Man mails Trump his ‘manifesto,’ steals 16 guns, blows up car, says, “Remember this...

Intellihub | Is the deep state setting the stage for a violent domestic anti-Trump operation?
russia subwayvideo

Special terror attack coverage: St. Petersburg Metro blast

Intellihub | Terror attack kills 10, injures 37 other
saudi arabia

800 families file lawsuit against Saudi Arabia over 9/11

Anti-Media | In September, Congress overrode President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act
dc cctv

Hackers took down D.C.’s CCTV system for a 48-hour span leading up to Trump’s...

Intellihub | Officials and others unsure of what may have taken place during a massive citywide CCTV outage
police quebec

Québec City Islamic cultural centre shooting ends with 5 dead, several injured

Intellihub | One shooter may still be on the loose: Witnesses

#DisruptJ20 radical leftists’ intent is very clear

Intellihub | Leaked video set off a subsequent Twitter maelstrom in which the #DisruptJ20 group desperately tries to cover up its leaked terrorism plans

Manchurian Candidate? Florida shooter told FBI that he was forced to fight for ISIS...

Intellihub | Florida suspect believed intelligence agency was controlling his mind
airport florida

Airport shooter admits he was ‘mind controlled’ by intelligence agency, eyewitness claims there were...

Intellihub | Eyewitness: "There was like at least three people in there still shooting" after the first guy was caught

Mass shooting at Florida airport, suspect had military ID

Infowars | Suspect apparently had military ID

Alert: ISIS reveals list of U.S. churches it plans to attack over the Holidays

Intellihub | "Bloody celebrations in the Christian New Year"

Russian Ambassador killed three days after Obama threat – Who is responsible?

Activist Post | Three days after the threats, the Russian Ambassador was assassinated

Shock: Liberal journalist openly supports assassination of Russian diplomats

Intellihub | Liberal hack justifies murder of Russian Ambassador

Thwarted peace? Assassination of Russian Ambassador “a false flag operation by the west”

SHTFPlan | Will there be peace again in our lifetimes? That remains to be seen.

CNN responds to Islamic terror attack in Berlin by blaming conservatives

Infowars | CNN looks to blame conservatives for Islamic terror attack
Hoboken trainvideo

Video: Hoboken train wreck planned?

Intellihub | An accidental emergency alert went out for the United States September 29, 2016

Shock video: Mob of rioters try to BURN WHITE REPORTER ALIVE in Charlotte

SHTFPlan | From looting to hate-filled violent attacks, the situation continues to deteriorate
Isil, isis

ISIS recruits ordered “Koran for Dummies”

Tools For Freedom | The Islamic terrorism psyop has had one major flaw in it
lighted shadow twin towers

15 years later, physics journal concludes: All 3 WTC towers collapsed due to controlled...

Free Thought Project | Renowned physics journal concludes in new study...
ISIS, ISIL Leader, Gulmurod Khalimov

ISIS’ new top military commander was trained in U.S. by Blackwater & State Department

Free Thought Project | Washington considers Khalimov a particular threat due to his counter-terrorism training
weaponized flicker rates

Are you a mind-controlled CIA stooge?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | The success that the CIA has had has made it difficult to investigate state crimes against democracy

At Least 84 Dead as France Reels from Attack in Nice

Common Dreams | At least 84 have been killed, another 50 seriously injured, and many others hurt after truck hits crowd

ISIS just proved it has nothing to do with Islam

Anti Media | consider how many brutal massacres occurred during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan
dhs logo

DHS employee may have been planning an attack on HQ

Intellihub | DHS worker purported to be a possible domestic terrorist
Omar Mateen

Orlando Killer Omar Mateen harbored by G4S, the world’s largest private security company

Global Research | G4S provides security personnel for the Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection
pulse marchvideo

Audio clip from Orlando terror attack reveals two or more guns firing simultaneously

Intellihub | Additionally witnesses said that "they" are shooting

Man overheard shooter’s phone conversation; shooter said there were 4 others involved, ‘3 snipers...

Intellihub | Eyewitness testifies that 5 people were involved with the Pulse attack in total, based on shooters phone convorsation

Multiple suspects on the loose in Orlando; total media blackout of eyewitness accounts

Intellihub | Authorities fear more attacks on the way