“Terrified” passenger aboard Grand Princess says he sees “a lot of military outside the...

Intellihub | "I see some military outside the ship right now"

Quarantined: Chinese authorities weld residents into their apartments, leave them for dead

Intellihub | Video footage shows Chinese authorities enforcing a quarantine order on residents by welding them inside their own home to die

Washington State authorities prepare to enforce forced quarantines on general public

Intellihub | Snatch and grabs of suspected COVID-19 cases authorized at Level 3

Police in helicopters harass Californians as U.S. slides into all-out police state

Intellihub | Large crowds gathered near Huntington Beach in protest of the unconstitutional closures, police used helicopters to disperse crowds

Military personnel dressed in HAZMAT suits quarantine woman at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Intellihub | Full-on bio gear reveals deadly contagion may be a bioweapon

Grocery store shelves go empty in Northern Italy just hours ahead of martial law...

Intellihub | Announcement of martial law lockdown forces residents in over a dozen towns in Northern Italy to panic

Happening in Amerca: All travelers driving from Lousiana into Texas are being quarantined

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