence in Colorado amid drill, “razor wire” being transported

Intellihub | Will the massive drill be used as a cover to roll out martial law following a North Korean nuclear strike?

“I don’t like to be touched”: Disturbing video shows autistic boy being arrested at...

True Activist | This 10-year-old boy wasn't even told why he was being arrested after he arrived at school