Profits soar as Pentagon leans on private corporations for special ops

Jon Queally | New research shows how US Special Operations Command is outsourcing many of its most sensitive information activities, including interrogation, drone and psychological operations
us ship navy

U.S. missile defense systems rendered useless after Russians develop superior and unstoppable nuclear weaponry

Intellihub | It looks like the Russians have outfoxed the United States and have become the leader of the arms race after developing unstoppable nuclear weapons

Russia confirms 6,000mph HYPERSONIC Zircon missile ready for war ‘as of TODAY’

Daily Star | RUSSIA has confirmed it now has hypersonic weapons in its arsenal – with missiles capable of reaching more than 6,000mph

Another banker jumps off building in NYC, 12th banker suicide this year

John Vibes | The running list of banker suicides this year hits 12, with multiple suicides in NYC last week alone

CIA officials knew rendition victim was ‘the wrong guy’, Kiriakou reveals

Deirdre Fulton | In an interview at his Virginia home, torture whistleblower says agency insiders objected to the arrest and torture of Syrian-born Canadian Maher Arar
us jets

Come home, America: stop policing the globe and put an end to wars-without-end

Rutherford Institute | The reach of America’s military empire includes close to 800 bases in as many as 160 countries
nuclear sunset

U.S. declassifies disturbing list of Cold War nuclear targets

Joshua Krause | If there was ever a nuclear war, there would be massive civilian casualties

Former border patrol agent: CDC “disappearing” potential Ebola victims

Paul Joseph Watson | Exclusive: Infowars correspondent confirms illegal aliens with illnesses being secretly quarantined
peace violence

Trillions spent on violence as world continues downward spiral of peace

Common Dreams | Latest Global Peace Index shows that chipping away at trillions spent on violence could render huge 'peace dividend'

Diego Garcia: UK stalls release of CIA black site ‘torture flight’ records

RT | The UK government continues to delay the publication of flight records which could prove Diego Garcia was used by the CIA for “torture flights"

Are you prepared for global thermal nuclear war this week? Russia vs. USA

Intellihub | Tensions are heating up between the U.S. and Russia behind the scenes
trump chillin

President Trump tweets: ‘North Korea won’t be around much longer!’

Intellihub | North Korean leadership cut down on Twitter by President Trump over aimless rocket quest
torn flag

Something big is underway on all fronts: “Within the next few weeks the future...

SHTF Plan | Congress gave the green light to send weapons and munitions to Ukraine; the “holdup” is due to Obama not wanting to jeopardize the election of Hillary Clinton
china jet

China’s war with the United States has already begun

Intellihub | Are China and the U.S. already at war with each other?

Correction: The U.S. did find chemical weapons in Iraq… the ones they sent there

Jon Queally | New reporting by the New York Times reveals the only chemical weapons found in Iraq were "designed in the United States

Putin deploys 150k troops to Syria, Turkey blockades Russian Navy

N3 | Putin set to mobilize 150,000 reservists he conscripted into service back in September
gaza death toll

Gaza toll rises to 60 as fresh protests against Israel gather

AP | At least 2,400 others were wounded in the bloodiest day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the 2014 Gaza war

Cargo plane spotted heading west over Cali escorted by 10 jet fighters: Nuclear munitions...

Intellihub | What was this plane carrying that is so important?

One big club

Daily Coin | If we review world history, from the banksters perspective, all the wars from the past two-three hundred years have been fought for the banksters

Iran breaches nuclear deal, produces more enriched uranium than allowed

Intellihub | How will the Trump administration respond to the latest threat from Iran?

1000 rounds of ammunition dropped from Black Hawk during war gaming drill over city

Shepard Ambellas | Army drops ammo out of chopper over populated area during drill

Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas uncovered plans for future pandemic in 2009 *Must see* | In 2009 Ambellas obtained photos of a large-scale sinister operation possibly linked to the recent Ebola outbreak
uss ross

Cruise missile strike onto Syrian airbase ordered by President Trump

Intellihub | Details about the strike are still emerging
nuke bomb USAF

Air Force could recall up to 1,000 retired pilots after Trump order

Fox News | In August, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson confirmed that the service was short 1,555 pilots of its requirements, including 1,211 fighter pilots
israeli f-16 jet

Syrian state media says air defenses hit Israeli plane, thwart missile strike

Thomson Reuters Foundation | Syrian state news agency SANA said the missile attack on Sunday caused only material damage
marines with guns

Two U.S. Marines say they will not kick in doors of Americans, will uphold...

Intellihub | "There is enough of us willing to uphold their oaths and we will fight"

Lawsuit: DEA gave recovering crack addict crack-cocaine for undercover work

Mikael Thalen | A lawsuit filed in New Mexico this week accuses the Drug Enforcement Agency of paying a drug addict crack cocaine for undercover work

Homeland Security Turns LA into War Zone for “Counter-Terrorism” Drill

JG Vibes | Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security Security took part in a large scale "counter-terrorism" drill in Los Angeles with the LAPD.
sunset in iran

Iran thinks Israel has been stealing its clouds to cause a drought

Metro | An Iranian general has accused Israel of ‘manipulating weather’ to prevent rain over the Islamic republic – aka, stealing the country’s clouds

Stealth Bomber flies low over residential area

Intellihub | "I have never seen one of those," man filming Stealth Bomber over neighborhood says in awe