A week in the life of an American police state

John Whitehead | The following incidents constitute a typical week in the life of the American police state
targeted individual spy

FBI spending over $600M yearly to target Americans

Intellihub | ...put in request for nearly $1B for FY2017
Gov. David Ige

It’s happened: Hawaii becomes first state to put gun owners in FBI database

Intellihub | Hawaii Governor sells out residents, infringes constitutional rights
wells fargo center

Entire 2016 DNC to be walled off with ‘no-scale fencing; designated as a National...

Intellihub | July 25-28, Deep State vs. Citizenry at Wells Fargo Center and XFinity Live!
secret underground bunker

FEMA, DHS, prepare at secret underground bunker

SHTFPlan | The elite are increasingly investing in prepping contingencies –- at both a personal and institutional level
fenway park

Casting call: Actors needed Sunday for simulated terror attack on Boston’s Fenway Park stadium

Intellihub | Simulated terror attack planned for Sunday at Fenway Park
washington dc subway

Is something wicked coming to Washington D.C.?

Intellihub | As everything comes to a head, DHS prepares for something wicked

Snow Job: Snowden’s job was to condition the general populace that they were being...

Intellihub | Snowden most likely still operational, an asset of an alphabet soup agency

FBI now preventing patriots from buying guns: Confirmed

Intellihub | Patriot without felony record delayed, denied, purchase of firearm

Activist questions if the DoD, military, is spying his computer — then finds THIS...

Intellihub | America has ended, that's right, we now live in "martial law," activist says
subway new york

DHS to orchestrate fake terror attack, release gas in NYC subway for bioterrorism drill

Intellihub | Don't worry, it's only a test: Bioterrorism drill being conducted to better help officials respond in the event of a real attack
cop squirrel

Watch as evil cop pepper sprays innocent little squirrel

Intellihub | America is in sad shape if people like this are in charge

Did you know that billboards are spying on you now?

Intellihub | Advanced, smart-billboards, are now being used to track you: Report
excessive force police cop

Cop fired for punching handcuffed lady out: Excessive force video

Intellihub | Cop uses excessive force on handcuffed woman's face
big brother camera

Computerized predictive policing models, much like credit reports, have already issued your ‘threat level’

Intellihub | Police now tracking American citizens in realtime with Skynet-like system

Bank exec held against will, forced to take drugs, for claiming to own BMW...

Intellihub | One woman's story of being targeted by the state
bear branch elementary

Parents furious: Texas Constable threatened parents with arrest for walking their children home from...

Intellihub | Orwellian orders given by school officials now being carried out by constables of fascist police state
power pole

ATF now spying on Phoenix residents using equipment mounted on utility-owned power poles

Intellihub | More and more spy equipment being found mounted to power poles
gangstalking national security racketeering network

National Security Racketeering Network analysis

Intellihub | This operation extra-judicially targets “Potential Domestic Threats” (innocent Americans) and engages in what is referred to as Outrageous Government Conduct using tactics from the East German Stasi and the U.K.’s GCHQ.
autism vaccine

Anti-vaxxer arrested despite FDA’s release of document proving vaccines are linked to autism

Intellihub | New information has surfaced from a government source linking autism to vaccines containing aluminum

Targeting America: The FBI, COINTELPRO, and Project Pedophile

Intellihub | In today’s COINTEL Program, one of the FBI’s favorite soft kill tactics is to label targeted individuals as pedophiles, rapists, sexual deviants or "mentally unstable" in order to isolate and destroy them
deep state camera

The Deep State — fact not fiction

Intellihub.com | The executive, judicial and legislative branches which consist of the three known branches, are controlled by the fourth branch - the Deep State.

U.N. now chipping refugees, tracking them in global database separate from governments upon world...

Intellihub | World bank oligarchs give orders for U.N. to chip refugee population
fema camp

‘THEY’ KNEW it would come to this… Why do you think the CAMPS were...

IntellihubThe Establishment's plan for dissidents who will protest a forced Presidential Election outcome
secret service

The Deep State, Gang Stalking and Zersetzung

Intellihub | As with COINTELPRO, truth of the illegal, Stasi-styled Zersetzung programs and abuse of power will eventually be revealed
tsa watchlist

The Terrorist Watchlist, Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter, and Gang Stalking

Intellihub | The National Security Racketeering Network is exerting incrementally increasing control over certain free-thinking members of the population
toy gun

Law enforcement and the use of deadly force — Part 2

Intellihub | A rational analysis regarding the use of deadly force by law enforcement
obama motorcade sxsw

Obama attends SXSW; says, ‘Americans need to sacrifice privacy for safety’

Intellihub | Obama plans to end your privacy -- all in the name of security
deadly forcevideo

FBI ruling: Agents who shot and killed LaVoy Finacum were ‘justified’ to use ‘deadly...

Intellihub | Use of 'deadly force' justified, says FBI
texas policevideo

North Texas police departments using covert buses to physically monitor drivers in realtime

Intellihub | Covert roving surveillance platforms now in place: Covert buses