‘Jihadi John’ known to MI5 since 2008, but they let him escape – report

RT | Mohammed Enwazi, the Islamic State terrorist known as “Jihadi John,” was identified by British intelligence but allowed to escape to Syria

ISIS — Intelligence agencies creation and asset

Sartre | None of this nonsense honors anyone

Band caught in deadly Paris theater attack finally speaks out

Shepard Ambellas | 'The attack lasted 10-15 minutes'
World War III

World War III draws closer as Russia accuses Turkey of being ‘secret allies’ with...

Michael Snyder | Are Russia and Turkey on the verge of going to war?
dam hacked

U.S. officials claim Iranians hacked NY dam in 2013

Joshua Krause | Iranian hackers had infiltrated a small dam in New York back in 2013
power grid

Was the recent botched power plant bombing connected to the 2013 sniper attack in...

Shepard Ambellas | After a 50,000 gallon fuel tank failed to ignite following a bomb explosion at a Nogalas power plant, some fear more attack on way

Fake terror group plans “mass casualty” attack against west

Kurt Nimmo | Scary warning issued same day Charlie Hebdo attacked

Are ISIS terrorists planning a #LondonAttack?

Intellihub | Terrorists apparently affiliated with ISIS have openly tweeted a series of threats against the city of London.

Why Aren’t Americans Taking The ISIS Threat ‘To Drown All Of You In Blood’...

End Of The American Dream | ISIS is out there every single day taking over territory and hacking innocent people to pieces.

NATO’s terror convoys halted at Syrian border

Tony Cartalucci | Any nation truly interested in defeating ISIS would attack it at its very source

Band Frontman Pulls 180 – Suddenly Retracts Damning Testimony Of Paris Shooting

Activist Post | Eagles of Death Metal front-man inexplicably changes his entire story

Paris terror suspect met with Sarko in 2009

Jay | All the details I mentioned in the Paris 9/11 story that are consonant with false flags have now emerged

Leaked Report: Nearly Half of US Drone Strikes in Pakistan not Against Al-Qaeda

RT | A trove of leaked classified reports has confirmed what many had suspected – US drone kills in Pakistan are not the precision strikes against top-level al-Qaeda terrorists they are portrayed as by the Obama administration.

Staged Terror: Witness Testifies in Court that the FBI Manipulated Bomb Plot Suspect

JG Vibes | It seems that every would-be terrorist attack that the FBI uncovers is actually a plot that was perpetuated by the FBI itself.

PM Stephen Harper: ‘Terrorist will have no safe-haven’

Eyes Open Report | According to Harper, the terrorists ‘will have no safe-haven’
rebel army

US-backed Syrian Rebels handed over equipment to Al Qaeda affiliate, military admits

Sarah Lazare | U.S. Central Command said Friday that the weapons and equipment were 'surrendered' to the al Nusra Front in exchange for 'safe passage'
egypt air

EgyptAir flight 804, goes missing, 66 people aboard, search efforts mount

Intellihub | Authorities looking for clues of terror attack, frantically trying to locate plane

INVADING IRAQ 2.0: ISIS propaganda, proxy wars & NATO’s ‘Blitzkrieg’

Shawn Helton | The Western-backed Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS, has made its way to Iraq through Turkey and over the northeastern border of Syria

Mexican Intelligence: ‘ISIS conducting RECON at universities, missile ranges, and electrical power facilities inside...

Shepard Ambellas | ISIS terror cell just 8 miles or less from Texas border

Jews targeted in Eastern France, Jewish cemetery defaced

Intellihub | Hate crimes against Jews popping up like wildflowers worldwide as terror narrative continues

CNN reporter stutters through CIA script – ISIS planning attack on America

Bernie Suarez | This latest CNN ISIS psyop eerily suggests the next 9/11-size attack being planned by ISIS is "not necessarily aviation related."

Let Jews carry guns for self-protection, leading rabbi urges EU

RT | On Friday, Jewish schools in the Belgian cities of Brussels and Antwerp decided to cancel classes over terror threats

Staged ISIS videos are the plot of Iron Man 3

Jay | As our friend, the talented writer Peter Parker pointed out back in May of 2013, the intelligence scripting for the news events surrounding radical Islamic terrorists seem to find their curious parallel in certain Hollywood blockbusters
isis shopper

The Grinch that stole Christmas

James Hall | Terror to affect holiday shoppers?

Belgium terror cell linked to ISIS says counterterror source

Shepard Ambellas | 17 arrested in connection, weapons cache and bomb-making materials found

Prefab State Terror for Human Bondage

SARTRE | The shadow cabal that exerts raw power over the public controls and dictates the mindset that passes as the popular culture

Report: Terrorists captured at mexico border… but Homeland security denies any “credible threats”

Mac Slavo |Apparently, terrorist threats from lone wolves only matter if they are born and raised in the United States
Joe Crimmings/Flickr

Did Obama bomb Doctors Without Borders for opposing TPP?

Claire Bernish | Harsh criticism and skepticism surround what is being labeled an errant U.S. bombardment of a hospital in Kunduz
bioterror event

The basics of a staged bioterror event

Jon Rappoport | A staged bioterror event is a very real possibility in the near future
white dude witness

Witness to San Bernardino shooting says getaway driver was “regular white dude”

Intellihub | 'Driver of the getaway SUV was a white dude'