35 things the media reported as FACTS that were later found to be total...

Mike Adams | Truth is the greatest enemy of the state, and the purpose of the state-run media is to broadcast a sufficient quantity of lies to suffocate the truth and thereby protect state interests

Terror Experts: ISIS video depicting Egyptian execution footage ‘faked’

Shawn Helton | Terror experts have ruled that ISIS video footage appearing to show the executions of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians as being fake

Calls to shut down social media “extremism” intensify

Kurt Nimmo | Government claims terrorists luring school girls with kittens and Nutella
flu vaccine

BACKFIRE: How the vaccine industry lost the propaganda war, alienated the public and stirred...

Mike Adams | A blatant violation of A.M.A. code of ethics

Video purports to show IS militants beheading hostages

My Way | A video purporting to show the mass beheading of Coptic Christian hostages was released Sunday by militants in Libya affiliated with the Islamic State group

Social media posts ‘claim’ ISIS to burn 17 caged ‘Kurdish fighters’ alive in newest...

Shepard Ambellas | Another attempt by the CIA backed group ISIS to create fear globally to justify endless war profits for U.S.-led forces

RNC video shows Hillary as heiress to Obama’s throne

Lexi Morgan | GOP foreshadows Hillary as next president

National media wages psychological terror campaign against Americans to set stage for government destruction...

Mike Adams | First, lie about those who believe in liberty

Evidence emerges that measles outbreaks are deliberately encouraged by Big Pharma to ignite vaccine...

Mike Adams | Flawed vaccine is the primary cause of the outbreaks
carol costello

CNN’s Carol Costello twists reality behind the ‘anti-vaxxer movement’; pushes mandatory vaccines for entire...

Shepard Ambellas | Big pharma and CDC now making massive push to forcefully vaccinate everyone

More bullshit: ISIS video which ‘appears’ to show Jordanian pilot to have been ‘burned...

Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub Director calls 'bullshit' on mainstream media lies
white house

Measles used by government & mockingbird media to shame parents, mandate vaccinations

SGT Report | More fear mongering and lies to report on and expose
greg gutfeld

Fox News host: ‘Seahawks coach threw the game in self-destructive attempt at an inside...

Lexi Morgan | 9/11 truth meets football; the ultimate rhetoric to sidetrack the masses after Seahawks Super Bowl disappointment

Hollywood uses ‘American Sniper’ to destroy history & create myth

RT | American Sniper is directed by Clint Eastwood, and tells the story of Chris Kyle, a US Navy Seal

Virtually everything out of the President’s mouth was a lie, the State of the...

Shepard Ambellas | Obama grandstands during speech

6 major lies that will be pushed on NFL fans this week

Bernie Suarez | The NFL is a massive and thus a coveted platform by the CIA without a doubt
obama pentagon

Pentagon rebrands ISIS to “Daesh” after alternative media kicks establishment’s ass in information war

Shepard Ambellas | Pentagon "slush fund" reaching up to $10 million daily

Zero Dark Thirty wins ‘Albert Speer Oscar’ for best propaganda film

Patrick Henningsen | One of the most pervasive trends in 21st century western culture has become somewhat of an obsession in America

Obama: ‘We need more emergency funding as a Christmas present to fight Ebola’

Shepard Ambellas | Obama begs congress for an early "Christmas present" before "they leave for the holidays"

ISIS hostage John Cantlie ‘accepts fate’ in new propaganda video

RT | Islamic State terrorists have released a new video featuring kidnapped photojournalist John Cantlie

ISIS THEATRE: Jihadi John’s execution of Peter Kassig ‘emerges’ as NeoCons push for war

Century 21 Wire | Former US Army Ranger, Peter Kassig, has become the fifth alleged victim of ISIS protagonist,

Parliament shooting “looks like an Islamic terror attack”, says terror analyst

Shepard Ambellas | ISIS propaganda begins in Canada, city locked down

10 things about the U.S. news media that they don’t want you to know

Michael Snyder | Do you trust the news media?

News and the art of the con

Jay | Fear! Panic! Pandemic! Downed planes and riots and ISIS and ducks crossing the Interstate!

F.B.I. asks for help identifying masked individual in ISIS propaganda video

Shepard Ambellas | F.B.I. formally asks for the public's assistance locating terror trainees and masked English-speaking man in Sept. ISIS propaganda video

The five biggest lies about Ebola being pushed by government and mass media

Mike Adams | At every level of media and government, protecting the financial interests of drug companies appears to be far more important than protecting public health

JayAnalysis Vindicated: Staged ISIS Vids Exemplify Fake News

Jay | This week’s media circus witnessed the upstaging of the celebrity boob hack with a new ISIS “beheading” video of “journalist” Steven Sotloff.

Obama considers going after ISIS as public opinion tide turns in favor of invasion

Kurt Nimmo | Months of propaganda has shifted public opinion of war with ISIS

The evolution of U.S. war propaganda

Caleb Maupin | In the 1984, millions of people in movie audiences in the US were subjected to a right-wing action movie entitled “Red Dawn”

Will a terror attack strike the U.S. Open? An Al Qaeda publication says yes

Shepard Ambellas | More rhetoric supporting upcoming attack on U.S. soil hits press