three white men

San Bernardino false flag: Multiple witnesses reported three white men shooting

Kurt Nimmo and Adan Salazar | Juan Hernandez saw “three white men in military fatigues” leaving the scene
pulse marchvideo

Audio clip from Orlando terror attack reveals two or more guns firing simultaneously

Intellihub | Additionally witnesses said that "they" are shooting
nuclear explosion nuke

Alert: Nuclear attack on America planned within the next 12 months?

Alex Thomas | Terrorist group threatens nuclear attack on America within the next 12 months.

Vegas limo driver says ex-CIA agent told her officials helped 1 October actors escape | "... not only did our government not capture the bad guys [they are] helping to cover it up," she explained. "It was definitely more than one guy."

Shocking Videos: The Post Collapse World Will Be Violent and Brutal *EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGERY*

Mac Slavo | One thing that has become quite common in discussions about the possible collapse of our society is for people to romanticize what the world will look like
ISIS targets

U.S. refuses to bomb ISIS targets: “Can’t get clearance even with a clear target...

Mac Slavo | One of those things that make you go Hmm

Fake terror group plans “mass casualty” attack against west

Kurt Nimmo | Scary warning issued same day Charlie Hebdo attacked

Mass shooting at Florida airport, suspect had military ID

Infowars | Suspect apparently had military ID

European anti-terror plan wants 42 pieces of data from air travelers

RT | Passengers flying to and from Europe will now be forced to submit a long list of personal details

Alert: ISIS reveals list of U.S. churches it plans to attack over the Holidays

Intellihub | "Bloody celebrations in the Christian New Year"
dhs obama

DHS warns of lone wolf terror threat against government

Kurt Nimmo | Dispatches federal cops to protect government from mentally ill perps
bioterror event

The basics of a staged bioterror event

Jon Rappoport | A staged bioterror event is a very real possibility in the near future

9/11 Analysis: Radar Loss on the Morning of September 11, 2001

Global Research | The radar coverage of the United States airspace is nearly complete. In particular the northeastern area, where all four hijackings took place on 9/11, has no “gaps” whatsoever in radar coverage.
ISIS attacks

Is martial law justified if ISIS attacks?

Brandon Smith | Rumors of potential ISIS attacks on U.S. soil continue to spread from sources like the FBI and the TSA.

INVADING IRAQ 2.0: ISIS propaganda, proxy wars & NATO’s ‘Blitzkrieg’

Shawn Helton | The Western-backed Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS, has made its way to Iraq through Turkey and over the northeastern border of Syria
airport florida

Airport shooter admits he was ‘mind controlled’ by intelligence agency, eyewitness claims there were...

Intellihub | Eyewitness: "There was like at least three people in there still shooting" after the first guy was caught
route 91

Timeline of Hell: Multiple shooters, shoot teams, and locations prove officials lied about the...

Intellihub | Police 9-1-1 calls reveal the 1 October shooting was a major black op/terror attack which authorities chose to hide from the general public altogether

Leaked documents purport to show how the U.S., Gulf countries ship weapons to terrorists...

Activist Post | A groundbreaking report might be the smoking gun proving western countries support for terrorists using diplomatic flight cover
airborne use of force

Elite CIA Airborne Use of Force team operational during 1 October attack?

Intellihub | Was the CIA's elite Airborne Use of Force team deployed on the night of 1 October?
power grid

Iran is hacking the power grid: The ultimate terrorist attack

Daisy Luther | Earlier this week, the AP released a chilling investigative report
cia obama

Obama says that ISIS ‘is not an existential threat to us’

Economic Collapse Blog | Earlier today, Barack Obama told reporters that ISIS is not “an existential threat to us”

Knife-wielding man kills 1 person, attacks others in Paris terror attack

Intellihub | Man yelled "Allah Akbar" before he was shot and killed by police

Video: ISIS, Saudi Arabia, the CIA, and Israel Exposed

Intellihub | Wayne Madsen details the connections between Saudi Arabia, Israel, CIA and ISIS in a wide-ranging interview on Buzzsaw with Sean Stone.

Source: Hundreds of ISIS Jihadists already in Europe preparing Paris-style attacks

Paul Joseph Watson | Source claims hundreds of ISIS jihadists have already slipped into Europe

FBI Report Implicates Saudi Government in 9/11

Washington's Blog | Contrary to the official narrative, 9/11 was state-sponsored terror. The only question is which state sponsored it.

U.S. is “in cahoots with ISIS,” Iraqis swear: “It is not in doubt”

Tyler Durden | Yes, “if only the US would stop supporting them” they’d be finished “in days”

Congressman pressed on assertion of ‘possible terrorist nexus’ in Las Vegas massacre

Intellihub | Congressman claims that he has been made aware of credible evidence suggesting the Las Vegas massacre was a terror attack

Report: Major European cities warned of possible terror attack during holidays

Alex Thomas | "Friendly" intelligence agency provides ominous holiday terror attack warning

19 intriguing coincidences surrounding the Virginia shooting

Bernie Suarez | Here are 19 oddities to fill your brain with. Perhaps you can explain away some of these.
Isil, isis

ISIS recruits ordered “Koran for Dummies”

Tools For Freedom | The Islamic terrorism psyop has had one major flaw in it