Christians Are Being Burned Alive, Beheaded, Crucified, Tortured To Death And Imprisoned In Metal...

Michael Snyder | The “coming persecution of Christians” has already begun. It is already here. So why is the mainstream media in the United States almost totally silent about this phenomenon?

America’s vaccine narrative now mirrors Nazi eugenics propaganda

Mike Adams | When MEDICINE becomes MURDER

Two videos that prove the FBI is lying about the Las Vegas Massacre

Infowars | Alteration of event timeline brings entire narrative into question
medial control

2 weeks later: Virginia shooting hoax completely vanished from mainstream media

Bernie Suarez | It’s been slightly over 2 weeks now and the media has said nothing about the Virginia TV Reporter shooting

Lombardo’s latest

Intellihub | Newly reelected Sheriff Joseph Lombardo appeared on News 3 Las Vegas on Tuesday where he was lightly interrogated in a gentle questions and answers segment

Will a terror attack strike the U.S. Open? An Al Qaeda publication says yes

Shepard Ambellas | More rhetoric supporting upcoming attack on U.S. soil hits press

Parliament shooting “looks like an Islamic terror attack”, says terror analyst

Shepard Ambellas | ISIS propaganda begins in Canada, city locked down

Is an Adam Lanza Photo Released by Mainstream Media Photoshopped?

Shepard Ambellas | I am no Photoshop expert let me make that clear. However maybe some of you readers are.
michael hayden ciavideo

Deep State unleashes propaganda campaign on Late Show

Intellihub | Fmr. C.I.A. Dir. says, 'Obama couldn't have tapped Trump Tower'

ABC makes “epic mistake,” retracts bombshell Flynn story

Zero Hedge | One wonder what the consequences are, or should be, for such an obvious error
carol costello

CNN’s Carol Costello twists reality behind the ‘anti-vaxxer movement’; pushes mandatory vaccines for entire...

Shepard Ambellas | Big pharma and CDC now making massive push to forcefully vaccinate everyone
robert e. lee

Racial division narrative intensifies in media after vehicle runs into crowd at fringe protest

Intellihub | Another distraction hits the press after violence erupts at a Virginia fringe rally, Army National Guard deployed to quell conflict
tupac shakur in bmw with Suge knight

6 reasons Tupac Shakur may still be alive

Intellihub | Mounting evidence suggests that Tupac Shakur may actually be alive and has been living a fruitful life in Cuba

Obama: ‘We need more emergency funding as a Christmas present to fight Ebola’

Shepard Ambellas | Obama begs congress for an early "Christmas present" before "they leave for the holidays"
school room classroom

School forces students to sing ‘Islamic fight song’

Dean James | So one Conservative Mom does this...

The NSA says they stopped spying on you this week… but declassified documents say...

John Vibes | The NSA has promised to comply with "the USA Freedom Act"
book burning night

‘Online book burning’ has begun, author claims ‘censorship’

Shepard Ambellas | 'If you disagree with a government version of anything, Amazon can pull your book'
mozilla firefox

Mozilla/Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media

Natural News | Many of us sought out Firefox from Mozilla, an organization with a strong history supporting free speech and open access to information

‘Summer of rage’ begins July 2 with nationwide impeachment marches aimed at President Trump

Intellihub | Communists plan nationwide 'Impeachment March' on July 2 to kick off the 'summer of rage'
out of touch goldberg

Failed political pundit Goldberg pushes establishment PSYOP, says Trump supporters ‘out of touch with...

Shepard Ambellas | New Intellihub poll proves Goldberg out of touch with most Americans
china flag

California Governor: U.S. should emulate communist China

Infowars | Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown of California is literally claiming that the United States should emulate communist China
obama pentagon

Pentagon rebrands ISIS to “Daesh” after alternative media kicks establishment’s ass in information war

Shepard Ambellas | Pentagon "slush fund" reaching up to $10 million daily

CNN caught in the most epic fake news fail we’ve seen yet

Natural News | CNN was just caught in the most epic fake news fail we’ve ever witnessed
trump in newsroom

MSNBC airs fake news report claiming actual Nazis in the White House while CNN...

Intellihub | The mainstream media works directly FOR the deep state establishment

Threat message cancelled: ‘U.S. Pacific Command has detected a missile threat to Hawaii, this...

Intellihub | Residents ponder why such an alert would have been broadcast in the first place if there was no initial threat of an incoming missile to begin with

School bans American flags at games, favors Hispanics feelings

Intellihub | What is America becoming?

Calls to shut down social media “extremism” intensify

Kurt Nimmo | Government claims terrorists luring school girls with kittens and Nutella
power grid night

FAKE NEWS: No, Russia did NOT hack the U.S. electricity grid!

Intellihub | More fake news perpetuated by so-called "credible" sources
trump, earnst josh, pree secretary, wh

WH Press Secretary and Obama Admin furious over Trump’s poll position, say Muslim remarks...

Lexi Morgan | Establishment scared they are losing control of regime as Trump sets sights on 2016 Presidency