U.S. Navy SEAL found “not guilty of murder,” charged for war crime

Intellihub | Although the SEAL was found "not guilty" for murder and attempted murder he was charged with "posing with a corpse" which is considered a war crime.

Iran breaches nuclear deal, produces more enriched uranium than allowed

Intellihub | How will the Trump administration respond to the latest threat from Iran?
f/a-18 super hornet jet

Adviser to Iran’s military threatens to send U.S. warships “to the bottom of the...

Intellihub | Iran has once again made threats against the United States which need not be taken lightly by those in Washington.
ebola victim

Cheap shot: Rebels attack medical centers to help spread Ebola in Congo

Intellihub | The Ebola virus is spreading and nearly 1000 people have been infected in what appears to be either a cheap shot to the people of the Congo or a well-organized terrorist-funded attack.
naval station norfolk

U.S. Navy issues “sortie code alpha,” sends 30 ships to sea | Naval vessels fair better while out to sea in a storm rather than being docked in port where they can suffer severe damage from heavy surging
cuba building

American diplomats in Cuba were targeted with microwave weaponry | It is no longer a conspiracy theory that Americans were targeted with exotic microwave weaponry during their tenure in Cuba between late-2016 and August 2017. It happened.
thaad missile test

Chinese spy ship monitored U.S. missile defense test: Report | Are the Chinese sizing up U.S. defense systems in preparation for an invasion of the homeland?

Israel strikes Iran’s Syria bases killing 23 fighters in retaliation

Intellihub | Iranian military bases in Syria were struck on Wednesday with 70 missiles as Israel retaliated for Iran's attacks on Golan Heights
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U.S. missile defense systems rendered useless after Russians develop superior and unstoppable nuclear weaponry

Intellihub | It looks like the Russians have outfoxed the United States and have become the leader of the arms race after developing unstoppable nuclear weapons

Pentagon: ‘Operation was carefully orchestrated and methodically planned’

Intellihub | 'These airstrikes were justified'

Prof. Stephen Cohen: I am more worried than I have ever been in my...

Intellihub | "I'm more worried than I have ever been for nearly fifty-years in studying and participating in U.S. and Russian relations"

The sneaky ways China and Russia could threaten US satellites

Defense News | "We’re seeing development of broad range, everything from kinetic destructive technologies to jamming and hacking but the operational use so far seems to be limited to the jamming and hacking types."
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Fmr. CIA asset Susan Lindauer: ‘We have a fight for the future of our...

Intellihub | "They're drinking down that Kool-Aid, they are sucking it, they're guzzling it [...]"
trump at podium

President Trump: Space is a war fighting domain, just like the land air and...

Intellihub | Either something is afoot in space or the government is just looking for a way to generate more debt; new Space Force is coming
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Dave H. on President Trump’s upcoming meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un

Intellihub | 'Trumps tough talk may have put Kim in a position to where he actually thinks Trump may fire upon North Korea'

North Korea’s new ICBM is capable of striking Washington, experts warn

Zero Hedge | According to a preliminary analysis from the Pentagon, the rocket was an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

North Korea fires ballistic missile to the east in “latest provocation”

Intellihub | North Korea's latest missile launch is already being touted as a "provocation"
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California officials prepare for nuclear strike deriving from North Korea

Intellihub | "Continuity of Government/operations (COG/COOP) plans will be activated."
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President Trump tweets: ‘North Korea won’t be around much longer!’

Intellihub | North Korean leadership cut down on Twitter by President Trump over aimless rocket quest

President Trump’s “special message” to Hawaii residents regarding a nuclear attack: Revealed

Intellihub | It appears there may be more to Kim Jong-un's threats than meets the eye
missile test

North Korea test fires 3 ballistic missiles: Reports

Intellihub | Kim Jong-un's military conducted a test of 3 unidentified projectiles Saturday morning
Expert Infantry/Flickr

Fmr. Spec. Forces Officer: ‘Trump plans to build the Afghan Army not the nation’

Intellihub | Trump is not going to be doing any "nation building" anytime soon, says a former Green Beret

Joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises create friction with the North

Intellihub | It seem that just about everything the United States does get under the skin of Kim Jong Un. Will it lead to war?
us navy

U.S. Navy fires warning shots at Iranian patrol boat

Intellihub | A Cyclone-class patrol craft warned off an Iranian patrol boat in the Persian Gulf Tuesday morning, reports say
alaska water

Chinese spy ship lurks off Alaskan coast

Intellihub | A Chinese spy ship has been lurking about 100 miles off the coast of Alaska for the past few days
north korea

Missile expert: ‘North Korea will be capable of striking San Diego within 2-years’

Intellihub | Kim Jong-un to develop missile capable of nuking California

Qatar cut off by major Arab states for supporting terrorism following Trump’s Saudi visit

Intellihub | Is this a message to Hillary and Obama condemning their creation of ISIS?
isis flag

ISIS battles for control of Philippine city of Marawi, Rothschild-backed coup underway

Intellihub | Philippine president asks Russian President Putin for an arms loan to fight ISIS

Report: Ex-Army eyewitness says 4 trains carrying an entire armored brigade were headed to...

Intellihub | Armorded brigade rolls on railcars to Florida for "deployment"