north korea flags

World War 3: Top forecaster predicts war with North Korea by September 12

Intellihub | War with North Korea on the horizon?

U.S. test fires nuclear ICBM, warns “we are prepared to use nuclear weapons”

Intellihub | The entire launch was caught on the following video
politicians snap

McCain & other top officials accused of illegally visiting Syria

RT | Several senior US and French officials, including US Senator John McCain, entered Syria illegally
brizilian president

WikiLeaks: U.S. bugged more than two dozen Brazilian leaders

Deirdre Fulton | New spy revelations 'likely to reinvigorate tensions,' says The Intercept, which co-published list of targets
space weaponvideo

Possible HAARP beam or space-based weapon caught on video

Intellihub | A video which allegedly shows a car bomb explosion may have captured something more
Space probe

Weapons in space race warfare

Batr | Space exploration was always about domination through military strength

Spy agencies used ‘giant vacuum cleaner’ to collect data across Pacific

Jon Quealley | 'Basically a giant vacuum cleaner of information from all of the Pacific Island nations from 2009,' says angered NZ politician
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Ferguson social engineering

Makia Freeman | Ferguson social engineering has broken out!

United States exposed for being complicit in arming and training child soldiers in Afghanistan

Activist Post | The idea of U.S. funding going to directly to groups that employ child soldiers is repugnant

Permanent war in Syria: U.S. unleashing Turkey and Saudi ground forces to do what...

Tools For Freedom | Saudi Arabia and Turkey Intensifying an Already Permanent War in Syria

New book to detail how Malaysian flight 370 ended with a ‘controlled nosedive’ into...

Shepard Ambellas | A new book may contradict conspiracy theories surrounding MH370

Family members of missing MH370 passengers “imprisoned” in hotel

John Vibes | Family members of missing passengers burst into a press conference screaming for help, claiming that they have been imprisoned by Malaysian authorities.

Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror

Washington's Blog | Governments Admit They Carry Out False Flag Terror
marines with guns

Two U.S. Marines say they will not kick in doors of Americans, will uphold...

Intellihub | "There is enough of us willing to uphold their oaths and we will fight"

Dick Cheney Admits That He Lied About 9/11

Top Info Post | Cheney pretended that Bush had authorized a shoot-down order, but Cheney now admits that he never did. In fact, Cheney acted as if he was the president on 9/11.
russian gas mask

Are we going to war with Russia?

Intellihub | Propaganda from both sides suggests that we are preparing to go to war with Russia
cuba building

American diplomats in Cuba were targeted with microwave weaponry | It is no longer a conspiracy theory that Americans were targeted with exotic microwave weaponry during their tenure in Cuba between late-2016 and August 2017. It happened.

Into the Abyss – Secret Underground And Underwater Bases

Richard Sauder | One of the global Shadow Government’s biggest projects over the last several decades has been the construction of numerous Top Secret underground and undersea bases, as well as secret tunnels, all over the world
gold vault

Empty gold vaults and fresh out of bombs

Daily Coin | Since the derivatives implosion in 2008, the financial and economic world has changed
kim jong-un

Kim Jong-un continues missile testing amid world tensions

Intellihub | North Korean leader views U.S. military drills as preparation for upcoming attack
Florida Governor signs medical marijuana law

Armed masked men rappelling from unmarked choppers raid and destroy grower’s medical marijuana crops...

Shepard Ambellas | Unidentified units descend on marijuana farm cutting plants at the stem
chinese troops

150,000 Chinese troops deployed to N. Korean border: Paper

Zero Hedge | Is WWIII on the horizon?
Montauk Project

Camp Hero: Secret site of the Montauk Project experimentation

Aaron and Melissa Dykes | Many say there is still secret work going on in the underground

‘The Monster Plot’ – Are Russian Spetsnaz in full motion in America?

Stefan Stanford | Did the Soviet Union fake it's own collapse?

Former Al-Qaeda commander: ISIS works for the CIA

Kurt Nimmo | Jihadist groups part of "Clean Break" plan to balkanize Middle East

Protesters in Ukraine are Disappearing From Hospitals, Others Found Tortured

John Vibes | Government in Ukraine shows incredible force against once peaceful protesters who are now promising to "attack" if president does not step forward
Soldier, war, iraq

DARPA researching method to put injured soldiers into suspended animation to buy more time...

Natural News | Instead of trying to get medical care faster to the soldiers, DARPA wants to slow down time