Never take a student loan — failure to pay may result with arrest

Intellihub | 70 Marshalls intimidate loan defaulter in court

FBI confiscated witness video showing agents open fire on occupants of vehicle prior to...

Intellihub | Witness to Finicim's murder, Shawna Cox, comes forth with damning details

Oregon refuge captured on audio — ‘Fantastic Four’ surrender to FBI

Intellihub | Occupiers prepare to turn themselves in, but anything can happen
fbi suv

Domestic terrorists and watch-listed individuals: Creating the false narrative

Intellihub | Rogue factions in FBI target and harass innocent individuals
snow hummer

FBI siege happening now! LIVE FEED! Nevada Rep. Fiore on the line, en route...

Intellihub | The shit's going down right now!
troops canadian frenchvideo

Longtime Harney County resident speaks out, confirms French mercs on the ground, operating outside...

Intellihub | Factions of U.S. government may have ordered foreign mercs into Harney County to circumvent constitutional conflict, operating covertly

Rutherford Institute highlights government tyranny in prosecution of Pete Santilli

Rutherford Institute | “If you can’t say ‘Fuck’ you can’t say, ‘Fuck the government.’” ― Lenny Bruce

They think you are terrorists: Fusion center targets peaceful patriots attending LaVoy Finicum funeral

Intellihub | Mourning the loss of LaVoy Finicum makes you a possible terrorist?

Report: Massive number of heavily armed paramilitary forces operating in and around Burns, Oregon

Intellihub | "These guys were in full fatigues, full body armor, and armed to the teeth"
armed drone

Reports of an ‘armed drone’ over Burns Oregon and ‘foreign mercenaries posing as FBI’

Shepard Ambellas | Locals threatened by "Blackstone mercenaries," says Judge

Did you know your vehicle is being logged in databases when you shop at...

Shepard Ambellas | Vehicle equipped with scanners capturing your vehicle data now

Oregon rancher was shot 9 times by FBI, appears stolen 9mm planted after the...

Piper McGowin | Another day, another horror coming out of our legal authorities in this country

HHS Secretary admits reality of Ebola — U.N. peacekeepers solicited to occupy New York...

Shepard Ambellas | Pandemic martial law nears in U.S.
red list

Confirmed: Protesters in Ukraine Kidnapped From Hospitals And Executed

John Vibes | It has been confirmed that protesters are being kidnapped from hospitals and taken into the forest where they are stripped and executed

TSA Agents at DIA Under Investigation for Sexual Assault After Pat Down

John Vibes | A 39 year old woman is filing criminal sexual assault charges against TSA agents after an invasive pat down