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Terror Created by British Intelligence Will Be a Threat for “Many Years”

Britain will experience increased terrorism for “many years” as a result of young British men participating in the Syrian war.

Source: Terror cells activated in France

CNN | Suspect's significant other reportedly in Turkey

Video: Horde of refugees swarm German streets, attack citizens and police in droves

Intellihub | Coming to a city near you

Captured Daesh fighter reveals Turkey’s connection to ISIS, predicts new 9/11

Brandon Turbeville | ISIS fighters on the ground do not take the American airstrikes seriously

Subscriber: People Magazine Pre-Shipped Sandy Hook Issue to Subscribers Before Shooting

Shepard Ambellas | According to a YouTube report an issue of People Magazine was pre-shipped to subscribers before the shooting that was reported to have left 26 people dead on December 14, 2012.

JayAnalysis Vindicated: Staged ISIS Vids Exemplify Fake News

Jay | This week’s media circus witnessed the upstaging of the celebrity boob hack with a new ISIS “beheading” video of “journalist” Steven Sotloff.

Die like sheep: Navy to prosecute Chattanooga hero for discharging firearm on federal property

Mac Slavo | The hypersensitive bureaucracy that is modern-day America shows its ugly face of tyranny once again

FBI requests meeting with Infowars reporter who crossed border in search of ISIS

Alex Thomas | FBI agents requested to meet with reporter Joe Biggs after his trip into Mexico to search for reported ISIS camps.

Houston: Man Killed at Airport After Attempting a Mass Shooting

Shepard Ambellas | In a strange series of events a man determined to commit a mass shooting was stopped short in a blaze of pistol smoke by DHS and himself.
dhs obama

DHS warns of lone wolf terror threat against government

Kurt Nimmo | Dispatches federal cops to protect government from mentally ill perps

Aiding the enemy: Fellow soldiers believe Bergdahl may have helped Taliban in Afghanistan

21st Century Wire | The fanfare surrounding the Taliban prisoner swap for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl neglects to mention the most shocking aspects of this story

Prefab State Terror for Human Bondage

SARTRE | The shadow cabal that exerts raw power over the public controls and dictates the mindset that passes as the popular culture

Report: Terrorists captured at mexico border… but Homeland security denies any “credible threats”

Mac Slavo |Apparently, terrorist threats from lone wolves only matter if they are born and raised in the United States
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Did Obama bomb Doctors Without Borders for opposing TPP?

Claire Bernish | Harsh criticism and skepticism surround what is being labeled an errant U.S. bombardment of a hospital in Kunduz
bioterror event

The basics of a staged bioterror event

Jon Rappoport | A staged bioterror event is a very real possibility in the near future
white dude witness

Witness to San Bernardino shooting says getaway driver was “regular white dude”

Intellihub | 'Driver of the getaway SUV was a white dude'

Osama Bin Laden Death Myth Continues to Crumble as Seal Team Six Speaks Out

Derrick Broze | On May 2nd, 2011 President Barack Obama declared America's greatest enemy, Osama Bin Laden, dead after a Seal Team Six raid in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad.

Possible Sniper ‘Intending to Kill’ Remains on Yale Campus as S.W.A.T. Searches Grounds

Shepard Ambellas | Yale University is undergoing a massive lockdown as S.W.A.T. teams probe the grounds for a potential sniper 'intending to kill'.
bin laden dead

ISIS makes terrifying move against SEAL who killed Bin Laden

Dean James | SEAL receives death threats

Humbled Biden apologizes to UAE after accusing it of terrorism funding

RT | Biden called Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince and Deputy Defense Minister Mohammed bin Zayed on Sunday to reaffirm the allies’ shared perspective on terrorism

“Never seen anything like this before” — Sweden stunned at “unreal” surge in refugee...

Zero Hedge | As a direct result of Europe's refugee crisis, new and very unpleasant social fractures have started to emerge
paris attack

‘Beneath sinks & in fridges’: Quick instincts save lives of France’s shooting survivors

RT | Friday’s events played out at two separate locations
times square TGI Friday's

ISIS determined to attack within U.S., two major cities cited

Shepard Ambellas | Fear campaign in full effect, remain vigilant

Multiple shots fired near Canadian Parliament, injuries reported

Common Dreams | Police are searching for "multiple shooters"

Purported new ISIS video calls for another 9/11 style attack on American soil

Shepard Ambellas | C.I.A. funded group, ISIS, set to attack the homeland?

Paris terror suspect met with Sarko in 2009

Jay | All the details I mentioned in the Paris 9/11 story that are consonant with false flags have now emerged

Leaked Report: Nearly Half of US Drone Strikes in Pakistan not Against Al-Qaeda

RT | A trove of leaked classified reports has confirmed what many had suspected – US drone kills in Pakistan are not the precision strikes against top-level al-Qaeda terrorists they are portrayed as by the Obama administration.

Staged Terror: Witness Testifies in Court that the FBI Manipulated Bomb Plot Suspect

JG Vibes | It seems that every would-be terrorist attack that the FBI uncovers is actually a plot that was perpetuated by the FBI itself.

PM Stephen Harper: ‘Terrorist will have no safe-haven’

Eyes Open Report | According to Harper, the terrorists ‘will have no safe-haven’
rebel army

US-backed Syrian Rebels handed over equipment to Al Qaeda affiliate, military admits

Sarah Lazare | U.S. Central Command said Friday that the weapons and equipment were 'surrendered' to the al Nusra Front in exchange for 'safe passage'