Missing pilot uploaded island runways into home flight simulator days before disappearance

John Vibes | Police discover airports near the Indian Ocean loaded into pilot’s home flight simulator

Egyptian Politicians Caught on LIVE TV Hatching False Flag Plot to Sabotage Ethiopian Dam

Zee | Cairo: Top Egyptian politicians were left red- faced after they were caught on live TV hatching plots to sabotage a dam in neighboring Ethiopia during talks with President Mohammed Mursi, leaving viewers stunned.
obama pentagon

Pentagon rebrands ISIS to “Daesh” after alternative media kicks establishment’s ass in information war

Shepard Ambellas | Pentagon "slush fund" reaching up to $10 million daily
war tank machine

The US Government just killed 150 people in a country that they aren’t even...

True Activist | Not everyone who is labeled as a “militant” is dangerous
isis oil

Did Turkey just invade Iraq to protect Erdogan’s ISIS oil smuggling routes?

Tyler Durden | ISIS oil protected by Turkey?

Flashback: UFC Champion Ronda Rousey calls 9/11 an inside job

Mikael Thalen | MMA champion questions official government narrative

Dozens of pirate domains quietly added to UK’s ISP Blocklist

Torrent Freak | Some of the world's largest sites blocked

Russia to hide entire city in bizarre military drill – is Russia going through...

All News Pipeline | Putin says he likes a 'weak Hillary' and warns of nuclear World War 3
cold war jet

“We are in a new cold war”: Russia PM delivers stark warning to NATO

Zero Hedge | NATO on Wednesday approved new reinforcements for eastern Europe
house to house raids

Ft. Hood source claims certain Army personnel being trained for martial law and house...

Intellihub News | A source has claimed that he was told that military units are training for house to house raids on American soil.

Deadly ‘cartoon jihad’ hits Paris satire mag Charlie Hebdo – in ‘GLADIO-style’ attack

21st Century Wire | France finally got its ’9/11 moment’ today, when at least two gunman dressed in black and armed with Kalashnikov rifles, stormed the offices of a magazine

U.S. urges citizens in Afghanistan to leave country

Zero Hedge | Mission Accomplished?

Pentagon: ‘Operation was carefully orchestrated and methodically planned’

Intellihub | 'These airstrikes were justified'

Chinese media almost sets off military action with erroneous North Korea headline

Zero Hedge | Nuclear tensions at all-time high

Video: Jade Helm whistleblower claims Texas to be attacked by government in June

Susan Duclos | A whistleblower is claiming that Jade Helm will include an actual attack on Texas.

Into the Abyss – Secret Underground And Underwater Bases

Richard Sauder | One of the global Shadow Government’s biggest projects over the last several decades has been the construction of numerous Top Secret underground and undersea bases, as well as secret tunnels, all over the world

SEAL Team 6 Families to Blame Government For Deaths

Paul Joseph Watson | “Never before revealed information” to be aired at press conference.

Secret chemtrail operation “Indigo Skyfold” to go invisible late January

Intellihub | Claims of a new secret and deadly chemtrail program emerge

Update: Trail of dead bankers reaches Arizona, death count is now at 9

John Vibes | Another successful banker mysteriously turns up dead, bringing the total of recent suspicious deaths in the financial industry to 9/small>

Alert: Popular truther’s computer hacked, all data, videos deleted

Avalon | Nothing is safe anymore -- especially the truth

Russia blamed for stealing DNC emails before releasing them to sway U.S. presidential election

Intellihub | Tension are mounting between Russia and the U.S.

Video inside closed Walmart shows cops guarding entrance and loading docks, possible Jade Helm...

Alex Thomas | Video taken in a recently closed California Walmart is adding to fears over Jade Helm.
piers morganvideo

War against Christianity continues: Piers Morgan explains

Intellihub | Popular editor says a "genocidal attack on Christians and Christianity" is taking place

Michael Jackson 1 Day Before Death: A ‘Group of People’ Want to ‘Get Rid...

Avalon | DoD Whistleblower confirms Michael Jackson’s last phone call revealed factions of the U.S. Government wanted him dead as he was in fear of his life.

MH17 verdict: Real evidence points to U.S.-Kiev cover-up of failed false flag

21st Century Wire | Until this past Monday, the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17th, 2014, was a potential game changer for global geopolitics and the New Cold War
us jets

Pentagon confirms Chinese fired lasers at U.S. pilots

Free Beacon | Incidents near Beijing's Djibouti military base injured American air crews flying nearby
cuba building

American diplomats in Cuba were targeted with microwave weaponry

Intellihub.com | It is no longer a conspiracy theory that Americans were targeted with exotic microwave weaponry during their tenure in Cuba between late-2016 and August 2017. It happened.

Barack Obama’s push toward communism and his dark shady past: exposed

Intellihub | It's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and proverbially hammer Obama like he has hammered us
nuke bomb USAF

Air Force could recall up to 1,000 retired pilots after Trump order

Fox News | In August, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson confirmed that the service was short 1,555 pilots of its requirements, including 1,211 fighter pilots
chemtrails human experimentation

Study: ‘Ebola may live more than 28-days on surfaces in cold weather, can spread...

Shepard Ambellas | The sound of winter