The lies about World War II

Paul Craig Roberts |  In the West explanations are controlled in order to advance the agendas of the ruling interest groups

Hush money: CIA paid Poland to host its secret prisons and detainees

RT | The CIA paid at least a million dollars to Poland for it to host secret prisons

Obama: ‘Stopping Ebola is a priority for the United States’

Shepard Ambellas | Elite have plans to sweep world's populace off map like dust, laughing all the way to the bank

FBI Whistleblower Says That The CIA Was Involved in The Boston Bombings (Video)

Intellihub | FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds connects the Boston Bombings suspects with CIA backed terrorist operations in Chechnya.
nikki haley

U.S. Ambassador to United Nations warns of further military action in Syria as mainstream...

Intellihub | U.S. media calls for war with Russia

Sin City: ‘Vegas shooters’ had relationship with Nevada police – Active shooting drills provided...

Shawn Helton | This past weekend we were told that a ‘shooting spree’ occurred about five miles from the Vegas strip, a place better known for its seedy sin-filled entertainment
us navy

U.S. Navy fires warning shots at Iranian patrol boat

Intellihub | A Cyclone-class patrol craft warned off an Iranian patrol boat in the Persian Gulf Tuesday morning, reports say

U.S. urges citizens in Afghanistan to leave country

Zero Hedge | Mission Accomplished?
gas pump

How Turkey exports ISIS oil to the world: The scientific evidence

Tyler Durden | ISIS cashes in on oil profits

The CIA’s “Phoenix Program” in Vietnam and the “War on Terror”

Global Research | By studying the Phoenix program one can gain a great deal of insight into the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq

License plates being rapidly scanned in Walmart parking lot by incognito surveillance vehicle?

Shepard Ambellas | Suspicious activity noted ahead of #JadeHelm15

Former border patrol agent: CDC “disappearing” potential Ebola victims

Paul Joseph Watson | Exclusive: Infowars correspondent confirms illegal aliens with illnesses being secretly quarantined

Dozens of pirate domains quietly added to UK’s ISP Blocklist

Torrent Freak | Some of the world's largest sites blocked

One big club

Daily Coin | If we review world history, from the banksters perspective, all the wars from the past two-three hundred years have been fought for the banksters
american mainstream media

Fmr. CIA asset Susan Lindauer: ‘We have a fight for the future of our...

Intellihub | "They're drinking down that Kool-Aid, they are sucking it, they're guzzling it [...]"

“WTF is going on in downtown LA?”: Army war drills continue across Los Angeles

Zero Hedge | Downtown Los Angeles residents were shocked Monday night when a fleet of Boeing A/MH-6M Little Bird and Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters swooped in around them

Into the Abyss – Secret Underground And Underwater Bases

Richard Sauder | One of the global Shadow Government’s biggest projects over the last several decades has been the construction of numerous Top Secret underground and undersea bases, as well as secret tunnels, all over the world
Moscow, Russia

40 million Russians to take part in “Nuclear Disaster” drill, days after US General...

Zero Hedge | The drill will rehearse radiation, chemical and biological protection
torn flag

Something big is underway on all fronts: “Within the next few weeks the future...

SHTF Plan | Congress gave the green light to send weapons and munitions to Ukraine; the “holdup” is due to Obama not wanting to jeopardize the election of Hillary Clinton
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Here’s how CIA puppet masters are deliberately picking a World War III level fight

Daisy Luther | While average Americans aren’t directly responsible for this, our federal officials are
chem webs

Are Chemtrails dispersing Ebola & Plague infected web-like substances in order to initiate a...

Stefan Stanford | We know for an absolute fact that chemtrails have been found to contain “Aluminum”, “barium” and “strontium”
Expert Infantry/Flickr

Fmr. Spec. Forces Officer: ‘Trump plans to build the Afghan Army not the nation’

Intellihub | Trump is not going to be doing any "nation building" anytime soon, says a former Green Beret
Jade Helm

“It’s just a training exercise”: Army Special Ops shoot down Jade Helm conspiracy theories

Mac Slavo | U.S. Army Special Operations Command says that, contrary to reports circulating on conspiracy websites, it has no plans to invade Texas.
isis targets, russian jet

Putin unleashes 8 hours of hell onto ISIS targets

Shepard Ambellas | ISIS targets destroyed by intense Russian bombing campaign and cruise missile strikes

Armed Russian jet comes within 5 feet of US recon jet

Fox News | The U.S. Air Force did not immediately respond to requests for comment
spying app, smartphone

Explosive new Snowden doc: NSA/GCHQ stole vital cellphone encryption keys

Jon Queally | New reporting by The Intercept, based on documents leaked by whistleblower, reveals how spy agencies hacked world's largest SIM card manufacturer

Petition to stop chemtrail spraying needs more signatures on White House website

Catherine J. Frompovich | There’s a petition regarding overhead aerosol spraying, similar to a petition about forced/mandatory vaccinations that needed 100,000 signatures

Does Facebook manipulate your emotions?

Intellihub | Facebook scientists now manipulating human emotions in research studies
bombing raid russian

Caught on tape: Russia unleashes massive bombing raid on militant convoy

Tyler Durden | Is the U.S. trying as hard as Russia when it comes to defeating ISIS?

Military movements on the northern border: “It is reminiscent of the Soviet Union”

Jeremiah Johnson | Increased movements by U.S. military forces in Northwestern Montana have been documented.