FBI Surrounds Saudi Student’s House After Neighbors See Him with Pressure Cooker

Infowars | A Saudi student with what a neighbor described as a “bullet colored” pressure cooker was questioned by the FBI after the Boston bombing, according to Oukaz, a Saudi newspaper.

America’s Roads Have Been Turned Into A Revenue Generating Surveillance Grid

Michael Snyder | Our roads are slowly but surely being transformed into a revenue generating control grid. And this is just yet another example of how government feels the need to constantly watch, monitor, track and regulate everything that we do.

Rochester, NY Police officers Assault Disabled Man in Motorized Wheelchair

Cop Block | At one point in the video an RPD officers grab Warr, lifting him off his wheelchair, and throwing him onto the sidewalk.

Obama Makes Black Liberation Speech an Act of Terrorism

Margaret Kimberley | Black Panther activist and aunt of 2pac Shakur, Assata Shakur on most wanted terrorists list

DOJ: We Don’t Need Warrants for E-Mail, Facebook Chats

Cnet | An FBI investigation manual updated last year, obtained by the ACLU, says it's possible to warrantlessly obtain Americans' e-mail "without running afoul" of the Fourth Amendment.

NYPD Sergeant Says ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ Is Just The Price We Pay For...

Tim Cushing | “If you’re not a terrorist, if you’re not a threat, prove it,” he says.

Coachella Music Festival Used RFID to Track Patrons and Nearby Residents

Intellihub | All residents near California music festival “required” to wear RFID armbands.

Lauryn Hill Jailed Over Taxes, References Slavery in Court Statement

JG Vibes | Lauryn Hill was kidnapped by agents of the state and placed in a cage for failing to hand over a significant amount of her income to the government.

Florida Cops Threaten News Crew with Arrest Outside School

Carlos Miller | A television news crew was threatened with arrest if they dared enter a 500 foot “safety zone” surrounding a school in Florida this week, even though it is not even school property.

Former FBI Counter Terrorism Expert Confirms Total Surveillance State

Derrick Broze | FBI Counter Terrorism expert Tim Clemente appeared on CNN and made it quite clear that the government is tracking all digital communications.

British Military Amasses 500 Drones

Press TV | The British military has amassed at least 500 drones for its ambitious plan to have a third of Royal Air Force to consist of remotely piloted aircraft by 2030, local media reported.

Alleged Boston Bomber’s Classmate, Accused of ‘Lying’ to Police, Asks For Release

RT | The 19 year-old student accused of repeatedly misleading the police about visiting the dorm room of suspected Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has asked to be released from jail, claiming he has nothing to do with last month’s terrorist attack.

FDA and FBI Raid Cancer Cure Center and Steal Medicine from Dying Patients

Sam Bass | My wife, Yvonne, has been given two death sentences. No, she is not a criminal nor a terrorist. Let me tell you her story.

Federal Government Wants to Fine Companies that Do Not Comply with Wiretap Orders

Derrick Broze | If a new proposal is passed companies such as Facebook and Google could face fines for refusing to comply with government ordered wiretapping.

Florida Sheriff: “Call us if the Guy Down the Street Says he Hates the...

JG Vibes | Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw recently made a statement saying “We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government"

FBI Names 65-year-old Black Panther to Most Wanted Terrorists list

RT | The Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that Joanne Chesimard has been added to its Most Wanted Terrorists list. Thursday's bulletin gave Chesimard, a black nationalist, the dubious distinction of being the first woman to be placed on the list.

High School Student Faces 20 Years For Obama Facebook Threat

Paul Joseph Watson | High school teen Cameron D’Ambrosio was arrested on terror charges and faces up to 20 years in prison for a Facebook post in which he made threats against the White House and mentioned the Boston bombings.

DHS: ‘Cyber Actors Have Engaged in Malicious Activity Against the US Government’

dev-test.intellihub.com | We are now reaching a point in America where the establishment really plans to drop the hammer by suppressing information they deem to be a threat to their operations.

TSA Detains Man for Failing to Flush Toilet

RT | All he wanted was a soda. Now a 52-year-old California executive is asking for half a million dollars from airline Virgin America.

Men are Jailed, Robbed of $14,000 By Police Without Justification

Cop Block | According to Courthouse News Service, a Texas sheriff in Waco, Texas threw two Latino men into jail for 39 days “with no charges, no hearing, and no probable cause” and seized the $14,000 they had saved up to buy a new car.

Military Readiness Center Pops Up In Northern Kentucky on Airport Property

dev-test.intellihub.com | A new military readiness center has poped up rather abruptly according to DAHBOO77 a Youtuber citizen reporter.

Department of Defense Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement

PublicIntelligence.net | The Department of Defense has issued an instruction clarifying the rules for the involvement of military forces in civilian law enforcement.

San Diego Police Attack and Arrest Man Video Recording Them, Claiming Phone Could be...

Carlos Miller | San Diego police slapped a cell phone camera out of a man’s hands Saturday, claiming it could be a weapon, before pouncing on him and handcuffing him, lacerating his chin in the process.

Police Handcuffed Then Attacked Me, Says Busted Torrent Site Owner

Torrent Freak | A torrent site owner who was arrested in 2008 but later found “not guilty” in court has been targeted again.

Department of Homeland Security Seeks Gun Detecting Drones

Derrick Broze | The Department of Homeland Security is testing out a batch of new sensors for their Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS), including one sensor that would offer the ability to determine if an individual is armed with weapons or not.

CISPA Cyber Security Bill Moves Forward, IRS Says no Warrant Needed for Email Access

Derrick Broze | As the cyber security battle continues the IRS warns no warrant needed for email.

Police Kill Texas Woman Fleeing Drug Warrants

Phillip Smith | A police officer in the suburban Dallas community of Richardson, Texas, shot and killed a woman with outstanding drug arrest warrants as she fled from an attempted traffic stop Monday morning.

North Korea: Government Without the Pretense

The Simple Voluntaryist | North Korea is a perfect picture of what happens when statism stops trying to hide what it truly is. North Korea is government without the pretense.

Wikileaks Releases PlusD and The Kissinger Cables

Courtney Harrop | “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.” — Henry A. Kissinger, US Secretary of State, March 10, 1975.

Four Nebraska Cops Fired After Caught on Camera Chasing Man into Home to Steal...

Carlos Miller | Four Nebraska cops were fired over an incident in which they tried their best to conceal, including beating a man and chasing his brother into a home to steal his camera all while unknowingly being recorded by another citizen from an upstairs window.