tupac shakur in bmw with Suge knight

6 reasons Tupac Shakur may still be alive

Intellihub | Mounting evidence suggests that Tupac Shakur may actually be alive and has been living a fruitful life in Cuba
annie jacobsenvideo

Journalist Annie Jacobsen: The Roswell crash was a communist black propaganda campaign

Intellihub | Were the bodies recovered in the Roswell crash real aliens or humans altered to look like aliens as journalist Annie Jacobsen reports?
san bernadinio shooting witness

Third eyewitness to San Bernardino shooting says it wasn’t Sayd Farook

Shepard Ambellas | "It's not him," says San Bernardino shooting witness

Actor number two discovered? Were ‘crisis actors’ deployed to sway the media cycle after...

Intellihub | Actor number two, Andy Moss, captured crying on-air with no tears

Bombshell: Wuhan’s Naval University of Engineering issued lockdown notice ahead of Coronavirus epidemic

Intellihub | Chinese government quietly issued a warning ahead of public notice
protest blm

Day of rage protests are scheduled for July 15th in these American cities

The Organic Prepper | All of these places have the strong potential to become battle zones
challenger crew

Are astronauts from NASA Space Shuttle Challenger crew still alive despite explosion?

Intellihub | Did NASA lie to us? Are they still lying to us?
iss matrix glitchvideo

Does this live feed ISS glitch during astronaut interview prove NASA T.V. fakery?

Intellihub | Would NASA actually lie to the American people and fake ISS footage after receiving billions of dollars in funding?
michelle obama

Pics: First Lady Michelle Obama gives keynote speech in Austin, a sit down with...

Intellihub | It's all part of the Let Girls Learn Initiative
Anderson Cooper

What is CNN?

Intellihub | Evidence suggests CNN is nothing more than a shitshow

More bullshit: ISIS video which ‘appears’ to show Jordanian pilot to have been ‘burned...

Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub Director calls 'bullshit' on mainstream media lies
nbc reporter

Confirmed: NBC News crew spotted inside bunker that sent Hawaii missile alert, just hours...

Intellihub | News crew granted access to secure bunker that receives an encrypted call from USPACCOM if an airborne missile posses a threat to Hawaii on the very same day, hours, before the botched alert went out to the public

David Hogg appeared on CBS 6 months ago, appears to be groomed by media

Daily Sheeple | Brian Hogg appeared on CBS 6 months ago, appears to be groomed by media

Alex Jones exposes Joe Rogan as a ‘Soros shill’

Intellihub | UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan was called out by radio talk show host Alex Jones on Sunday for pushing fallacies about billionaire George Soros

Rabi calls for social media platforms to ban ‘digital terrorism’ in attempt to limit...

Shepard Ambellas | ISIS is "running circles around us"
baby, vaccines

Black woman: “I hope they kill all the white babies. Kill them all right...

Intellihub | A racist black woman wants to "kill all the white babies" right "now!"

Video: Is this the proof that the Virginia shooting was a false flag style...

Joe Wright | Is the Virginia shooting hoax blowing up in the MSM’s face?

Top 10 pieces of propaganda in modern times

Tools For Freedom | 10 examples of modern day propaganda in society
bbc news

France’s fake news law will be used to silence critics, win elections

Intellihub | New laws targeting so called 'fake news' will actually be used to target and take down real news outlets in the long run so the powers-that-be will be able to remain in control as usual

Baltimore riots: A product of the Soros Machine

Brandon Turbeville | George Soros has been heavily involved in the social unrest and movement-wrecking activity that has taken place all across the US.

New Netflix movie fantasizes about time-traveling liberals carrying out the “pre-crime” murder of patriots...

Natural News | Nowhere in the film is any character concerned about the total destruction of the Bill of Rights
carol costello

CNN’s Carol Costello twists reality behind the ‘anti-vaxxer movement’; pushes mandatory vaccines for entire...

Shepard Ambellas | Big pharma and CDC now making massive push to forcefully vaccinate everyone

LVMPD and FBI in full damage control mode at latest press conference: Las Vegas...

Intellihub | LVMPD and FBI show "hand-in-hand" solidarity in active shooter investigation
waters, maxine

Rep. Maxine Waters in hot water over opponent’s Tweet, claims letter offering sanctuary for...

Intellihub | Did Rep. Maxine Waters actually alert the Justice Department as she claims regarding the so-called 'fake' letter?

JFK: An S.S. Agent’s Deathbed Confession

Sherrie McKnight | As the milestone 50 year anniversary of the JFK assassination approaches, I was intrigued to be contacted by a man who identified himself as a very close friend..
Jade Helm

Mainstream press targets alternative media over Jade Helm coverage in series of coordinated attacks

Alex Thomas | The mainstream press has gone into full-scale attack mode, specifically attacking any alternative reporting on Jade Helm.
megyn kelly debate

Jack Posobiec made out to be the new ‘butcher of Bakersfield’ in Fox News...

Intellihub | Looks like the 1987 film The Running Man was quite accurate in depicting current times

Captured on tape: Victims being carried toward Pulse nightclub after shooting

Intellihub | What's wrong with this picture?

Threat message cancelled: ‘U.S. Pacific Command has detected a missile threat to Hawaii, this...

Intellihub | Residents ponder why such an alert would have been broadcast in the first place if there was no initial threat of an incoming missile to begin with