USPS Avoids the Dreaded C-Word in Holiday Stamp Advertisement

Kimberly Paxton | Oh, goodie. More political correctness that goes so far amok that the correctness itself has become bigotry.

LVMPD and F.B.I. failed to catalogue at least one deceased 1 Oct. shooting victim?...

Intellihub | In what can only be described as gross negligence or a massive cover-up of the truth, the F.B.I. and LVMPD may have failed to record the death of at least one shooting victim killed in the massacre
michael hayden ciavideo

Deep State unleashes propaganda campaign on Late Show

Intellihub | Fmr. C.I.A. Dir. says, 'Obama couldn't have tapped Trump Tower'

Media Propagandist Says That Cannabis Users “Kill Whole Families”

John Vibes | Reefer madness is alive and well on the mainstream media

35 things the media reported as FACTS that were later found to be total...

Mike Adams | Truth is the greatest enemy of the state, and the purpose of the state-run media is to broadcast a sufficient quantity of lies to suffocate the truth and thereby protect state interests
obama pentagon

CENTCOM Whistleblowers: Obama distorting ISIS intelligence

Infowars | Whistleblowers out superiors for altering intelligence
Megyn Kelly

Media Icons Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, and Megyn Kelly Should be Outed as Traitors...

Shepard Ambellas | State sponsored terror and propaganda floods the masses as we are reaching a turning point in American history
mozilla firefox

Mozilla/Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media

Natural News | Many of us sought out Firefox from Mozilla, an organization with a strong history supporting free speech and open access to information
challenger crew

Are astronauts from NASA Space Shuttle Challenger crew still alive despite explosion?

Intellihub | Did NASA lie to us? Are they still lying to us?

David Clarke: Fla. students’ gun control push has ‘George Soros’ fingerprints all over it’

The Hill | Clarke now serves as senior adviser and spokesman for the pro-Trump America First Action PAC
school room classroom

School forces students to sing ‘Islamic fight song’

Dean James | So one Conservative Mom does this...
second eyewitness

Second eyewitness to terror attack: “Three white men in military fatigues” did it!

Shepard Ambellas | Official establishment narrative destroyed! Second eyewitness confirms three white men fled scene in black SUV

Busted: FBI program aimed at reducing “violent extremism” in youths contradictory to FBI’s actual...

Intellihub | FBI now asking teachers to spy on students who display views that don't agree with the U.S. Government, despite fact that FBI has hatched and is responsible for more terrorism in the U.S. than any other organization

INVADING IRAQ 2.0: ISIS propaganda, proxy wars & NATO’s ‘Blitzkrieg’

Shawn Helton | The Western-backed Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS, has made its way to Iraq through Turkey and over the northeastern border of Syria

Growing questions about CNN’s airport monopoly as network veers left

Fox News | CNN pays airports to leave the network on, and many travel hubs even have agreements in which CNN pays for their TVs and infrastructure
obama, congress

House quietly passes bill targeting “Russian propaganda” websites

Zero Hedge | The sophistication of the Russian tactics may complicate efforts by Facebook and Google to crack down on “fake news"

Student: ‘Harvard University, other schools, having problems with students and staff silencing free speech’

Intellihub | Eventually there will be nothing left of free speech if we keep going down this road

“Truman Show-esque alternate reality all around you” – 4 ways to spot Big Pharma’s...

Heather Callaghan | Studies show that people are gullible enough to believe anything if it appears on TV and sounds authoritative.

Zero Dark Thirty wins ‘Albert Speer Oscar’ for best propaganda film

Patrick Henningsen | One of the most pervasive trends in 21st century western culture has become somewhat of an obsession in America

Obama: ‘We need more emergency funding as a Christmas present to fight Ebola’

Shepard Ambellas | Obama begs congress for an early "Christmas present" before "they leave for the holidays"

RT anchor Abby Martin faces off against Putin after Wahl resignation

Intellihub | Abby Martin appeared on Piers Morgan following the resignation of Liz Wahl, to speak out against war and media propaganda

Social media posts ‘claim’ ISIS to burn 17 caged ‘Kurdish fighters’ alive in newest...

Shepard Ambellas | Another attempt by the CIA backed group ISIS to create fear globally to justify endless war profits for U.S.-led forces

Why United Airlines Flight 175 wasn’t a ‘commercial airliner’

Intellihub | Military type aircraft used to carry out September 2001 attacks?

ISIS sets sights on ‘satanic’ CNN, NASA, and Federal Reserve

Intellihub | Is ISIS planning more attacks on America? The terrorist organizations latest release of propaganda suggest an attack may be coming

CNN: Trump supporters are white supremacists by default

Intellihub | Anti-Trump network once again goes after tens of millions of Americans

Media accuses Tucker of pushing ‘Russian propaganda’

Fox News | FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news
morning joe and mika

MSNBC libs: ‘President radically demanded an unpredicated investigation while he’s under investigation and should...

Intellihub | Deep state operatives in full swing after President Trump stirred up the hornets nest in DC with a controversial tweet
high school corona del sol

New ‘Anti-American’ PSYOP ran on Arizona High School football fans

Shepard Ambellas | 'USA gear' deemed "offensive"

Oprah, who is pro organic and pro GMO labeling, runs a Monsanto ad in...

Jennifer Lilley | Sign the petition to end the contradiction


fence, no freedom

The Illusion of Freedom