coast guard

Coast Guard found no ‘dirty bomb’ aboard Maersk Memphis, source of info arrested

Intellihub | "Clear and present danger" or just hype?
Jade Helm

Mainstream press targets alternative media over Jade Helm coverage in series of coordinated attacks

Alex Thomas | The mainstream press has gone into full-scale attack mode, specifically attacking any alternative reporting on Jade Helm.

Facebook censors pro-Trump and negative Hillary news

BATR | The establishment protector of “PC” purity strikes again
challenger crew

Are astronauts from NASA Space Shuttle Challenger crew still alive despite explosion?

Intellihub | Did NASA lie to us? Are they still lying to us?

Vice News: “Let’s blow up Mount Rushmore”

Infowars | Alt-left outlet calls for terror attack on national monument?

The entertainment industry exposed — Illuminati tentacles

Intellihub | It's no big secret anymore that Hollywood has been overran by evil
Jade Helm

“It’s just a training exercise”: Army Special Ops shoot down Jade Helm conspiracy theories

Mac Slavo | U.S. Army Special Operations Command says that, contrary to reports circulating on conspiracy websites, it has no plans to invade Texas.
obama pentagon

Pentagon rebrands ISIS to “Daesh” after alternative media kicks establishment’s ass in information war

Shepard Ambellas | Pentagon "slush fund" reaching up to $10 million daily
baby, vaccines

Black woman: “I hope they kill all the white babies. Kill them all right...

Intellihub | A racist black woman wants to "kill all the white babies" right "now!"

Top 10 pieces of propaganda in modern times

Tools For Freedom | 10 examples of modern day propaganda in society

JK Rowling is a pathetic liar, goes on Twitter rant over FAKE NEWS

Infowars | Fact check: Trump spent most time out of anyone with the kid
chemical weapons

Report: Soros-linked group behind chemical attack in Syria

Infowars | Chemical attack has all the hallmarks of a false flag
megyn kelly

Report: James Murdoch plans to turn Fox News into yet another progressive establishment news...

Intellihub | Network will stand for "established world order"

Baltimore riots: A product of the Soros Machine

Brandon Turbeville | George Soros has been heavily involved in the social unrest and movement-wrecking activity that has taken place all across the US.
Anderson Cooper

What is CNN?

Intellihub | Evidence suggests CNN is nothing more than a shitshow
hawaii food prices milk

PETA is now claiming that milk is a symbol of white supremacy

Intellihub | Group tries to tap into leftist hysteria

Fake news site CNN completely misrepresents quote, rest of lying media runs with it

Information Liberation | The whole freak out over “fake news” is nothing more than an excuse for these fake news propagandists to censor their competition

Meet the Clinton propaganda network to discredit Donald Trump

Voltaire | Clinton connected organizations work against Trump
trump in newsroom

MSNBC airs fake news report claiming actual Nazis in the White House while CNN...

Intellihub | The mainstream media works directly FOR the deep state establishment
tupac shakur in bmw with Suge knight

6 reasons Tupac Shakur may still be alive

Intellihub | Mounting evidence suggests that Tupac Shakur may actually be alive and has been living a fruitful life in Cuba
armstrong, neil

Armstrong, famous NASA moon-walker, refused to swear on Bible about actual moon landing before...

Intellihub | Shocking video raises concerns if Armstrong ever set foot on the moon

Mile-long lines: Trump footage the media won’t show

Infowars | Mainstream cover-up underway

Actor number two discovered? Were ‘crisis actors’ deployed to sway the media cycle after...

Intellihub | Actor number two, Andy Moss, captured crying on-air with no tears

Investigative journalist for CBS News exposes how mainstream media brainwashes the public

Amanda Froelich | Brainwashing of the public by the media exposed
news shooting

BUSTED: Videos of Virginia reporter shooting hoax were separate takes!

Joe Wright | The establishment media has gone quiet on the Virginia shooting
mike rowe

Mike Rowe eviscerates “snowflake” thug who calls him a “white nationalist”

Zero Hedge | If you ever plan to attack Mike Rowe over Facebook then you better bring more than just a few "smug and snarky" comments to the table

Leaked docs: Media Matters conspires with Facebook, Google to shut down conservative media

Infowars | Radical left launches scorched earth policy against free speech
san bernadinio shooting witness

Third eyewitness to San Bernardino shooting says it wasn’t Sayd Farook

Shepard Ambellas | "It's not him," says San Bernardino shooting witness

CNN: Trump supporters are white supremacists by default

Intellihub | Anti-Trump network once again goes after tens of millions of Americans