MI6 London

Terror Created by British Intelligence Will Be a Threat for “Many Years”

Britain will experience increased terrorism for “many years” as a result of young British men participating in the Syrian war.
7-eleven store sign

Two people in critical condition after IED detonates at 7-Eleven

Intellihub | An improvised explosive device concealed in a bag was planted for another target, exploded after being recovered by patrons in a truck

Are you ready to pray 5 times a day at a mosque under a...

Shepard Ambellas | DoD/DHS terror plot thickens -- prepare for attack -- ISIS/CIA connection

Leaked documents purport to show how the U.S., Gulf countries ship weapons to terrorists...

Activist Post | A groundbreaking report might be the smoking gun proving western countries support for terrorists using diplomatic flight cover
golden gate bridge

“I’m going to redefine terror” — Bay area resident accused of aiding ISIS, planned...

SHTF Plan | The suspect is accused of attempting to aid ISIS while planning an attack that could have killed thousands

Thwarted peace? Assassination of Russian Ambassador “a false flag operation by the west”

SHTFPlan | Will there be peace again in our lifetimes? That remains to be seen.

ISIS — Intelligence agencies creation and asset

Sartre | None of this nonsense honors anyone
training exposed

Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings – What are the odds?

Jon Rappoport | Training exercises seem to follow lockstep with mass shootings
saudi arabia

800 families file lawsuit against Saudi Arabia over 9/11

Anti-Media | In September, Congress overrode President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act
terror suspects

Terror suspects attorney questions if clients are patsies, questions reality of ‘Sandy Hook’

Shepard Ambellas | 'Evidence may have been perpetuated'

Alert: Is ISIS operating camps just miles from the U.S. border?

Alex Thomas | Reports of ISIS operating near the U.S. border, possible mosque found.
mandalay bay tram

Uber driver confirms she picked up Steven Paddock and a woman and dropped them...

Intellihub | An Uber driver told police she got a request to pick up Paddock who was with a woman, he had a heavy old blue suitcase, and made a comment about a terror attack in the area of Mandalay Bay where he requested to be dropped off
isis mccain

Influx of illegals to serve as excuse for ISIS attacking America from within

Shepard Ambellas | Second 9/11 to hit U.S. soon?

WH to Sen. Graham: ‘Secret 28 pages of 9/11 Commission Report to be released...

Intellihub | Is the U.S. Government releasing the secret 28 pages only to cover-up the fact that nuclear weapons were deployed on U.S. soil?
dc cctv

Hackers took down D.C.’s CCTV system for a 48-hour span leading up to Trump’s...

Intellihub | Officials and others unsure of what may have taken place during a massive citywide CCTV outage

Let Jews carry guns for self-protection, leading rabbi urges EU

RT | On Friday, Jewish schools in the Belgian cities of Brussels and Antwerp decided to cancel classes over terror threats

Israel’s war on Palestinian statehood

Stephen Lendmen | Key Israeli objectives in keeping Gaza besieged and waging last summer’s aggression include preventing Palestinian self-determination as well as Hamas/Fatah unity

Shooting at US Military Base Leaves 3 Marines Dead, Including Shooter

Intellihub | Late last night, just before midnight, a staff member at Quantico military base murdered two other marines and then allegedly turned the gun on himself.
terror attack, shooter, tactical, eyewitness

Eyewitness to terror attack: ‘Three tall white men did it’

Shepard Ambellas | "It looked like their skin color was white... they appeared to be tall"

Missing Libyan planes raise 9/11 terror fears

9News | There are a number of commercial airliners in Libya that are missing.
toronto police

Fox News: ISIS claims deadly Toronto attack

Intellihub | Fox News just confirmed today what Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas already confirmed on Monday which is that the Toronto attack was jihadi-led

ISIS group issues threat, vows to kill kids

PJ Media | "We will take revenge for the blood of Muslims on your land, we will kill the young before the older watch this."

Suspect identified in NYC terror attack that left 8 dead, pled allegiance to ISIS

Zero Hedge | One World Trade Center was lit up in red, white and blue following today's attack...

Declassified emails reveal NATO killed Gaddafi to stop Libyan creation of gold-backed currency

Jay Syrmopoulos | Alternative media analysts speculated this now confirmed fact for years

One World Trade Center half vacant, only owned by 4 companies

Shepard Ambellas | Only 4 companies share the more than half vacant One World Trade Center -- Need I say more?

Jews targeted in Eastern France, Jewish cemetery defaced

Intellihub | Hate crimes against Jews popping up like wildflowers worldwide as terror narrative continues

Humbled Biden apologizes to UAE after accusing it of terrorism funding

RT | Biden called Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince and Deputy Defense Minister Mohammed bin Zayed on Sunday to reaffirm the allies’ shared perspective on terrorism

North Korea just threatened the U.S. with nuclear war

SHTF Plan | North Korea is now officially threatening the United States with World War 3.

Bombshell: Obama’s policy in Syria is to DIRECTLY support the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda

Alex Thomas | President Obama’s active support for terror groups in Syria led to creation of ISIS