Washington State authorities prepare to enforce forced quarantines on general public

Intellihub | Snatch and grabs of suspected COVID-19 cases authorized at Level 3

Military personnel dressed in HAZMAT suits quarantine woman at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

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National Guard arrives New Rochelle to “contain” coronavirus cluster

Intellihub | Is the current 1-mile "containment zone" in New Rochelle just a staging point for the U.S. military to full quarantine and take Manhattan and the Bronx into all-out martial law?

Police in helicopters harass Californians as U.S. slides into all-out police state

Intellihub | Large crowds gathered near Huntington Beach in protest of the unconstitutional closures, police used helicopters to disperse crowds

Homeless being rounded up and taken to camps amid coronavirus outbreak

Intellihub | Snatch and grabs of American citizens have been authorized at the highest levels and are now being conducted as the U.S. Constitution remains in suspension under current national level coronavirus state of emergency declaration

“Terrified” passenger aboard Grand Princess says he sees “a lot of military outside the...

Intellihub | "I see some military outside the ship right now"

Photo: U.S. military covertly deploys troops out of black vans inside NYC amid lockdown

Intellihub | The unthinkable is now happening as the U.S. military takes strategic position of New York City and Manhattan