obama pentagon

Pentagon rebrands ISIS to “Daesh” after alternative media kicks establishment’s ass in information war

Shepard Ambellas | Pentagon "slush fund" reaching up to $10 million daily

Boston Bomber Suspect Tamerlan Buried in Secret Despite Family Request for Independent Autopsy

Shepard Ambellas | The suspected Boston bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and his brother Dzhokhar, are now the focus of another investigation as Massachusetts authorities claim they were involved in a September 11, 2011 triple homicide.
putin v.

Putin accuses Obama of leaking flight details to Turkey after Russia releases video of...

Tyler Durden | Putin rolls out missile batteries

Accident during nuclear response drill creates “radiological release”

John Vibes | Injuries and a radioactive leak were reported on the scene of a nuclear drill

The black magic of Donald Rumsfeld

BATR | Rumsfeld is a sorcerer with the style of a soothsayer
bombing raid russian

Caught on tape: Russia unleashes massive bombing raid on militant convoy

Tyler Durden | Is the U.S. trying as hard as Russia when it comes to defeating ISIS?

Italian publication claims top Ebola expert murdered on flight MH17 as part of an...

Shepard Ambellas | Elaborate cover-up or fate?

North Korea on standby to launch at mainland United States

SHTFplan | According to state run propaganda media, North Korea is on standby to launch a missile at the mainland United States
sandy hook memorial

Sandy Hook shooting ‘final report’ details no motive or any additional information

Intellihub | Strangely, the newly released "final report" sheds no light on what actually happened on Dec. 14, 2012, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School

Flashback: UFC Champion Ronda Rousey calls 9/11 an inside job

Mikael Thalen | MMA champion questions official government narrative

CIA official dies in apparent suicide after falling from roof

John Vibes | Sources say a CIA official died after allegedly jumping from the roof of a "semi secret location" in northern Virginia
f-22 jet

We are now at DEFCON 3

Intellihub | Are we slipping toward global thermalnuclear war?

Russia responds: “We are being threatened. A predesigned scenario is being implemented”

ZeroHedge | The attack comes just hours before the UN Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were scheduled to visit Douma

New Cold War with a different enemy

BATR | Back in the U.S.A., the parasites within government are working overtime
Space probe

Weapons in space race warfare

Batr | Space exploration was always about domination through military strength

Court overrules disclosure of US ‘school of assassins’ graduates names

RT | People involved in torture, extrajudicial killings, and other violations of human rights got their training at the facility funded by US taxpayer money
north korea

War is coming: U.S. plans PREEMPTIVE strike on North Korea in the near future

Intellihub | Sources confirm large-scale attack on North Korea in the works

‘To prevent veterans’ suicide, US should stop waging wars across the globe’

RT | Currently, the US has over 800 military bases in more than 70 countries around the globe
la sunset

California officials prepare for nuclear strike deriving from North Korea

Intellihub | "Continuity of Government/operations (COG/COOP) plans will be activated."

25 worst military decisions ever made

List25 | Overconfidence, carelessness, and momentary mental breakdowns can have pretty bad consequences
geoengineering chemtrails

Has the chemtrail/geoengineering movement been co-opted?

Michael J. Murphy | “Because we, as humans, have the power and ability to stop these damaging programs, it is not the geoengineers who are the greatest threat but those within the movement who create division.”

DHS Whistleblower Says War On Terror Is A Charade – Real Targets Are American...

Tim Brown | Julia Davis, a former Customs and Border Protections Officer, was falsely declared a domestic terrorist and subjected to retaliatory efforts against her by the Department of Homeland Security.

MH17 hauled gruesome cargo in infected corpses and tainted blood

Yoichi Shimatsu | In these still early hours following the mystery crash of MH17, one must dare to think the unthinkable
mike pompeo

Russia threatens retaliation as US pulls out of nuclear arms treaty

Zero Hedge | The withdrawal, which has been expected for months, will formally take place on Saturday
Cell Tower

DARPA spending millions improving voice recognition surveillance tech

Cassius Methyl | Between 2015 and 2017, the Pentagon will have the ability to decipher human voices in surveillance audio even if background noise makes the covertly recorded conversations inaudible

US prepares response as video confirms Russian S-400 delivery to Turkey

ZeroHedge | Turkey has confirmed delivery of the first round of S-400 anti-air missile systems components

Dozens of pirate domains quietly added to UK’s ISP Blocklist

Torrent Freak | Some of the world's largest sites blocked

15 questions about flight MH370 that the media isn’t asking

Global Research | Malaysian media should pose the following 15 critical questions to the US and its Intelligence Services and not to the Malaysian Government

Homeland Security Admits Boston Drill Eerily Similar to Marathon Bombing

Truthstream Media | The Department of Homeland Security has now officially acknowledged the ‘frighteningly similar’ scenarios between an Operation Urban Shield drill they planned for Boston and the actual Marathon bombing event in a Boston Globe article.